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    The introduction offered by Eira seemed to ring a bell with the young lad. After a few seconds he mentioned her status as one of the idols of the school, which made a large smile appear on her face. She was quite confused as to why he hadn't recognized her on sight, and was beginning to think he just didn't find her attractive. Such a thought had left a bit of a sting in the young woman's chest for an unknown reason, even so, she found herself chuckling just a bit. "Ah, so you do know who I am... that's a relief I was a bit worried," she chimed a small smirk appearing on her otherwise stoic face. Still her eyes held a great deal of compassion as the young boy before her seemed to be processing many thoughts. He did however seem to be very forgiving and accepting of his new position, even going so far as to question what piece he was in her chess collection.

    She gave a small shake of her head while placing a hand on her left hip. "Iie, nothing like that. For reference sake, I am the King of my chess pieces... and you are my pawn," she said offering him a smile. "But don't let that worry you either... pawns have the greatest potential, they can be anything. And you're particularly special in that regard... not that it really matters right now," she said seeming to think the better of revealing unnecessary information to this lad. "Just know that I've placed my utmost faith in you, even doing so selfish a thing..." she said. Though he was accepting of his situation, she'd done something she'd considered a slight against him, thinking this way, she'd try her best to make it up to him. "Gambatte ne," she said encouragingly. "Now... we have to do something about your bullies. I obviously can't allow you to have any more death experiences," she finished her speech and left the boy to dress himself. He was in the nurses office of the old school house, within the Occult Research Club's Domain, as such he was free to do what he wished here. While, Eira went towards their common area to have a sit down with his bullies to make sure such a thing never happened again. When Takumi's bullies awakened they would be sitting on the floor before a high backed throne where the young woman known as Eira Gremory would be seated, legs crossed at the knees, hands clasped together in her lap with impeccable posture.

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    "Of course I do! Everyone in the school has good things to say about you; it's a pleasure to meet you in person!" he said, bowing to the Occult Research Club President. As for the matter of his chess piece, it was noted that Eira herself was the King, and he, a Pawn. It was disappointing to think of himself as such, given the limitations of such pieces, but... credence was given to Pawns' ability to become other pieces. Not much detail was given about this, but he figured it would come up later.

    As he got up to dress himself, the bullies were brought into the discussion. Takumi hadn't expected them to be addressed at all, but apparently, they were being handled somehow. Mostly though, what Takumi gathered from this information, was the clause that he could still die as a Devil. Whatever the case, he continued piecing together his uniform with the intention of following Eira after a matter of minutes. When he arrived next to the redhead in her chair, he was able to witness the unconscious bodies of the boys who'd caused his death, as well as the very conscious form of the blonde who'd brought them here. "Wait... you're not going to kill those guys, are you?" he asked while the large male in the group of bullies began to stir. The blonde, who obviously sided with Eira, laughed at this. "Not much time to explain things, Buchou?"

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    "Good good, I'd hate to have made a bad impression..." the young woman said. This boy was growing on her already, and though he seemed a bit disappointed by the idea that he wasn't a more important piece at face value, at present he was one of her most important pieces. She supposed she'd eventually get around to the necessary explanation of all of this, but for now... there were the bullies to deal with. As she sat waiting for said individuals to wake, the newest addition to her family entered fully dressed once more. He seemed to labor a bit about the thoughts of what would happen to the young men who'd bullied him. The young blonde man she'd been speaking with earlier was now at her side, questioning how much she'd had time to explain. "Iie, not as much as I would have liked anyways. These things always take a bit more time than you think in the moment," she said of the situation. Her eyes shifting to Takumi she thought she'd reassure him, the same amount of compassion in her eyes. "And no, Takumi, I do not plan to take it that far. Though it's a wonder you care considering they literally killed you already..." she said as she looked back towards the now stirring individual. Her posture just the same as it had been before hands clasped in her lap with a straight back and her legs crossed at the knee. "Oh? Are you awake now? Do you know why you are here?" she asked of this male her face that of stoic perfection.

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    "Well that sounds-" the blonde began to speak, but he was suddenly rendered incapable of finishing his sentence. The fault for this belonged entirely to another individual, who'd been here all along, keeping his presence hidden from all. This brown-haired male with turquoise eyes peeked over Eira's shoulder from the side of her chair unoccupied by Takumi. A wide grin - showing what appeared to be small fangs - was upon his face as he spoke. "Hoh? Buchou didn't have time to explain anything because she was... very busy, I think," he said before disappearing behind the chair again. When he reappeared all of two seconds later, he did so from above the throne-like chair, where he fell onto the right arm of it between Eira and Takumi. He looked the new Devil in the eyes with a curious, yet jovial expression upon his own visage. "You look like you've seen Buchou's boobs. Did you try using them as pillows? I bet it was awesome for you!" Takumi heard these words, and was easily taken aback by what this lad had to say. "I... well, err..."

    Meanwhile, the primary bully of Takumi's opened his eyes to view what he accepted to be the most stunning girl in the school he and the others attended. "Eira Gremory!?" he spoke in shock, both for where he was, and for the sight of Eira surrounded by the three males at her sides. "Oi! What are you doing hanging around with those losers. These lowlifes aren't good for the image of someone like you!" he wailed. The brown-haired boy who'd introduced himself to the scene by teasing Eira and Takumi spoke then. "Lowlifes? Buchou, am I still invisible? Pretty sure I'm still the star of the Soccer Club. Totally taking us to Nationals this year."

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    The sentence which stopped one of her bishops from speaking was one which caused Eira's eyes to narrow. "I want to question how long you have been invisible Izuna, but my guess is too long," she said managing to keep her cool through the initial taunting of the newest male to reach this place. As if to elaborate in such a way as to let her know this would be the case, the young man she referred to as Izuna seemed to think it pertinent to sit between Eira and Takumi, going on to point out that the lad had the look of someone who'd seen Eira's breasts. This made Eira's eyes widen drastically. "IZUNA!" this was the closest Eira had come to losing her cool in quite a while, that being said, something about this boy seemed to bring such reactions out of her constantly. But after saying his name with such vigor, a cooling hand reached her side and she looked up to find a girl this time, with large ice blue eyes. "Buchou, you're getting a bit worked up. Also, Yuki-chan will be along shortly, she took the long way 'round..." mentioned the girl, who'd basically phased through the opposite side of the chair to take a seat on that arm as well. She had no idea what was going on here, but a show of power was obviously happening so she'd take her place where she knew she belonged.

    Eira's eyes closed for just a moment as she heard what was being said by the whining leader of the group of bullies who'd killed her pawn. Before addressing him directly she chose to address all others first. "They are counting you with the lowlifes, Izuna. You know that boys like this don't like boys like you all," she said with a careless wave around her. The kind of boy who looked physically slight was the type apparently favored by Eira herself given the way her peerage currently looked. "And thank you, Youmu..." she said calmly. A few seconds thereafter she returned her gaze to the young man on the ground, her crimson eyes glowing with an unknown amount of disdain. "Lowlifes like you... are bad for my image and I won't stand to have you speak of my friends in such a way," she said her person almost vibrating with angry power. "Quiet now... before I forget I didn't intend to end your life today," she said with the utmost calm as she stared at this man. "And you have one of these 'losers' to thank for the kindness that is your life, and you'd be remiss to forget that fact," she said as her crimson eyes glowed. She aimed to hypnotize the young man before her, rewriting his memories and those of all of his present friends to get rid of the days activities. It would instead leave him with the vague idea that Takumi had done something nice and they weren't to appear before her or any of her peerage again. And with that she was done, though the process was likely to render the man unconscious once again. "Oh? Someone's gotten under her skin today... Izzun do I want to know what happened?" the girl known as Youmu whispered to the boy across from her.

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    "Or not long enough. I'll leave it to your imagination what I've heard and seen, and what I haven't, Buchou~" said the boy called Izuna. It was apparent that he behaved in this manner more often than not, but Takumi said nothing of it. The air of companionship between Eira and the others who were showing up one by one was clear, yet none of these individuals were familiar. Could all of them be Devils as well? One such as Takumi could only wonder. "They don't like guys who rock at sports? That's a shame," was the next thing said by Izuna. With the appearance of another of his comrades, Izuna briefly fell silent and smiled. "Lookin' good, Paku-chan. You too," he finally said. His second statement was spoken to no one in particular, but his gaze trailed behind Youmu's body, as if he were looking off into space.

    In a matter of moments, Eira succeeded in talking down, intimidating, and somehow reducing the bully to a state of unconsciousness. The upperclassman to Takumi blacked out without a chance to even speak against the lad again, leaving Takumi to silently wonder what even happened. Hiroki remained silent as well, much like he normally did, but Izuna was once again full of words... most specifically for an inquiring Youmu. "Long story short, Yasukawa - new guy here - got axed by these guys for doing... well, you know how these guys are. Our Buchou took him in, gave him some good old-fashioned naked petting, and then we all ended up here."

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    A roll of Eira's eyes followed Izuna's statements. This particular boy was a class A instigator, and given that he was always meddling with either his words or his actions. But for whatever reason this didn't really seem to bother Eira very much. In fact, she seemed just fine with his behavior and after the criminals of this day fell into unconsciousness she exhaled and relaxed in her chair still looking as regal as the point in which she sat down, but much more relaxed surrounded by all of her friends. "I meant they don't like unassuming bishounen, but... if you want to assume they don't like you because you're good at sports who am I to argue," she said in a manner most off-handed. The young woman known as Youmu was soon greeted by Izuna, twice which was likely to unsettle most but even so, Izuna went on to explain their current predicament and Youmu's eyes widened. "They killed someone on campus, that's really rude. Also naked petting? Buchou... I figured you would have left healing up to Hiro-kun, unless he's really special?" the girl managed which made Eira's eyes widen slightly, because while she expected this kind of teasing from Izuna, she didn't from Youmu. "It wasn't like that, Hiro was busy gathering these ones. I took care of it, and of course he's special to me, all of you are. I'll do everything possible to see you all happy," she mentioned, though the reasoning was obviously very planned out to cover whatever else was going on in the mind of the President of the Occult Research Club.

    One more person finally caught up to the rest of the group and seemed stunned by the setting she walked into. "Gomennasai Buchou, practice went on later than I expected," she said as she entered wearing her school uniform minus the tie. "Tadaima~" she chimed seemingly in a good mood. A smile crossed the face of Eira as she looked about the room she knew all who would be present now were likely here. "Okaerinasai, Miyuki. No need to apologize, we've been pretty well busy anyways. I guess I should make formal introductions," she said gesturing to Takumi with her left hand. "Everyone this Yasukawa Takumi, and I made him my pawn this afternoon," she said, knowing that two of her more devoted would likely know exactly the depth to which she meant this statement. To Takumi she said something else. "These are all the other members of my peerage, well most of them anyways. Yui Hiroki," she said gesturing to the blonde silent male. "Kagimi Izuna," she said referencing the most talkative male she'd ever come across in life. "Konpaku Youmu," she said speaking of the white haired girl now sitting on the other arm of her chair. "And Ryuume Miyuki," she said of the girl who'd just arrived. "I tend to treat everyone like family so do try and all get along~" she said seemingly amused with the current level of completeness her family maintained. "Also I haven't explained absolutely everything to him yet, so you guys take it easy on Takumi, okay?"

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    "Bishounen!? Chikusho~ I thought this form was super manly!" Izuna said as his hands reached the back of his head to mark a very relaxed posture. Eira claimed this new member of her peerage was special, albeit no more than any of the others present. Izuna couldn't stifle the laugh which ensued. "See, Paku-chan? We're all special enough to get some action! We just have to make sure Hiro's busy," he managed to say through the chuckling. Hiroki, oddly enough, decided to join in on the discussion to share some facts. "Actually, I was done with my work by the time you two got back. I could have healed our Yasukawa-san without any problems."

    Once the upperclassmen who tormented him were dealt with, Takumi was introduced to the group under Eira's care. He committed each name to memory, figuring he would need all of them in mind for the immediate future. Of course, he wondered how many others there would be, but that was a matter for another time. Having seen everyone he needed to see for this exact moment, he bowed and spoke to all present. "Boku wa Yasukawa Takumi. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu, minna."

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    The mention that Izuna didn't think himself a bishounen but instead thought himself manly inspired something of a chuckle from Youmu. This white haired young woman took a moment to look at all the young men present including the newest addition to their family and chuckled. "Actually, now that you mention it Buchou, they are all bishi... you might have a problem~" the young woman teased which caused Eira's eyes to reach their widest yet. When Izuna went on to claim they were all special enough to get some action a chuckle ensued from Youmu. "Um, I mean, I don't think I'm in need of anything like but, go for it... Izzun. I definitely see Buchou naked on a pretty regular basis. I know just how special she thinks we all are~" mentioned the white haired woman who stayed with their leader on a fairly regular basis. "Jeez, you guys make it sound like I am a molest-y, pretty boy loving, nudist..." said Eira who didn't think she was any of these things. For Hiroki to speak up on the fact that he could have healed the young man once they'd returned, making it moot that Eira had taken it on herself. "You too, Hiro... you too?" she asked of the young man, she didn't truly feel betrayed but her entire group always teased her when she added someone new, and this new addition was quite the whopper considering his status.

    "Yosh! I'm not the newest anymore!~" clamored a very excited Miyuki after the introduction of Takumi. She'd walk over to him with a large grin on her face extending her hand. "Don't worry about any of that, welcome to the family, Taku-senpai," she offered happily. At this a large grin spread across Eira's face, as her newest addition seemed to not be having many problems adjusting to the situation he was presently in. There was much to teach him but she could give him today to relax. In the meantime she brought her hands together and created a magic circle beneath the group of boys who'd attacked him before, transporting them back to the school house proper and getting them out of her personal territory. With all of that handled she felt at ease to let anything that needed to happen over the course of the next few moments happen. She was also open to answering any questions Takumi might have had, as were most of the other people present at this time.

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    "What!?" Izuna replied. In all honesty, he'd assumed his human form to be far more masculine than the original form he took. His two appearances actually barely differed from one another, but to him, they were like night and day. In this current predicament, Izuna's overwhelmed state resulted in him vanishing from sight, though he was still very much present in the room... as always.

    Takumi had been introduced to all, but one club member in particular approached him directly. From the looks of things, she was the youngest of the group. Her introduction was a kind one, complete with a bit of advice for her replacement as the newest in the family. What's more, the way she chose to address Takumi was shocking. "S... Senpai!?" he replied, being not at all used to being addressed in such a way. Still, he reached out his hand with the intention of taking Miyuki's. Just before their hands made contact, though, Izuna made his presence known once more. "Ooh, I found out what type he is!" he said while still invisible, but standing behind Miyuki with the intention of pushing her into - or onto - their newest member.

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