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    After she finished her speech it seemed Takumi had no questions at all. The only thing that would take place after he claimed that it was settled as the lad stepping up to place his lips against Eira's again. Soon after though and long before she ever would have wanted to, the lad worked himself free and claimed he would have 100 signatures before their club sponsered trip to Kyoto. A grin came to her face at this news. "Hai hai, gambatte, Takumi~" she mused happily. Though the lad left her presence she still felt the warm tingling sensation in her heart, even as she collapsed back down into her chair. Though this act was graceful she would soon seem greatly annoyed. 'Ugh, I know he can do it, but the wait is so long... and the longer it is... the more likely they are going to become a problem...' she thought knowing that there were quite a few people who would claim to argue with decisions that had no effect on them. Regardless she was steadfast in this, she'd have Takumi. She'd be his wife, and she'd snatch that little piece of happiness from the hands of her dead enemies if she had to. And with this thought there was a fierce burning in those crimson eyes of hers, though her thoughts about Takumi were selfish they were quite pure.

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    The next evening, neither Eira nor Takumi attended school during the regular day. Something else unusual seemed to be happening this day, as well. Within the Occult Research Club was one individual who sat within the throne normally inhabited by Eira. This was another crimson-haired young Devil, another Gremory even: Sairevil. He sat with a very regal air about him, and the largest of grins upon his face while he awaited the arrival of the other club/peerage members. 'Finally,' he thought. At long last, after many attempts, the young Gremory male seemed to be the first person to arrive in the club room.

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    On the evening where she'd skipped school for reasons unknown to most, but guessable at least by her Peerage, Eira was surprisingly late getting to her own club room. Of course, with this being the case she'd arrive in the middle of a magic circle with wide eyes as she saw the lad currently sitting in her chair. He was recognizable to her, and looked as if he belonged there even. A grin spread across the heiress' face as she imagined this young lad with his own throne sitting among his own Peerage someday. "Revil!~" Eira greeted the lad, of course, she held her arms open for the lad, wearing that black form-fitting dress she seemed to love complete with the thin lace sleeves up each arm and boots that tied up legs. She seemed fairly energetic beyond that whether she was alone or not. "Sugoi, you managed to even beat me here~" she said of the lad who seemed to put in quite a bit of work into trying to get ahead of his peers in reaching this place.

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    The next person to enter the room was the heiress Eira herself. Sairevil looked unto his aunt without his grin wavering. "Heh!" he chuckled, making no moves to extricate himself from the throne and instead opening his arms to allow Eira in. In that moment though, a cheeky grin without a body appeared atop the back of Eira's throne. Following this was the appearance of aquamarine eyes that could only belong to one person... with slit pupils, even. These eyes looked toward Eira, and just then, Sairevil's nose began to ruffle as if it were itchy. Suddenly thereafter, he sneezed. Izuna appeared only after Sairevil managed to sneeze himself off the throne entirely, and the former was in his Youkai state and had used his singular tail to tickle Sairevil's nose. "Hahahaha! He actually believed it the whole time! Fool! You've once again fallen before the power of Izuna-sama!" he teased in an interesting moment which unveiled the jovial nature he once had prior to being reincarnated as a Devil.

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    Eira started to approach the lad's open arms, but in the moment she would have moved towards him something strange occurred over his head. A cheeky and very recognizable grin and an equally recognizable pair of aquamarine eyes. What came next was about what Eira expected as the lad in the chair soon made a strange face and sneezed himself out of Eira's throne. "Ufufufufufu~" Eira giggled at such a display. Beyond this the words of Izuna struck a strange cord within Eira's mind, and brought her back to a much simpler time in her life, where Izuna had been a very fun-loving small fox child, albeit with a different name. "Kawaii!~ Izuna-sama in fox form and everything~ I thought you'd stopped doing that~" she said with light in her eyes as she headed for her throne but not before reaching out to offer a hand up to her nephew. "Sou ka, maybe next time Revil~" she said encouraging the lad in his endeavors. Before moving to take her seat within her throne. She'd missed this chair over the course of her day and found herself able to relax in it, while reaching up to pet Izuna's head.

    Youmu would soon appear via her normal method with a strange light in her eyes witnessing at least the back end of this scene. "Sou ka, Ohayou Buchou, Izzun, Revil-kun...." she said greeting all who were present. "Mai-chan and Miyu-chan will be along shortly..." she mentioned as a matter of her normal report as she sat on the left hand side of Eira's throne. "Also there is a strange group at the front of the school... they are headed this way though it's taking them a while," she said. This made Eira nod her understanding. "Arigatou, Youmu. I know about them, it's why I'm here. Izuna you may want to hide those adorable canine features, an old 'friend' wants to meet with us..." Eira said as she withdrew her hand from him.

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    "Chikushou... every... time..." Sairevil muttered against the floor. These losses to Izuna were more demoralizing each time, but Sairevil would persist. Whatever this meant to him, he would eventually have his day. Eventually. After a few moments of wallowing in his defeat, he reached up to accept Eira's offered hand, using the leverage to both rise and embrace the woman before she seated herself. Meanwhile, Izuna - who had been laughing all along - finally quieted himself enough to speak while wiping a tear from his eye. "Oh man, that one was the best yet! I can't get enough of this. Wait, you thought I stopped doing what? And what friend? Am I finally allowed to fight Leishi?" he asked of Eira.

    Following Youmu, Hiroki made an entrance via very standard means as usual. "Ohayou gozaimasu, minna," he said. After a quick glance around the room at those present, he realized something. Even without seeing or hearing a single thing which happened prior to his arrival, the expressions worn by Sairevil and Izuna told him everything he needed to know. As such, he said something which had become a very common phrase for him in recent times. "Next time, Revil-kun."

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    Her outstretched hand was taken and Eira was embraced by Revil as she expected and seemed to be quite amused by this. A grin spread across her face as she fully acknowledged this lad was probably going to be working for a long time at his goal, but she figured if and when he managed it, it would be worthwhile to him. Moving right along the words spoken by Izuna made Eira chuckle just a tad. "I thought you'd stopped referring to yourself in the third person... but I guess centuries old habits are pretty hard to break~" mentioned Eira, the rest of his questions would be answered in reverse order. "Absolutely... not allowed to fight Leishi... that is why you're allowed all your other forms of competition. Lucaro agrees and as long as that's the case, no fights between you two..." she commented absently. "As for the friend. Apparently Roxanna Phenex wants to see me..." she said that evil smirk on her face the likes which could have killed. This didn't stop her from greeting Hiroki. "Hiro!~ Ohayou!!~" she chimed as the lad came in. "More official places are needed today, we have visitors coming," Eira mentioned as Maiko hit the door at full speed dragging Miyuki along behind her. "Buchou!!!~" she said as she dived through Youmu to wrap herself around Eira's torso. "Maiko!~ It's nice to see you too!~" she said to the girl. Miyuki caught up too doing the same a blue tint to her face as running alongside Maiko had tired her out a bit. "Eira-nee... oops. Buchou... ohayou!" she said slipping herself in as well, before tucking herself in beside Eira's legs because apparently official places were needed. "Uh, who is Roxanna Phenex?" asked Maiko who'd heard what Eira had to say but was too excited about her entrance, even as Youmu pushed the lass out of her body.

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    "Huh?" Izuna uttered. Only after Eira brought attention to this speech pattern of his did he even realize it was something he'd done. "Oh. I guess I did," he said, managing to seem upset by the mention that he still wasn't allowed his battle with the former Onmyouji, Leishi. Upon hearing Eira's follow-up, which involved the 'old friend' coming to visit, Izuna's eyes widened. He reverted to his human form quicker than any had ever seen him do so, and dropped into the space behind Eira's throne. There he sat, pressed against the throne's back and out of sight from those who would enter through the door. In response to Maiko's question as to who this Roxanna Phenex person was, he spoke in a hushed voice. "Freaky fire bird. She wants to rape me and make me her weird, sexy, overly masculine slave."

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    According to the fox youkai, he hadn't noticed his change in behavior. That as an aside, of course... he rather quickly abandoned his fox form at the mention of one Roxanna Phenex. The amount of discomfort he showed by slipping behind the throne Eira occupied, out of the line of sight of doorway even. His words about the lass who was coming made Maiko's left brow raise as she sank to the floor in front of Eira taking up the space in front of the legs of Youmu. "Kagimi... I don't think I've ever seen you switch that fast... are you gonna be alright for this?" she asked him seeming to take a bit of concern by his reaction. It would be Youmu who responded having had a fair bit of understanding of this situation. "Izzun isn't fond of Roxanna. And she has tried getting Eira to trade him to her since she found out that he existed. She wants him as part of her collection of canines. She likes subservient animals..." she mentioned as if this was the most normal thing in the world. "Hai hai, that's about right. But Izuna is mine as are all of you... she can't have you, she rubs me the wrong way... besides at this point, I doubt Izuna will be at the very top of her list..." Eira mentioned having thought about this situation logically and come to the conclusion that Revil would likely be her next target. Maybe even Takumi depending on how he entered. And it would be obvious to all that Eira had no intention of handing over either individual before then. "Look sharp everyone..." Eira mentioned knowing they had arrived.

    Meanwhile, a new group as indeed making their way into this meeting room. A young woman in a red hood with brown hair atop her head and violet eyes entered this space. She was wearing a get-up that was covered in leather strips making her look a bit like a dominatrix, but she had the body of a girl in early puberty with just a bit more definition than one like Miyuki maintained. She'd enter accompanied by trio of equally skinny young women. One with a whip attached to her hip and two curved horns and pigtails, and one in long robes with pale blonde hair and no visible emotion in her eyes. Beyond this was a small girl who was walking with both of her fore paws held together. Literal paws even as they were actually dog paws on her front and back with one brightly shining mark on her leg which she kept her paws away from even as they moved together. Her clothes also seemed to be little strips of nothingness and she had the body of a child of 10 and no older. She seemed obviously nervous, her nose up in the air taking in new smells with all the excitement expected of a pup."The Heiress of the Gremory sitting in a throne... I expected a big bed and maybe some red lights or something..." was the first words out of this young woman's mouth.

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    "Hai. I'm fine, but... that chick creeps me out," Izuna said when asked by Maiko if he would be alright. He knew there was no chance at all that he'd end up in this woman's servitude, but that hadn't stopped her advances to date. Half of the time, Izuna wasn't certain whether she wanted to add him to her peerage, or throw him on the list of some strange canine harem she was working on. Either way, he was content to sit behind the throne as Roxanna and some of her members entered the room, even though he doubted he'd get to avoid her for as long as he wished to. He was in a bit of a huff when she entered. He could smell the others that came with her. One of them was newer than any other he remembered, and according to Izuna's senses... he really had a distaste for the situation they'd been put in. 'Kisama. That doesn't even make any sense...'

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