Name: Kagimi Izuna | Formerly Shippo
Nicknames: Fox | Priest of Fire
Age: 572
Gender: Male
Race: Devil | Kitsune
Affiliations: Eira Gremory's Peerage | Occult Research Club
Appearance: Izuna stands at a height of 5'10" with brown hair shaped like a flame, aside from semi-messy bangs that frame his face. His upkeep on his appearance leaves him looking just shy of a delinquent. He never wears the jacket to his school uniform, and wears his tie loosely over an untucked shirt with its top buttons and cuffs undone. He also wears a pair of black gloves with open fingers, and bandage wrapped around his right forearm to cover the fox tattoo used to seal his Kitsune powers.

Ranking: Middle-Class Devil | Queen

Powers & Abilities:

Magic Expert: Izuna has shown himself to be skilled in the use of magic with him, Miyuki, and Eira being the top magic specialists in the Peerage. He has been shown to be able to use magic to strengthen the power of his otherwise lackluster defense by focusing on the Rook trait of his Queen piece.

Demonic Power: Despite being a Reincarnated Devil, Izuna shows great potential in demonic powers where he is on par with High-Class Devils. Izuna's prowess is acknowledged to be the strongest member of the peerage right behind Eira herself. His overall demonic powers and magic are enhanced through the power of the Bishop aspect of his Queen piece.

Enhanced Strength and Defense: As a Queen, Izuna possesses enhanced strength and endurance through the Rook trait of his Queen piece, but due to Izuna rarely resorting to physical confrontations, it's unknown how his physical prowess compares to true Rooks.

Enhanced Speed: As a Queen, Izuna also has the Knight speed enhancement through his Queen piece, though as Izuna primarily uses magic in fights, it's unknown if he is as fast as true Knights or not.

Senjutsu Expert and Yōjutsu Master: Izuna is a very skilled Senjutsu and Yōjutsu user, being able to create mirage copies of himself to throw his opponents off. He is capable of combining both his techniques to fire concentrated blasts of energy. His control over Kyuubi techniques alone is what classifies him as a master of Yōjutsu. He manipulates Fox Fire alone as if it is an extension of his own body, if not somehow better.

Kitsune/Kyuubi Form: At will, Izuna is able to take on his true form as a Kitsune. Fox ears grow out of his hair, and nine tails sprout from his backside. His clothing changes to traditional robes in layers of white, brown, and red respectively. His powers are greatly amplified in this state. Izuna becomes able to generate fox fire from virtually every fiber of his being, and can even use it to augment his melee combat. Transforming allows Izuna to fly with his magic, and even manipulate dreams under the right circumstances.

Dream Manipulation: By drawing from his Kitsune powers, Izuna is able to create, shape, enter and manipulate the dreams of himself or others, including modifying, suppressing, fabricating, influencing, manifesting, sensing, and observing dreams as well as nightmares, daydreams, etc., possibly including past ones. He can produce and modify dreams, bestow nightmares or lucid dreaming, entrap people in REM, and promote spiritual/emotional healing within dreams. In some cases, this power extends to the real world, such as wounds inflicted on a sleeping victim, healed damage (mental or physical) affecting the physical form, and otherwise blurring the line between waking and dream. He may occasionally be able to pull someone from the waking world into the dream world or brings people/things from the dream world into the waking world.

Fox Blue Fire: As a Kitsune, Izuna has an acute ability to create, shape and manipulate fox fire which is blue in color. As a Kyuubi variant of Kitsune, Izuna's fox fire gives off extreme heat that rivals and sometimes even exceeds Dragon fire. The Queen Evil Piece's boost to his magical abilities allows him to produce far greater quantities of fire than normal Kitsune with his magic, and grants him various additional uses as well. He is able to employ Fox Blue Fire in all of his forms, which is always accompanied by a strong burst of Yōki whenever he uses it. This Yōki-generated fire is incredibly hot, and depending upon how much power Izuna puts into it, it is capable of seriously burning his opponent, or even causing a concussive burst of fiery energy capable of vaporizing bone. He employs this fire attacks in a few distinct ways; as a contact-based attack (even covering his body with the flames) where he unleashes the fire at point-blank range, which can easily overpower low-class creatures, a generic fireball attack whose power depends upon what form he is in, and a specialized, full-power, potentially lethal technique as used in his Kyuubi state.

Vortex of Fire: His signature attack when in his baseline or Kitsune/Kyuubi form, Izuna unleashes a swift surge of Yōki, which is then drawn to the tips of his tails, and generates a swirling array of up to nine fireballs, with a central orb circled by eight smaller ones. This assembly of Fox Fire then begins to rotate up to cyclone-like speeds, and is hurled at the enemy at tremendous speed. The power of this attack is fearsome, for it generates significant explosive force alongside its burning power, and could easily leave lesser opponents as a pile of ash. The power of the attack was sufficient to severely burn and wound other Daiyōkai.

Touki (lit. "Fighting Spirit"): Touki is an ability that can be used by those who are trained in Senjutsu by controlling the base of their life, creating an aura of life force that they will wear around their body, increasing their attack, defense, and speed tremendously. Another method to obtaining the Touki is by training one's body to the uttermost limits, gaining control on the base of life itself. This even allows the user to counter magic attacks by punching or otherwise striking them. Izuna uses his Touki mostly as a way to further augment his abilities without resorting to revealing his status as a male Kyuubi.

Kyuubi Touki (lit. "Nine-Tailed Fox Fighting Spirit"): Also called Kitsune Touki by Izuna to mask his true identity. After battling Cinder Fall in the scrimmage Rating Game against Sirtreize Lucifer's peerage, Izuna trained himself to overcome the strain Touki placed on his body when used extensively. The solution he came to was a version of Touki which incorporates his Yōkai spirit, pulled from deeper within his chakra network. The technique coats Izuna's body in yellow chakra, which emanates from him reminiscent of flickering flames. He gains two horns on his head where his fox ears would be, six magatama markings around his neck, some sort of prominent circular/swirl design over his stomach, and various other lines extending along his body (claimed to be a visual representation of his chakra pathways).
Stealth: Izuna can use his mastery of Senjutsu to alter his own ki flow, effectively concealing his presence from all senses when combined with his illusions.