Name: Matsui Maiko
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Race: Reincarnated Devil | Human (Former)
Affiliations: Occult Research Club | Eira Gremory's Peerage

Maiko's measurements are [92-60-88 cm] giving her the official second best figure overall within the occult club. She has black hair, red eyes and proportionate facial features. In general outside of school and club activities she is seen wearing a small skirt with suspenders, boots and a white sleeveless shirt which accentuates her figure. Before a fight she is often seen donning red and black gloves which come up to her elbows with large circular weights around the wrists. Completing her ensemble are white tear drop earrings a present she received from the rest of the peerage at some point.


Ranking: Low-class Devil | Rook

Powers & Abilities:

Demonic Power: Maiko has all the powers and abilities common to Devils, including the power to cast spells.

Enhanced Strength and Defense: As a Rook, Maiko possesses enhanced strength and endurance. Using her Rook trait she can enhanced Twinkle Aegis giving it immense defense. Even when she was a human, she could defeat weak monsters and evil spirits.

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Maiko has been said to excel in hand-to-hand combat; specifically martial arts. It is stated that when she fights with her fists and hands the entire thing looks like a well choreographed dance. Though her speed is nothing compared to a Knight, her movements are often fluid strong and seem to come from somewhere deep within herself.

Reverse (反転リバース, Ribāsu): A type of magic that turns the effects of any power or object into it's opposite. She can use this to turn an attack into an alternate element and shoot it back towards an enemy. Like turning Heavenly Energy into Demonic Energy before pulsing it back to an opponent.

Paranormal Awareness: Maiko since she was young was able to see or touch supernatural beings or phenomena. In older times she might have been referred to as a spirit medium.

Contract: She had also made pact with fairy and different spirits whom she can seal within Twinkle Aegis.

Flight: Being a Devil, Maiko can fly using her wings.


Twinkle Aegis (精霊と栄光の盾トゥインクル・イージス, Touinkuru Ījisu) : Maiko's Artificial Sacred Gear which can create a giant shield of light. The Twinkle Aegis can also be released towards the enemy while spinning like a yo-yo and can have fire and lightning surrounding it. Maiko can use Twinkle Aegis create a large barrier of light while having flames surrounding it. The Twinkle Aegis has a fairy residing in it through a pact and is able to change its various offensive and defensive abilities in accordance to the attribute of the fairy. It is unknown how Maiko came into possession of this item but it is said she's possessed it since childhood.