Name: Tengu Sasami
Nicknames: Velvet Crow
Age: ???
Gender: Female
Race: Reincarnated Devil | Tengu
Affiliations: ??? | Kuoh Academy

Sasami has extremely long and black hair which drops to floor-level; towards the bottom her hair is plaited into big braids that are tied off by a bandage-like band. Her hair-strands curve towards the left-side of her face and she has mid-length hair which is plaited and tied by a smaller bandage-band resting on her left shoulder. Her outfit consists of a revealing ruby-red corset which reveals her midriff and the top half of her breasts. It is possible her clothes have been torn during her adventures. The red corset has an insignia visible below the belt which it hinders below. The same belt rests of her hip and above her torn, black jean trousers, which now look like shorts. The jean trouser has a chain, multiple belts wrapped around her right leg and a few which spiral towards the lower half of her left. Over her corset, she wears a black jacket in the form of a robe with red-velvet lacing; the jacket is ripped towards the bottom and is tightened towards her chest by the belt. She wears protective armor on her footwear as well as one extra armor plate on her right shin. She wears the same armor in the form of an arm protective gauntlet which rests above the same material as her coat; the material arches its way up to and wraps around her middle finger, highlighted by a rhombus-shaped piecing. Her left arm is wrapped and bandaged up because of the alternate appearance it could take in public, and battle.



Ranking: Rook

Powers & Abilities:

Demonic Power: Sasami has all the powers and abilities common to Devils, including the power to cast spells.

Enhanced Strength and Defense: Being half Tengu, Sasami possesses great physical strength and endurance which was furthered enhanced when she became Onoko's Rook.

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Sasami has a great deal of experience fighting hand to hand. She tends to favor fist based movements along with the use of her wings to control movement speed and velocity of hits.

Transformation: Being half-Tengu, Sasami is capable of a transformation which turns her into a large-beaked demon with feathered wings.

Immense Speed: Being half Tengu Sasami has increased maximum speed, something which she can make the best use of while in flight.

Flight: Being a Devil, Sasami can fly using her wings.