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    Kumori Shiragiku

    Personal Profile

    Name: Kumori Shiragiku
    Age: 1240
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: -
    Hair Style/Color: White hair, long with open bangs around her forehead and held up in the back in a long ponytail.
    Eye Color: Golden

    Shiragiku is usually seen wearing a multi-layered kimono in addition to her shinigami uniform. For the most part she substituted the hakama with a short skirt in white and wore an obi tied in a bow in the front complete with a checkered pattern. She has a smalls symbol on her forehead, and is generally seen wearing high clog shoes which don't seem to effect her movement speed at all.


    • Shiragiku is the youngest child and only daughter of Kumori Mōryōmaru, in addition she was his favorite child and thus didn't see her betrayal coming.
    • She is said to be a perfect wielder of Bakkōtō as neither of the ones she possesses have monstrous appearances nor did they ever consume her.
    • Shiragiku was the Captain of the 10th Division before Himotoya Saori and was Kisaragi Saya's original Captain.
    • In the past she tried to kill herself using one of her Bakkōtō, this resulted in her son, Kumori Raizen being born with a Hollowfied Zanpakuto.
    • Shiragiku wanted a better life for her unborn son, and as such helped the Gotei extinguish the war started by her family.

    Combat Profile

    Division: 10th Division
    Rank: Captain

    During the Seireitei Civil War she declared herself neutral having herself and her entire division quarantined for the duration of the last 60 years or so, given the fear that she was secretly working with the rest of her family. But during that time increasing pressure from her family led to her breaking point and she found herself wanting to die. Upon trying and failing to end her own existence she found herself with child and decided to end her neutrality for his sake. She sided with the Gotei, providing key information and strategies which led to the eventual downfall of Kumori Mōryōmaru and his sons. She further negotiated for an extension of her own life, and raised Kumori Raizen for several decades before her own execution. Though she never committed any crimes in the first place.

    Combat Style:

    Powers & Abilities
    Kidō Master: Shiragiku knows every spell in the books, since she co-authored a lot of them herself. Kido holds no secrets to her and she can masterfully cast every spell using only a name to do so. Up to #89 she can also make the spells appear from thin air, all the while still retaining great potential. She can manipulate Kido energy in such a way that powerful attacks are stopped on her body without there seemingly being a cause which stopped them, or instantly produce tremendous aimed explosions. The speed by which she can string up spells makes one wonder if it weren't two or three masters, who were hiding somewhere, doing most of the work.

    Genius Intellect: Arguably, the most fearsome trait of Shiragiku is her tremendous intellect. She is well-versed in the history and proceedings of the world and is privy to knowledge unknown to many, such as secret methods. She easily grabs the concepts of subjects completely new to her and masters them quickly. Even in the most complex and dangerous of situations Shiragiku can rely on her calculating intellect to figure out the best course of action. Her assessment of a situation is swift, ad-hoc and accurate, allowing her to deduce the nature of other people’s abilities and countering them, often only requiring a few instances of observation.

    Master Manipulator: Shiragiku has shown herself to be a very crafty and cunning woman. She is able to deceive and manipulate others around her in different ways for a variety of purposes. She has a great talent for analyzing and observing everything in her presence, allowing her to quickly understand a person's pattern of thinking and better manipulate them. Her plans with others often involve long term strategies where she moves other people around like pieces on a chessboard and ensuring they play the part she intended for them. Her most elaborate schemes to get people to do what she wants is often premeditated many steps in advance. She is also a cunning provocateur, very adept at finding people’s mental weak spots and then provoking them with petty discussions and word plays. Despite this she is extremely well able to hide her true demeanor, even making the people closest to her believe she is the total opposite of what she really is.

    Master Strategist & Tactician: With her vast experience as a commander and a warrior, Shiragiku is a person of great tactical acumen. Her tactical insight is proven by her preparations for the battle; which includes setting traps or leadings her enemies along complex battle plans. She can seamlessly adjust to new developments and make quick decisions accordingly. She understands the strengths, weaknesses and mannerisms of her enemies and uses them to her advantage. Her sense of stratagem goes unopposed when she expertly moves large hosts onto the battlefield. Like this Shiragiku can prepare victory many steps in advance and even incorporate her enemies and their plans into her grand scheme. Regardless of her own powers or those of others, Shiragiku always remains a tactically cautious.

    Overwhelming Reiatsu: Being one of the strongest and most experienced Captains, Shiragiku possesses an exceedingly powerful Reiatsu. Its sheer strength is enough to break free from the strongest bonds in seconds. Her Reiatsu induces striking fear into fighters possessing a great amount of Reiatsu and can paralyze those possessing a High Reiatsu simply by staring into their direction. Not in 1,000 years has a warrior been born more powerful than she. It can directly oppose an immense amount of Reiatsu of others and tip the scales in her favor, it can even negate the effects of their abilities, if she exerts it. When at its peak, her spiritual power can be felt around the world.

    Great Strength: As a fighter with great physical conditioning, Shiragiku has shown sufficient strength to partly block immensely powerful attacks and is capable of dealing with powerful strikes. Her attacks also hold great potency behind them, easily enough to launch other people of the ground and through solid objects, as well as leaving deep craters behind.

    Enhanced Speed: Shiragiku has demonstrated enhanced speed and reflexes in battle. Even when caught by surprise from an enemy's attack, she can react to it with a dodge to minimize the effects. Offensively, she can keep up a quick assault which forces weaker opponents on the defense, as she leaves no openings for them in her attacks.

    Immense Endurance: Shiragiku seems to be tirelessly energetic in combat. No amount of physical maneuver can tire her or slow her down. Likewise she can also ignore heavy injury to her body and is generally hard to slow down. Even when being riddled with otherwise incapacitating wounds, Shiragiku can just shrug it off and continue fighting without any sign of being hindered.

    Enhanced Durability: Shiragiku's body has received significant battle-conditioning and can take large amounts of punishment. She can take frequent unarmed attacks from weaker individuals on her body and come out unscathed, or with little consequence if not laugh about it instead.

    Hohō Master: Shiragiku is highly skilled in the art of Shunpo. She has mastered this ability to the point where she can appear to be in several places at once. She can easily close tremendous gaps of distance in the blink of an eye while remaining undetected, and can surprise even some of the most proficient masters of this art as well. She is capable of effortlessly dodging simultaneous attacks at close range and evading Bankai level techniques. She is perceived to be so fast that one cannot discern even being attacked by her until after it has taken place. Even masters can barely keep up with her while she is still holding back.

    Zanjutsu Master: Her skill with her sword has been honed to a masterful level, letting Shiragiku strike multiple times with changes of attack type (from slash to pierce) without any difficulty. Her skills and immense might with her sword allow her to always fight with one hand free, only using both hands when facing opponents she feels will beat her otherwise, which is an unlikely occurrence in its own right. She would have no problem fighting two masters simultaneously, and she might still come out on top.

    Hakuda Master: Shiragiku's skills are great enough to force some of the greatest melee fighters at their peak to fight seriously during combat. She has proven to be quite aggressive as well as highly proficient in hand-to-hand combat. She demonstrates her skill and agility in this area by launching devastating attacks without laying a finger on her Zanpakutō. Facing armed opponents is no problem whatsoever for her, as her skills make her every limb a lethal weapon by itself.

    Basic Healer: Shiragiku has a basic knowledge of Kaidō and associated techniques. She is able to after a few moments of observation assess minor injuries are and take the proper action to stabilize them by starting to repair a person’s Reiatsu, perhaps heal simple injuries over time. She also possesses the skills to apply the basic Reihai techniques, the first eight, to tackle common battlefield injuries. She may also assess more serious injuries which lie beyond her capabilities to repair.

    Enhanced Senses not only can Shiragiku utilize the normal Reiatsu sensing technique of a Shinigami, she is also in posession of superior other senses. Her sight, hearing, sense of smell and even her feel for Reiatsu are very acute and sharp; able to discern smaller sources and nuances where others could not.

    Kenatsu (剣圧, "Sword Pressure"): Like many swords, Tessaiga can cut opponents without touching them by firing small concentrated bursts of Reiryoku.

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    Shinjuu (神獣 Divine Beasts) - As a sealed weapon is a daishou pair of swords. One katana of standard length with a white wrapped hilt with light blue diamonds. The other weapon is a shorter wakizashi with a black wrapped hilt and pale red diamonds. Both have guards which have alternating patterns on them and show differently when you look down the blade and from the handle end.

    Shikai: The release command for this zanpakuto is, Tenchichoukyuu (天地長久, Heaven and Earth are Eternal), upon the release, the two blades of her zanpakuto become two equal sized bladed war fans. Each one when open is as large as Shiragiku is tall but they seem to require no extra energy for her wield. These fans have a different look on each side, the one she carries in her left hand, has on one side a great Black Tortoise stylized on one side, while having on the other, a stylized Vermilion Bird. The one she holds in her right hand, has an Azure Dragon on one side and a White Tiger on the other.

    Shikai Special Ability: The special ability of this particular zanpakuto is spiritual energy manipulation. Its application differs given the users will and can be seen as having various effects depending on how she chooses to channel the ability but it call comes down to simply what spiritual energy is capable of. In Shiragiku's case, this particular ability takes the form of energy colored and technically without form, but instead give applied effects to her usage of energy.

    • Genbu (玄武, Black Tortoise) - The first of the Shikai's abilities is usable through an outward facing Black Tortoise facing an enemy. This attack melds energy into barriers which can be used for various effects. Most prominently this is the most defensive ability possessed by Shinjuu, that being said there is flexibility in the barrier creation. These barriers come out a translucent black in color and can surpass even some kidou based barriers in their strength. They can also be cast in any odd shape imaginable by Shiragiku making them a flexible defense.

    • Byakko (白虎, White Tiger) - The second ability of Shinjuu as a Shikai, it creates white smoke like energy which is capable of degrading that which it has contact with. Byakko is a deceptive ability which while mostly formless as a wide area of effect and allows anything which makes contact with it over long periods of time to be weakened down to nothing. Flesh will rot, other energy attacks will be dispersed or completely diminished, only a more overwhelming source of energy can over come it. It is one of the least flexible of the abilities provided by this zanpakuto, but outright it is also noted as being the most powerful.

    • Suzaku (朱雀, Vermilion Bird) - The third ability created by this zanpakuto, the energy of Suzaku can only be manipulated if the fan of Shiragiku's left hand when flipped in the manner that hides the Black Tortoise and instead shows the Vermilion Bird. At the flip of this fan weapon the kind of energy manipulated becomes completely offensive instead of defensive. It creates energy blasts of varying sizes. This energy can take any shape much like the previous barriers, but has the ability to be used as blunt, sharp or even blasting damage types. This form of energy is 'vermilion' as its name implies and at its base state bears resemblance to flaming butterflies.

    • Seiryuu (青竜, Azure Dragon) - The fourth ability of energy manipulation, is the manipulation of an azure blue kind of energy. It is much more finite than a mist and could be considered instead a dense humid like energy. Instead of applying degradation, this form of energy is applied regeneration. It allows for the healing of wounds both deep and shallow and not just of Shiragiku herself but also of any she chooses to apply it to. Unlike other forms of healing, like Kaido which only supplaments the base reishi of another to heal them, this energy is used and manipulated on a near microscopic level by the imagination and manipulations of Shiragiku herself. Making it so that her ability to heal is not limited by modern conventions.

    Shikai Secondary Ability: Aside from the ability to manipulate and create the previous different forms of energy Shiragiku has the ability virtue of her Zanpakuto's shikai form to be able to combine different abilities and energies to create new and different effects. The only requirement for these manipulations of energy is that they have to be present on opposite fans. For instance, Genbu can be combined with Seiryuu or Byakko but not Suzaku because they share a single side of the same part of her weapon. With this in mind, she's evolved her own extra abilities to make better use of these combinations.

    • Inui (乾, Northwest) - An ability combination of Genbu and Byakko, this ability allows the creation of barriers which have the added application of the pure degradation abilities. Being captured within one of these barriers is tantamount to a death sentence as they present the impenetrable nature of barriers and the inescapable white mist. This combination of abilities is said to be the most outright destructive of any possessed by Shiragiku as it allows for the application of the Byakko energy without an innate amount of danger to all around. It's considered one of the best targeted abilities she possesses.

    • Hitsujisaru (坤, Southwest)- A combination of Byakko and Suzaku, this ability adds together to completely destructive potentials. She gains the ability to manipulate completely the shape of the Byakko while, gaining the added combustibility of Suzaku. This move applies both degradation and concussive damage to specific targets which ensnare and damage not only physically, but spiritually as well. The depth of this ability is breaking beyond breaking and allows for completely and utter annihilation with a wide area of effect.

    • Tatsumi (巽, Southeast) - A combination of Seiryuu and Suzaku, this gives a wider area of effect to the healing capabilities of Seiryuu. She can change its form into blue flaming butterflies which touch others and boost their Reishi and heal on an individual level. The added density and quality of this ability allows for even more life-saving capabilities as well as the ability to regenerate even more that which was already broken. She can even change this to blanket and area and fall like rain from above, making it one of the best ways of dealing with wide scale physical and spiritual damage caused to others within her care. The added density of this healing though can be used for negative means as well, the healing which takes effect through this combination can be rushed in such a way as to literally 'heal someone to death' as the added density to regeneration is massive by any means.

    • Ushitora (艮, Northeast) - A combination of Seiryuu and Genbu, it creates a regenerating barrier which can be used in multiple ways. This barrier has the ability to regenerate itself by use of a cyclical mechanism created by the regenerative abilities of Seiryuu, it also has the ability to regenerate whatever is inside of it, while rejecting what is on the outside. This used in combat could be used to protect the critically injured from further attacks, it could also technically be used to cast out someone who doesn't fit any particular criteria determined by Shiragiku and her Zanpakuto. Beyond this the barrier can be applied specifically to the shape of a singular body, allowing said body to reject damage while the barrier itself retains its shape.

    Bankai: Sakitenkou (福天后Queen of Heavenly Good Fortune) - The true name of Shiragiku's bankai can only be spoken once she's used all eight of her abilities in sequence. This can be likened to a charging Bankai. Though nothing has to be targeted with the abilities the path must be walked regardless if she wishes to use it. The motto of her Zanpakuto's truth is 'Everything has a price.' Because of this when the true name of her zanpakuto is finally uttered, at the release of her bankai is started, Shiragiku must sacrifice the fans which represent the four sacred beasts. Instead she is gifted with a massive radius of energy which wells up from all directions centering upon her person in a massive pillar of azure energy framed by a golden hue.

    • Bankai Special Ability: The special ability of this bankai is still energy manipulation but at a much more massive scale. She can use this to create real things, or imbue non-living organic matter with life. The only requirement of using this bankai is that everything must have a price which is paid before it is created or destroyed. It follows in priciple the star of destruction which allows her to convert different forms of energy into other forms of energy so long as she takes the proper steps to do so. These steps are mediated by her ability to quickly shift energy from one point to another. If she choses to combine multiple forms of energy she can create life, in the form of shikigami or beasts of pure energy to roam the battlefield without needing to command them herself. They will be temporarily given aspects of life until her bankai ebbs naturally. Sakitenkou's abilities can even be mediated by her enemies if they understand the prinicples she works on, so long as they don't follow the path she creates they can sustain a certain amount of immunity to her abilities. But to cross the path of the Queen of Good Fortune without offering proper thanks is to wish certain destruction upon yourself. (Which is something said to be true of Shiragiku as a person as well.)


    Name: Sō’unga (叢雲牙, Amassing Cloud Fang)


    Sō'unga has the physical attributes of a chokuto, most notably a shitogi tsuba, and a large, spherical pommel extending from the grip. The sword is said to be physically attractive for a Bakkōtō. Its nucleus is held at the pommel which seems to be a large round gem. Beyond its physical description, Sō'unga is said to be innately malevolent, giving off a murderous intent, though Shiragiku is unaffected by it. Because it was wielded by Shiragiku for an extended period of her life, it seems to have developed several skills and abilities directly related to the abilities she already possessed.


    Gokuryūha (獄龍破, Prison Dragon Blast) - Sō’unga unleashes a large, violent, and powerful purple/black tornado that annihilates everything that is caught in its path. Mōryōmaru described this as being the attack of a dragon from Hell.

    Reanimation: Unlike other weapons which includes other Bakkōtō as well, So'unga's slain victims don't simply die but their corpses are reanimated as soulless undead that unless specially commanded will mindlessly attack the living in their vicinity. When Sō’unga is in control of a "lesser" being (one with Reiryoku lower than the wielder's), it could bring the corpses of the dead or the recently deceased back to life and take control of them, or even semi-revitalize one's appearance and give it free will. When it does this, either he plants himself into a grave and call upon their spirit to inhabit their former bodies or have its blade release a blood red-like liquid that animates them. Aforementioned mindless corpses are filled with deadly, liquefied miasma which, when at Sō’unga's full power, enable said specters to restore themselves from most kinds of damage. To counteract this, Shiragiku seems to impose her own will upon the revitalized corpses.

    Possession: It was said that if a weaker Shigami were to grab hold of So'unga, then they would be under its control, and if a strong Shinigami were to take the So'unga, then it would attempt to sway them to the best of its abilities to do its bidding. Beings brought back to life by the sword have shown this issue, Shiragiku is able to over come this by virtue of her will alone, bringing the weapon to heel within moments of her resurrection.

    Black Spikes: Sō'unga could fire a shower of black spikes to impale its enemies, which requires a constant swinging of the arm to fire off, and is thus considered too much work by Shiragiku.

    Name: Tessaiga (鉄砕牙, "Iron-Crushing Fang")


    At first glance when not in use, the Tessaiga appears to be nothing more than a battered katana with a heavily chipped and rusted blade with the hilt's fabric tearing away. When transformed, the blade turned into an over-sized fang, fitting for its name. The cross guard turned into a large patch of fur which is fitting with its general theme.


    Bakuryūha, "Explosive-Style Destruction"): The Tessaiga's ougi (lit. "ultimate technique"). It uses the opponent's Reiatsu and unleashes the Kaze no Kizu at the right point. The opponent's energy would be reflected back with the added power of the Kaze no Kizu.

    Power Assimilation: Perhaps the Tessaiga's most useful ability is its ability to absorb the primary ability of any Zanpakuto or Reishi-based artifact that is destroyed by its blade and convert said ability into Tessaiga's nature as a sword that cuts. Shiragiku hasn't been alive for 200 plus years, as such her sword has already devoured the abilities it had before, and needs to take in more powers to be able to show off its true abilities.

    Barrier of Wind: Tessaiga avoids taking direct blows when it reaches a point where it could be destroyed. It releases wind from any cracks it has, forming a protective shell around the blade. It also can not actually be destroyed as long as Shiragiku herself is still alive, as it restores itself based off her Reiryoku.

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