「The Architect」

Name: Ivy, The Architect
Age: 640+
Species: Gallifreyan
Gender: Female
Home Planet: Gallifrey
Occupation: Keeper of the Matrix (formerly), Supervisor of the Amplified Panatropic Computer Net within the Matrix (formerly)
Ship: The Games’ TARDIS
Appearance: Ivy looks in her mid-twenties when she is first introduced, and is relatively short for a woman of her age. She is skinny but well-muscled, with small hands and nose, and blue-grey eyes. Her most distinctive feature is her fiery red hair. Back in her time her red hair was considered to be lucky, to the point that those with it were described as having been “kissed by fire”.
Personality: Ivy is enterprising and friendly, but also lonely due to her troubled past and her exile, which is why she confides in the Games. She prefers to be silent if she doesn’t have to engage in a conversation and likes being serious. Though once she feels comfortable enough, she becomes very outgoing. She harbors a degree of resentment towards Gallifreyans but mostly the Lord Presidents, for locking her away for millennia and is angry that her feelings and most importantly the reality weren’t taken into consideration. Despite these qualities she has an unconditional love for her planet and her freedom.
History: Ivy is a Gallifreyan from the Old Times. She belonged in the House of Caterion, which was later a part of the Prydonian Chapter. Along with some others, she was among the people that worked under Rassilon, Omega and the Other’s leadership to build the modern Time Lord Society. She is an important figure in the Time Lord history, known for creating the Matrix: a supercomputer (or more accurately a micro-universe) used by the High Council of the Time Lords as a storehouse of knowledge to predict future events. She became the first Keeper of the Matrix. She became widely respected very quickly since her invention allowed Rassilon to retrieve the Eye of Harmony. As she and her fellow Gallifreyans took the first steps towards the modern Time Lord civilization under Rassilon’s tutelage, several ideologies manifested concerning the planet’s ruler. The Time of the Empires was no more, thus two sides were formed. Those who thought they should rebuild into a new empire and those who wanted the rulers to be elected. The six founding members and their followers continued to argue, to the point that they were on the brink of a civil war, until Rassilon proposed the Lord Presidency. They would have one sole ruler along with a Council that regulated planet and its people. The proposal was ultimately accepted and Rassilon was chosen as the first Lord President. It took several years for Ivy to notice the amount of Prydonian people within the Council, along with the privileges that had been given to the Prydonian Chapter. Knowing this was Rassilon’s own chapter, Ivy concluded that the system was wrong and open for corruption, despite being a Prydonian herself. Her ideas had a profound effect on people due to her position as the creator of the Matrix. Believing this could lead to a revolt or anarchy, the Council demoted Ivy to the Supervisor of the Amplified Panatropic Computer Net within the Matrix, in an attempt to discourage her. However, this didn’t break her spirit. So as a last resort the High Council secretly hired fanatics to kidnap and seal her in the depths of a far away planet called Sogneraan. After her disappearance the High Council announced her dead, putting the thorns on their side to rest. The High Council, to avoid suspicion over her disappearance, honored Ivy with the title ‘the Architect’, referencing how her invention had been one of the most important aspects that built the modern Gallifreyan society. Over the years her House, Caterion, went extinct. As for her, she would not be discovered for thousands of years until the Games found her.
Special Abilities:
Pure Gallifreyan: As she was naturally born before the time of Rassilon, Ivy possesses uncorrupted DNA that wasn’t affected or exposed to any of Rassilon’s modifications. For example, she possesses two hearts, unlike current Gallifreyans who grow their second hearts during their first regeneration.
Pure Regeneration: Ivy has the ability to heal almost any injury or disease, except poisoning, getting drowned or getting stabbed through both hearts at the same time. Though her healing process, unlike regular regeneration, doesn’t require her to go through a complete physical and psychological change.