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Thread: [Atlantic Ocean] Gorgades

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    Archippos had heard enough from both of these teens. Athos was offering nothing but claims to power he'd never shown himself to be even potentially capable of, and the girl with him spoke ill of their lord Poseidon, while also undermining the power of Atlantis in claiming some ability to handle part of their army. "Both of you kids are making this harder than it should be. Thea, grab the kid," he said as his left hand rose to signal the legion at the island's shore. The collective power of Atlantis' legion was so great that a massive tidal wave rose in mere moments, threatening to encompass the entire island they stood on.

    Athos sighed again. This truly was something he didn't want to deal with, and yet, it seemed Gorgades was not the safe haven he expected it to be. Poseidon would follow him to the ends of the Earth; there had to be something else to do. Regardless, Athos had no intentions of dying. Both of his hands rose in the face of the encroaching tidal wave. He was beginning to apply his own ability to control water at a much higher caliber than the others were capable of. His struggle was apparent, but the wave slowed to eventual stillness after a matter of ten seconds or so. Control of so much water at once was something far greater than anything Archippos had ever seen, but he was not deterred. Surely the deterrent would come soon enough though, as Athos did not stop upon halting the water; he went on to use it for the purpose of entrapping the entire legion in a massive bubble.

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    "I haven't done anything, yet~" Deianira chimed her general playful manner seeming to maintain itself. But it was clear beyond all things that Archippos was done with the conversation side of this. He signaled and the Atlantean Army soon rose up only to be quelled by Athos' use of water, as the boy slowed the water down to a snails pace and used it to capture the whole of the army. "Fine, just be read..." she started a sentence and moved to grab the boy, only to be stunned by his use of water manipulation. She wasn't aware he had this ability at all on such a scale, still, if she let such a thing move her into inaction she wouldn't be a good soldier.

    It was more than obvious to the girl known as Thea, that Athos was under quite a bit of strain holding the army together, if she could disrupt him their little farce would come to an end. The bracelet around her arm descended becoming a blade of water which she'd aim to use by moving towards the boy, but, her movements would be interrupted once more. Before she could reach the boy to do anything, Deianira had drawn her bow and under the moon light it'd grown into a long bow which she used to fire multiple moon light based arrows at this woman's feet, so many that she jumped backwards to avoid her lower body being impaled, dozens of times, and maintained her previously established distance to Athos. "Oops, my finger slipped," Deianira mentioned, as if to further make this obvious only the index finger of her left hand rested on bow string her middle finger was soon added to it as she drew back again. Thea stared at this young woman with the understanding that her finger couldn't have slipped at all with that line of arrows fired, she'd done so intentionally. The sliver light in Deianira's eyes shined with deviousness, but she said nothing to the look being given to her by Thea. "That looks like a giant fish bowl. It's a pretty interesting trap," she said seeming amused. "So am I aiming to maim or kill?" she asked as easily as she had any conversation. She didn't know what she should be aiming at, but she could cover most of what was in front of her with rapid fire of moon beams which wouldn't be deflected and couldn't miss their targets, such was her power. She simply needed to know what kind of damages to aim for, lest the young lad with her feel bad at some point later in their interactions.

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