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Thread: [Atlantic Ocean] Gorgades

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    Athos' gaze remained averted as Deianira replied to his offer, even as long as it took her to do so. He didn't even move until he felt the bow slip out of his grasp due to her claiming it. As for her thanks, he had nothing to say; it was enough of a struggle for him to offer a single word when giving the bow away. His free hands went to adjust the crown upon his head, and he walked away from the other demigod, making his way upstairs again. He finally had a proper place, albeit forced, in what had become his home after banishment from Atlantis.

    Little did he know, he was not the only person to have come from Atlantis to Gorgades. As he approached the exit of the lair, a legion of Atlantean soldiers approached the entrance on the back of a controlled tidal wave. At the head of this group were two seasoned warriors of high standing in Atlantis society. One of the leaders was male, sporting a face-crown and a strange material known colloquially as "starfish armor" which covered only tiny pieces of his otherwise bare torso. This armor had a more complete piece in the form of a bracer on his right wrist, and around his shoulders - and flowing from the back of his belt line - were flowing attachments that looked quite similar to the fins of betta fish. "Our long lost prince is inside. How do you propose we approach this, sister?"

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    The bow now in her hands she continued to look it over. "Hmm, this bow is frighteningly strong... I should have asked him how he shoots without seeing..." she said of Chrysaor. This might have seemed strange to some, but Deianira was quite friendly, though she couldn't think of a way to have had that conversation properly. "Though, that probably wouldn't have gotten answered properly... oh well~" she mused happily as she tested the tensile strength of the bow. She'd seen it used, but couldn't bring herself to pull back the string as far as it could go. "Oh, this is gonna hurt~" she chimed knowing that if she wanted to pull past the initial tension she'd have to put most of her body's strength into it, and even then she couldn't guarantee that she'd actually be able to shoot it with any accuracy. After all, using a bow was much more complex than a simple draw and release. Soon after he adjusted his crown, Athos began to walk away from her. Deianira's inspection of the bow, led the young woman to collapse it at the middle an sling it over her shoulder. "Off to survey the land?" she questioned in a playful manner, to be fair she thought they deserved a drink. "We should drink while you do... I brought the cups!~" the young woman said enthusiastically pulling the pair of red solo cups from within her quiver.

    Meanwhile this pair was being approached by another. A blonde haired young woman accompanied the young armored male from Atlantis, in 'starfish' armor of her own. The pieces of which seemed to cover a rather skimpy bathing suit and showed off fluttering pairs of fins which were similar to her male counterpart. Hers were attached at her left arm and around her waist covering the back side of her legs. A singular one also graced the left side of her head, in a partial crown. "I am about the direct approach brother. If the prince doesn't emerge of his own accord, then we drag him out by force... it is a simple matter..." she said. It would be a bit unclear what exactly their orders were, but whatever the case might have been, this likely wasn't a friendly visit.

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    Athos continued moving with a closed ear toward Deianira. He'd shown his gratitude in the only way he knew how, and he was ready to move on right away. When Deianira suggested that they drink together while he surveyed the land, he sighed. In no way was it to be implied that they now had some sort of bond together; they'd accomplished all they needed together. Why hadn't she already left? This was all Athos could wonder. "I'm not thirsty. You can leave now," he said mere moments before reaching the entrance.

    Still in wait, the warriors of Atlantis readied themselves. The pair who seemed to be the leaders of this group discussed with each other the methods of approach for their task, and it became clear that the blonde female fancied an approach that wasn't all too kind to the one they sought. The male of this pair was not very pleased with what they were doing, but he looked ahead nonetheless. "That's very forward of you. I thought you would be a bit more reprehensive about this."

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    Deianira walked along with the lad in her usual good humor. She found his company strange and had been having quite a bit of fun getting used to it. Of course, it would seem that the newly crowned Gorgon King wasn't as interested in the bonds of friendship as Deianira was... When he stated that he wasn't thirsty and that she could leave, her hand met her chest. "Still not too friendly, huh? Well, that's for the best I suppose, otherwise I'd really have to make myself scarce..." she spoke rhetorically, and in a way which most would find slightly puzzling. But beyond the solemn nature of her words, she was well and truly elated. "That really is different. I'm not used to being ignored so thoroughly..." she said a grin spreading across her face. "You got your home, and now you want to be alone, I get it. It was what I wanted to help you with all along, so I suppose I can't push too much..." she concluded. She knew this lad was strange, and likely more apprehensive than any of the others she'd had contact with. She was interested by the fact that he still didn't want to be around her, and that nothing about him changed over the course of them knowing each other, even given her abilities. She'd love to get to know him properly, offer him the friendship she thought he deserved. This once sad boy she'd found all alone in the middle of the forest, but... maybe now wasn't the time. "Well then... circumstances aside, it was nice meeting you, Athos~" said the young woman as she playfully bounded out ahead. "But if you ever change your mind about that drink, need help toppling a kingdom, or find yourself in need of a general translator to the normal people of the world~" she paused and gave a quick bow. "You know where to find me." Her offer of friendship was long standing. She really didn't mind helping anyone out, this boy more than others she'd give her help completely because he was a good person in a way that most people didn't manage to be, regardless of his less than praise worthy social graces.

    The blonde lass who aimed to approach the lands with a man called 'brother' at her side, seemed to be resolute in her determination. The thoughts expressed by her brother, were ones which rang true to her as well, blue eyes shifted to their corners to peek the male walking at her side. "Of course I find this reprehensible..." she said, seeming to remain quite firm, though she wasn't all together pleased with why they were sent here, she had her orders and she would follow them. "But that is exactly why we must be firm and fast. If we waver the others will as well... and we would have to go back to face Poseidon, empty-handed. He deserves better from us, than our questioning of his orders," she said. Seeming to have complete faith in their leader, who admittedly she hadn't seen in quite a while, until he showed up with the orders which would lead to them standing before the entrance to the Gorgons Lair.

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    Even when being shooed away in some sense of the phrase, the daughter of Dionysus persisted with offers of kindness that were well beyond Athos' comprehension. He couldn't understand why she would make such offers, if she would benefit nothing from doing the things she agreed to. Perhaps this was just a flaw of Athos' brought about by his own social ineptitude. Whatever the case, he could not see himself needing any of the things Deianira said she could provide. He had no use of alcohol, his kingdom was before him now, and he had no intentions of interacting with the human world for the rest of his life. "Goodbye." This was the final word he intended to offer Deianira. Once he'd spoken, he stepped outside. What he saw there was something warranting shock and, to some extent, worry.

    "Huh... I guess you're right," the male said with a sigh. He was taken aback by the orders they had received from Poseidon after the god had abandoned Atlantis for so long, but if there was one thing they couldn't do, it was disobey any order given to them; their entire livelihood depended on this level of servitude. As their discussion approached what would have been its natural end, the target they sought emerged from within the lair. "Go figure. I'd like to say it's good to see you again, Athos... but you must know why we're all here."

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    For her part in this, the daughter of Dionysus was more than well aware that the son of Poseidon wouldn't understand the kindness she offered. Even so, for Deianira that was more of a reason to offer them, not less. She wasn't much caring about personal gain, her interest in everyone was platonic, she simply wished everyone to truly know the same kind of happiness she fed people as part of her abilities. And if she could offer Athos anything similar in any way, she would, because his actions denoted that he was the sort of person who would treasure such niceness, even if he was incapable of properly demonstrating it. The finality of the boy's statement made her chuckle a bit, "Ah, really? No 'see you later'," she posed as if it was a question in the same joking manner she always had. Still the stunned girl waited just a few seconds longer than was necessary and ended up behind Athos as he emerged. "I suppose that is a bit much to ask, huh?" this would be the girl's parting sentence. But upon reaching the outside her eyes widened just a bit, she'd gotten used to Athos' mannerisms in the weeks they'd traveled together and found him at least worried about the people before him.

    The young woman of this pairing nodded her head. The young man now standing before them, made her eyes widen. He'd grown quite a bit since he was last seen, he even seemed to have matured, but her acknowledgement of these things would be given with a bit of solace. "You seemed to have grown quite a bit since we last saw you, don't make this more difficult than it has to be..." she offered. Still it was a greeting which came with the hint that something might be amiss. And Deianira had gone quiet scanning the horizon with silver eyes that took note of every sentient life form which approached. These two were out front but behind them just far enough off into the horizon to remain unseen was a legion of what could only be Atlantean Soldiers. 'That is the kind of welcome one would expect from someone like Ares not Poseidon...' her smile remained but the seriousness in her eyes never changed.

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    The words of the pair struck a chord within Athos the likes of which he did not enjoy at all. Though he hadn't expected them to arrive, he could easily piece together the reasons for said arrival. The woman's speech made this clearer yet; there was only one thing that could be made more difficult by him resisting in this scenario, and it was connected directly to Poseidon's orders.

    "Come on now; we're going to take you back home. You'll be made into a spectacle there, but your death will be as kind as we can manage, kiddo," said the Atlantean male. These two were apparently quite attached to Athos from the boy's time spent in Atlantis. Still, their job had to be done, and that job now involved seeing to the half-Gorgon's death. Now that it was a thought, the male looked around the area and gave heavy consideration to where they currently were. "At the very least, you can obviously say hunting Gorgons was your last activity. There's honor in that."

    Athos had gone completely still. These people were once very precious to him, and now they were here to end his life. Poseidon had reached very low into a bag of dirt to pull something like this. He was still, but a mighty trembling sensation plagued him just beneath the skin. Even his voice emerged in a somewhat more timid than normal manner when he finally spoke. "I... could just kill you here. All of you."

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    In the moment that this pair of people were speaking, Deianira in all her infinite wisdom decided to have a drink. A red solo cup was produced from within her quiver and she filled it with golden liquor while listening to all present speak. Those silver eyes of hers never lost a hint of that particularly savage glow as she watched the moon rise over the horizon. Her gaze shifted only slightly, when Athos finally decided to speak. His words, were about what she expected of him in a moment like this. The trembling boy, who only wanted to be left alone, kept being confronted by people who wanted to keep doing rude and savage things to him for stuff which had nothing to do with him. She sighed and upon finishing half the cup looked to the lad at her side. The blonde young woman seemed to be stunned that the shy lad had even uttered anything resembling a threat towards them, "You can't threaten us, this is the way it has to be," she said seeming to defend her desire to the end. The still drinking raven haired lass spoke up then, with a smile on her face. "Nope, not at all the way it has to be. It's the way you're making it..." she said, if Athos would be cross for her interfering she might as well say what she wanted to in this moment. Her words brought the blonde haired lass' attention to her but only to look at her as if she'd grown another head.

    "Well, I mean... you threatened him first. It's only natural he'd say something like that, but by the look of him he doesn't want to, it's just the easiest reaction, the first one to come to mind," she said with a grin spreading across her face, as the woman with her fish fins thought about it for a second her eyes widening at the assertion. "From his perspective you're invading his land, bringing up bad memories, and taking away the little comfort he's managed to find with his own two hands," she said to give a bit of perspective on the role this pair and their legion of soldiers were playing. She knew Poseidon wanted the lad at her side dead, she had no idea why aside from the obvious problem of who the boy's mother was, but that wasn't his fault, and since the boy had been exiled twice from everything he'd known as home, it wasn't anyone's place to come and take it from him. She thought this pair who might have known him before deserved a bit more perspective, like the things drunken people think of in the middle of a stupor. "But I get it. You're just following orders," she mentioned aloud to this pair before her.

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    "Cocky, cocky!" was the male's retort. He and the woman at his side were among the best Atlantis had to offer, and certainly the strongest members of its military force to date. Even individually, they were legendary in being second only to Poseidon himself. Not even one such as Athos had ever stood much of a chance. "You may be the son of Poseidon, but you're still just a whelp to us. I don't know why he thought we were needed to bring you in, but there's no way you're getting out of this."

    Athos knew better. In truth, he would have always been more capable than this pair, but his powers as the son of Poseidon were not the first abilities to manifest themselves fully in him. No... his first true showing of power was what resulted in his exile from Atlantis. As a child, Athos bloomed the way Gorgons did - an act that Poseidon could not accept while others knew Athos was his son. It wasn't until after banishment that he truly delved into his abilities as a proper demigod, meaning the residents of Atlantis would have no idea what he was truly capable of at this point in time. "You're wrong, Archippos," he said, still shaking beneath the skin.

    Before his next response to Athos, the man apparently known as Archippos had words to share with Deianira. "It doesn't matter what anyone wants to do, or what anyone thinks they can do. We're taking the boy. If you plan on interfering, you'll make an enemy of Poseidon himself. Just leave us to our job," he said, though one thing spoken by Deianira was strange enough that he was soon looking toward the blonde woman at his side. "His land?" he wondered aloud.

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    Deianira shook her head, even so she figured she might as well finish her drink before anything bad happens. This male's reaction to Athos was about what the girl at his side expected. "Uh-huh... probably because an army of fodder is still fodder" she quipped as an idea for why Poseidon sent the pair of them along. "Or because he thought familiar faces might make him hesitate to defend himself, which would make Poseidon a bit of a jerk... But...who knows~" she said with a chuckle as she finished off her drink and tucked her cup away. If there was one thing Deianira knew about gods, by having one for a parent it was that they could be incredibly petty and fairly easy to read beyond their divine status. And the more she spoke with Athos and learned about the boy, the more she thought that Poseidon might be one of those secretly nefarious types with a good public persona.

    Regardless of this, the blonde girl chose now to speak as well, but to Athos as he spoke of how wrong the man named Archippos was. "He's not wrong! There isn't anything to be done, it is bad enough without some strange sense of false bravado!" the young woman seemed rather easily agitated and all of this happened while Deianira stretched and flexed her fingers. It appeared this pair wouldn't simply talk it out and that was almost a shame, but she had no attachment to them and only wanted the boy's well being. At a time it might have been true of them as well, but right now they were making themselves very easy enemies. 'Anything you need, I've got your back...' she mentioned to Athos in the same way she had during his fight with Chrysaor. With all these people coming out of the woodwork against him, she felt he deserved someone on his side. The actions of the freshly crowned Gorgon King, were nothing but virtuous and he was simply trying to find his home. Beyond this point it seemed that, they were content to try and start this fight with Athos, but when Archippos statements became directed at her she smiled widely. Her silvery gaze shifted towards Athos and she shrugged her shoulders absently her hands finding themselves tucked into the belts at her waist.

    "I don't plan on interfering in anything. I've been hanging out with him for a few weeks now, and if I know anything it's that he's perfectly capable of taking care of himself in a fight," said the girl, but she remained steadfast regardless. "But, I didn't know if he'd want to try and talk it out or not, and I'd be wrong to abandon him just now. And Poseidon is pretty low on my totem pole right now so... I don't really care if I make him mad or not. I'd take a few off Athos' hands if he wanted me to," she said with the same amount of sincerity she always seemed to have. "Blasphemy!" was the only word spoken by the girl at the young man's side.

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