Personal Profile

Name: Nixie
Age: 17 (Chronologically 47)
Gender: Female
Godly Parent: Amphitrite
Weight: 118 lbs
Height: 5'7
Hair Color: Striped Platinum Blond and Red
Hair Style: Worn to the back in four equal parts with two free bangs of platinum blonde.
Eye Color: Ocean Blue

Nixie is most often seen wearing a bikini, even in public. She usually overlays this with a strong black mother of pearl like armor which she received from her mother when she was younger. She is usually seen barefoot, with a set of thassala shell anklets on each of her ankles and a necklace also made of the same material.

  • Nixie is Amphitrite's only child outside of her marriage, and she is spoiled by the woman because of this.
  • Because of who her mother is, she is Athos' step-sister and seems amused by it.
  • She was raised by the Nereids and considers herself one of them, her grandfather agrees.
  • Nixie is an accomplished swordsman.
  • Her father was a salior, and as such she tends to say crude things and swear. She is also particularly uninhibited and rather selfish.
  • She's spent the last few decades partying with Julius a young man she considers to be her best friend.

Powers & Abilities

  • Hydrokinesis - Nixie has the ability to control and manipulate water in a finite way. Her ability to control water is phenomenal and secondary only to the god and goddess of the sea themselves. This ability does many things for her including; the ability to breath underwater, immunity to water pressure, the ability to walk on water, to create air bubbles underwater for others who can't breathe, and use water to strengthen herself filter out blood born poisons and heal her wounds.

Godly Possessions