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Thread: [Benihime x Youko Gaiden] The Crimson Kunoichi & The White Ronin

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    Benihime kept up her movements, seeming to have a very good time. Even the extended kiss seemed to be worthwhile as an endeavor. Soon enough though her moans were let to fly back in the open air and she was free to bounce a bit more in the white haired man's lap, but not before she noticed she was being watched again. She turned her head to the left caught sight of the awakening Hiromi. Youko's speech to the woman was the first to be heard. And Hiromi to her credit seemed to look a bit dazed but answered. "I thought I was dreaming... that you two couldn't possibly still be doing this, but... seeing is believing," she said a yawn escaping her.

    "You might have been a bit rough on her, Yokkun~" Benihime said seemingly amused by it. Even so, Benihime made no moves to disembark or invite this woman to join. "Gommennasai Onee-chan, I don't want to share again so soon..." Benihime said as Hiromi stared with the same eyes she'd used to watch this pair. Benihime's statement was absolutely true, though she'd started this endeavor sharing her catch for the day, now that she had Youko's undivided attention, she seemed to gain a bit more focus on their combined pleasure. Especially given that everyone else seemed to fail quite a bit at getting this particular job done. Regardless of this the older woman smiled and rolled off the bed in search of her clothing. Picking up the pieces so rudely discarded from her earlier. "Iie, Hime-chan... I think I'm going to bed. I'm really tired and more than satisfied," she said to the girl who was happily riding the white haired young man. She cut her eyes to him. "You're really a rude boy, but... I suppose I like that. Maybe later..." she said. She had no desire to taste anything which came so directly out of someone's body and she thought that would be obvious without answer. Even so, she'd learned that this pair seemed to have much less restraint about anything than any other people she'd ever encountered. With this she aimed to move towards the door as she dressed herself.

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    "Hoh?" Much to Youko's surprise, Benihime intervened in a moment of selfishness. She was rather blunt about her intentions not to share the male's attention again at this point. Considering how things were going now compared to how they'd gone before, he couldn't rightly argue. "Selfish, selfish. Am I rubbing off on you in... well, a way that doesn't involve your insides?" he asked slightly in rhetoric. As she prepared to make her way out, Hiromi drew attention to Youko's apparent rudeness, making it apparent that she had no intention of "having a taste" as he put it. A casual glance in her direction ensued, featuring the cheekiest of grins upon the male's face. "No critique then, onna? Shame. Guess I'll see you tomorrow, and we'll try again?" he replied. Youko had already counted this woman among his conquests; he was certain she would be returning for more later. There was virtually no question in his mind after how she'd been speaking earlier, and in fact, he decided to quote her as his attention returned to Benihime. "Every. Fucking. Day~" Immediately following his quote, Youko leaned away from Benihime until his back was against the bed. In doing this, he waited until the moment she rose up on his manhood, and quickly thrust his hips upward at full force, if only to illicit some sort of stimulation/reaction from one - or both - of the women present.

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    Benihime's momentary selfishness apparently wouldn't go unnoticed. She bounced on Youko's manhood and managed to look a bit abashed palming her own head but constantly moving her hips. "Well... probably!~" she said of the young man rubbing off on her personality a bit instead of just busying himself on her insides. "Taking that as permission to pass blame~" she commented with a red tint on her face. Youko went on to speak with Hiromi as the woman managed to dress in a very disheveled fashion, though she'd still be taking her walk of shame back to the main house. When it was questioned by Youko if he'd be seeing this woman tomorrow she smiled, if she found herself in need of him the next day she'd definitely come back to see him. But... soon after it was brought to her attention something she'd said in the throes of passion. Repeated in Youko's voice as he bounced the redhead in his lap. Doing this served two purposes, the first of which caused a blush to appear on the face of Hiromi, as she realized her own words were being used against her. "Oh, I suppose I said that..." she said as she started backing out. But not without catching the secondary purpose of Youko's movements which caused Benihime to moan aloud with her head back. "Aaaaaaah! Fuck, you really are rude, Yokkun~" the young woman chimed as she finished around the rather sudden movement the man added to her previous movements. "Ja ne, Onee-chan~" she managed bending herself backward and offering the woman a wink before she'd leave, closing the door behind her for this pairs privacy.

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    "Maybe now that we've opened you up a bit, you'll have even more to say tomorrow, onna. Ja," he spoke to the wife of Ouetsu. Though his focus remained on Benihime, he did catch a glimpse of the expression upon Hiromi's face before she left for the night. Now that she was out of the picture, he could truly offer a hundred percent of his attention to the redhead in his lap. "That was rude? You got off from it! If that's the mark for rudeness, you should be calling me an outright bastard. Actually..." He paused there, mulling over the words that had just left his mouth. A chuckle followed, and with it, he made a decision. "Yeah. Call me that. Call me whatever else you want while you're at it; I'll try out all kinds of new shit today."

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    If Hiromi heard the final words spoken to her by Youko she had no reply for them. Whatever she knew, she knew this pair of teens had successfully broken her out of the shell she'd been in for quite a while and she couldn't be anything but happy about it. Benihime soon had the return of Youko's complete attention and she had to admit she was enjoying it more than anything else. One could even say she was going against her general preference to keep going with Youko. As her hips shook she heard the voice of the man below her and opened up her eyes to look down at him given his words. A grin spread across her face as she continued using her right hand to massage this man's scalp while she leaned into his face. "I don't know if I'd call you a bastard, you seem a bit like an untamed beast, if I'm being honest~" she said as she pecked his lips rather quickly. "Aaaaaah~ But I'll call you whatever you want... I am way too into this right now~" she mentioned as she stopped hopping up and down and simply began moving her hips in small circles. Doing so rubbed her most sensitive place both inside her person and outside and caused a pulsing within her the likes of which she'd never experienced before. When she reached climax this time her head fell back and she moaned her pleasure into the open air.

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    "Bastard, beast, absolute heartthrob... It's all the same!" he replied. At this rate, he was surprised to be showing many signs of humanity. As a matter of fact, he was only just realizing that he was being so... tame. The realization came only after being referred to as some untamed beast by the redhead; she couldn't have been wronger at this exact moment. Still, Youko felt as if he were relapsing on himself while Benihime gyrated around his manhood. "Huahh... It's your show now; I don't care. Whatever you do, whatever you say, just call me something," he said while reaching up with his left hand again, using it to gently touch the woman's face. "I want to hear that voice of yours when it belongs to me."

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    Youko's reply made Benihime smile. As she came off her most recent flourish it seemed the man had some sort of realization. Benihime had realized before that Youko's nature was just as contradictory as her own at times. He seemed an untamed beast dominating women, marking his territory, making them his in some strange way. But he also had moments of general appreciation, softness, and gentle behavior as if when with her she was the only thing that mattered in the world. Such a moment was on the horizon post her most recent finish, a grunt from Youko would be followed by words about how this show belonged to Benihime. He'd reach up soon his left hand caressing her face as he spoke of only wishing to hear her voice for the time period in which it belonged exclusively to him. "Yokkun~" she moaned the shortened form of his name as she leaned forward and began to bounce just her hips as she allowed them to be chest to chest while she whispered a moaning sentence in to his ear. "Aaaah~ You keep saying things like that to me, and I might end up tame instead~" she moaned as she moved up and down his manhood from this horizontal angle, dragging herself along his torso and stimulating both her nipples and her pearl as she did. This was strangely full of sensations for her, considering she was also filled by Youko's manhood.

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    When Benihime leaned forward and began speaking into his ear, Youko's right hand found its place gliding along her side to avoid any grasps that would hinder the movements she made. Simply put, he was finding much satisfaction from things as they were now, and he dared not change a single thing. He was all but lost to this new wave of sensations he was receiving from bedding this woman, and for entirely different reasons from the norm, he was already thinking ahead to potential future encounters. The word she chose to refer to Youko as was his name, spoken in a way no other person had ever thought to call him. "Are you sure about that? With a pet name like that, it sounds like you're trying to actually tame me. I might not mind that," he said while basking in the sensation of Benihime's body rubbing against his own on such a great scale as it was. "I haven't said this in years, but... I might hit my limit soon. Just maybe. There's no real telling just yet."

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    While she ground herself horizontally against Youko, Benihime found his hand gliding along her right side. This was one of his more confusing actions, even so, she couldn't say she minded the freedom to continue acting with the acknowledged closeness. After she spoke to him, he questioned her thoughts, pointing out that her own actions seemed to work towards taming him as a person, including the pet name which she'd given him nearer the start of their encounter. Her eyes widened on an upstroke as she looked at him, her heart beat speeding up as she soon enough relaxed back down somehow a bit relieved by the idea that he might not mind being her pet. "Well, I mean if you might not mind..." she seemed to start another statement without finishing it, a strange habit this young woman seemed to have, particularly when she was intending to act instead of speak. Of course, her actions at this point would be her furthering the contact between them, as she raised her right arm as she moved, to cradle this man in a manner similar to how she was being held, as her hand found the back of his head and traced strands of hair across his scalp. This amount of closeness she seemed to enjoy, without any real way of explaining it. If asked... she'd simply have said it felt right, but this of course wasn't actually the topic of conversation. Instead, Youko admitted that he might be pretty close to his limit in this endeavor and it was something he hadn't had to admit in quite some time. A smirk crossed Benihime's face as she leaned hers a bit closer and kissed him under the second mark on his cheek. "You said earlier you wanted me addicted. It's not like addictions are formed in single doses, Yokkun~" Whether this continued right now for hours, or later at separate intervals, didn't really matter to the redhead. Her interactions with this man were strange, and she needed to know what more they had to offer.

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    True enough, Youko could not immediately claim any opposition to whatever "taming" Benihime did, or did not, intend. Shortly after reaching what seemed to be the same level of relaxation and closeness Youko had so recently found, she began speaking of his earlier mention, regarding a potential addiction on her part. Youko laughed with closed eyes when these words were spoken; there was a single thought crossing his mind at the time. "Those are the words of someone in danger of becoming an addict, you know?" was his response. Of course, there was always the simple matter of Youko's own desire, which - strangely - was telling him to push the limits here and now. If Benihime's words were to be taken as an offer for future encounters of this sort, it did not deter him from a strong willingness to stretch out the current moment. When his eyes opened, he spoke through a toothy grin on this exact topic. "But... how will I make sure you're good and hooked if I don't hit you with the full rush here and now? I'm a very territorial guy, y'know? If you say you don't like men, I give myself a goal to make sure I'm the only exception there will ever be."

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