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Thread: [Benihime x Youko Gaiden] The Crimson Kunoichi & The White Ronin

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    At the apex of her motions the redhead managed to move once more, not that it seemed necessary. Soon enough the white haired ronin was moving her as well, bending her over the edge of the tub and further plunging into her nether. She'd heard his earlier words and was made further curious by them, she wondered how he would finish their current bout. She was supplied with the answer in the form of a mighty thrust forward which made the man stop against her, the feeling was enough to make her hiccup, but beyond this there was the sensation of his pulsing manhood within her as he came to his own finish. She felt a very strange and new sensation then, as she was filled by this man's seed. Her eyes widened as she was accosted by this warming sensation within, one which made her own body react in earnest and allow the continued wave of her current flourish to wash over her person. "Sugei!~ It's so warm!~" she'd never in her life felt anything like this before and though they'd previously agreed to not take this encounter this far, she could hardly complain given how her own body reacted to this. The seizure of her nether would stop at some point and her body would come to rest, eventually as her heart thudded in her chest and her head swam with warm and dizzying feeling.

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    The pumping release of Youko's finish seemed to have its own agenda, as it refused to stop its continuous, hiccuping out-pour for a longer period of time than Youko had ever imagined possible. All the while, he found himself unable to withdraw, even subconsciously attempting to push forward even more with each pump. It wasn't long before Youko's manhood was coated in a mixture of its own fluids and Benihime's while still inside the woman. Only when the volcanic orgasm of the ronin came to an end did he find himself able to push away from the redhead, leaving the remainder of his excrement to leak from the loins of both parties as he stumbled back. "Huu... huu... Not exactly what I was expecting," he said, seeming ever the more calm than he had been in any previous moment.

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    Youko's end seemed to be quite continuous, enough that it leaked from between the pair of them after he finally stopped pushing forward. A smirk came to this young woman's face. And it took a few thundering seconds for her head to clear enough for her to hear his words. All the while her inner most part twitched slightly at the sensation of the man withdrawing from her. She'd honestly never felt anything like this before this moment, and couldn't say she actually minded it, aside from the possible consequences. And those consequences were far from the front of her mind. In fact, it might be more accurate to say she enjoyed it, as much as her casual tasting of this man in the hours prior to this one. "I wasn't expecting it. You weren't expecting it, it seems both get to be surprised today~" the redhead chimed. If she was upset at all, she couldn't find it within herself to express it. Instead she managed to lean forward and release the flow of water from the tub, and after a few moments she even managed to settle in beside this man in the now emptying tub.

    Benihime sought pleasure from her partners in various ways all the time. But never did she feel more satisfied than she did at this moment. It was as if her state of contentment matched Youko's in some way. She felt calm, filled and oddly relaxed. Though she'd never felt this level of intensity with anyone else, she doubted she would have felt the same way even if she had. 'I wonder if I was missing out on this,' she wondered experiencing the sensation of Youko's finish leaking from between her legs and it giving her tingles as she settled back into the tub. Her legs weren't feeling the movement from this space immediately, as such she relaxed in place content to allow her eyes to close gently regardless of the actions of the ronin with her. She had an empty bed in her room, but that was too far away, considering the level of satisfaction she now felt.

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    "Well, you don't seem all too disappointed, so I guess we're golden," Youko said through labored breaths, which were steadily returning to their normal state. Over time, he found himself relaxing into the tub they shared, gazing upon the naked - and now tainted - form of the kunoichi before him. He somehow became lost in the moment, and the next thing he knew, he was waking to the setting sun...

    When he finally gathered himself, Youko cleaned up properly to begin his duties of the day. This led him into the main building, where the time of day dictated that he show himself in the dining hall. Lo and behold, dinner time was upon the Daimyou's family. Youko entered the room where the nobles were to be seated, all while being stared down by Tokudaiji Ouetsu himself. "You walk a thin line, Katsuhara. We've not heard from you all day! What if my daughter was attacked!?" the man asked in an apparent outrage. Youko, with a sigh, replied in kind. "Maybe, Toku-jii, someone did come to attack. Let's just entertain the thought that I was fending off assailants all day, yeah?" he asked in rhetoric.

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    "Golden, huh? Sounds about right, you don't seem disappointed either, Yokkun~" Benihime mentioned as a small yawn escaped her. She hadn't felt properly tired in quite some time. Even so, she allowed herself to rest a bit enjoying the feeling of this man's body beside hers for quite a while longer than was generally necessary for the kind of fleeting interactions she was used to. Irrespective of this, after a healthy bit of sleep, she woke up a while before Youko, exiting the bathroom and preparing for something else. Her physical needs met, she had a job to do, and since she'd gotten a bit of rest she decided the best way to handle this was to cover all bases at once. After getting properly cleaned up she dressed and in her room created a total of three shadow clones. Looking at three versions of herself she assigned herself tasks. All of which would be properly underway by the time Youko made his way to the dining room in the evening.

    Here before the Daimyo at the table which was set for nobility was also his daughter. The young woman was dressed in her usual manner and sitting to her father's left hand side a ways down the table. "Otou-sama, please don't be mean to Youko. He's always doing his job," she said knowing full well as long as the man was around she wasn't in any danger. She did wish at the very least, Youko wouldn't always provoke her father into chastising him in such a way. He was making it rather difficult for the girl to convince her father to allow their marriage, but she'd get her way in the end, or so she believed. Surprisingly enough also seated opposite Ouetsu for the first time since being here was his wife, Hiromi. This woman seemed no worse for wear and was all but ready to start the festivities. She normally didn't bother with such things, but her mood and that of her daughter seemed to be greatly improved. So much so, that she'd come down for dinner, instead of having it served in her private quarters. Strangely, Benihime was also here, seemingly because this was where one had to be during this time, for reasons she'd yet to understand. Even so, she did her duty, and made an appearance cutting her eyes to Youko, but saying nothing.

    Beyond the point of her appearance in the dining room, another Benihime was busying herself, in Ouetsu's private study. Knowing the Daimyou was busy at dinner. As she had all day and some sleep to consider the Daimyou she realized both, why she was unnerved by him a bit, and the problems she had with the previous assassination attempt which she'd stopped personally. 'Ara, let's find out what he knows about me...' she said as she perused the paper work on his desk and came to her own file among the paperwork. As her eyes scanned the page, she found that he knew nothing of her status as Jinchuuriki and only of her jobs and abilities of protecting others and general assassin work for lower tier clients. He had no real idea of the depths of her skills and she looked on paper as an average jounin, experienced, but not necessarily highly skilled. She smirked reading over this material which barely touched upon any of her real skills, all while one of her observed the dysfunction which was dinner in the Daimyou's Estate.

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    "See, Toku-jii?" Youko said as a follow-up to Kazumi's statement. "Even when I'm not in plain sight, I'm always... doing something," he concluded. As he walked around to take his place standing behind Kazumi's chair, his eyes fell upon the red-haired Kunoichi in the room briefly. A moment of eye contact ensued, but it was strange to note that he'd sensed the woman's Chakra elsewhere in the house. It had been so recently that even her teleportation technique would not have seen her out of place and into a resting position so quickly, but... that was neither here nor there. Whatever the case was, Youko figured he would find out anything he ever actually needed to know. For now, there was the simple matter of the ongoing dinner meeting which - for the first time since Youko had been working with this family - involved a somewhat rejuvenated Hiromi. Once he was properly positioned behind his charge, Youko took up a relaxed posture and stared down the older woman with all the smugness from their first encounter painting his visage. 'Hoh? What a time to join the dinner table...' he thought. Meanwhile, Ouetsu calmed his own fury long enough to look toward Benihime, as if to portray additional distaste for the ronin's ways through glances alone.

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    Youko's words to his employer made Benihime's eyes widen. It took everything she had to stifle a chuckle and look completely unfazed by the time Ouetsu was looking towards her. This old man's eyes burned with great fury as he calmed himself. It was more than apparent by his words and actions that he didn't appreciate the ronin's attitude. If Benihime had any question of this, it was more than obvious by that look of distaste on the man's face. Benihime was more than used to this look, but given her own actions it was usually aimed at her. 'Yare yare, he really doesn't like you very much,' she thought. But her eyes betrayed nothing of her thoughts. She simply waited for an order or whatever was to come. She also noted the addition of a certain woman to the dinner table, who was now getting all of the eyes of Youko from behind his charge. Hiromi to her credit looked up and found his eyes on her, and when she shifted her gaze towards her husband, she found the eyes of Benihime as well. 'They are both looking at me... so hard,' she seemed ever so slightly distressed and a bemused expression spread over the face to the Jounin as she considered this seating arrangement. 'I wonder why they sit so far apart. How do they talk with this much distance between them?' she questioned. The young woman herself was used to dinner being a hassle. Hands, bodies, plates, and bowls every where, while children screamed and ran around. This version of her thoughtfully considered the strangeness of this family, even for nobles.

    Meanwhile, the other version of the Jounin continued to look around Ouetsu's office. Everything went exactly back into it's place, but she came across several things as she looked through the papers here. Properties in transfer to a different family in the area. Gathering places, rallies, times and dates for events she couldn't even begin to piece together. 'What kind of thing are you up to Ouetsu?' she wondered. She'd never seen a legitimate Daimyou so concerned with state affairs. She'd done several of these jobs and most had underlings to handle the day to day. The Daimyou here, seemed to have his hand in everything, and several of his documented purchases and property transfers only made sense if he had another child. 'I guess... I should keep looking...' mused the young woman as she headed towards a different stack of documents, this one about an organization which was being funded by the Daimyou himself. As well as the letters which he sent out to various places requesting high level jounin for his service. Benihime's brow rose as she tried to figure out why this man needed ninja if he had samurai at his disposal. As there were also other documents which procured a great number of extra samurai from the Land of Iron, specifically young men with combat experience.

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    "Business as usual, I guess. Kazumi is no different, but she's used to the things that happened last night. I wonder how Lady Toku is going to behave... and that kunoichi,' Youko thought. All in all, the previous night had taken a few very interesting turns from the original plan, and it left Youko with a pair of new experiences. Of course, one particular experience served him better than the others - both new and old - but he knew not to let himself get too attached to anything on the path he'd chosen in life. While he was here, though, he planned to take full advantage of everything he had access to, and Ouetsu's wife seemed to be making herself more easily accessible after the previous night. With these thoughts going through his mind, Youko remained steadfast in his position as guard to Kazumi, while servants from the kitchen began carting in parts of the family's dinner for this night.

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    Benihime continued to watch the table impassively, even as servants began wandering in with carts of food to serve the family before them. While the lady of the house, tried to avoid moments of unnecessary eye contact with either of these young people given her own behavior the night before, Benihime watched the servants. She had a very strange experience the previous night and found herself watching as servants brought in the food. She was looking for any sign of attraction to the male population in general, but to no avail. 'Nope, none of these guys are even remotely attractive. I don't really know what came over me. I was thinking, maybe... just maybe, I might be into guys... but no,' she paused a bit distracted. 'Definitely still into girls...' she mused as one of the female kitchen staff made an appearance before her to serve Ouetsu, which garnered a bit of an extra glance to those darling green eyes and ample bosom. When she was done looking her gaze moved towards Youko, by virtue of watching this woman move, with him in her sights she thought about it more. 'I'd still go again though... weird,' she thought. Normally after having a satisfactory interaction with any individual she cleared herself to do something or rather someone else. At this stage she didn't feel like she was ready to move on yet, in spite of the fact that she'd finished the early morning satisfied beyond what was her norm. 'I might have to talk to her about this... I feel weird,' she thought without thinking about who 'her' was. All the same she continued to guard her charge, while he and his family had their meal. Even with his wife trying hard to avoid eye contact she couldn't help but feel like someone was watching her.

    Meanwhile, the more information the Benihime within the study received the more confused she became. It seemed like the Land of Silence had a lot of money coming in presently. It was stunning really, the economic upsurge was impressive given that they had no real market except Samurai. What was more, the files of multiple shinobi from several different mainland places were found, but nothing about what happened to them. The redhead soon enough knew, she'd have to go out looking a bit more functionally, and after double checking to make sure not a single page or paper was out of place her body vanished in a puff of smoke. The information she'd gleaned from her romp around the house was then transfered to the two remaining versions of herself, which would leave the one currently observing dinner more than a bit stunned, but at 50 percent of her usual power. 'Yare yare, Machi this mission is almost more than S-rank...' she thought of her secondary reason for being here. She was almost on two S-rank missions by virtue of what she was currently thinking she might end up having to do. But mostly that would depend on what her other clone found out. This one... could be seen walking about the main area of the town. Having moved into the city type area to begin speaking with shop owners and merchants making peaceful conversation as she tried to find out what happened to the other Shinobi who'd come here.

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