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Thread: [Benihime x Youko Gaiden] The Crimson Kunoichi & The White Ronin

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    Youko continued speaking, all while his body answered honestly to the attention being paid by Benihime. Grunts, heavy breathing, and pauses, all seemed to feed into the young woman's behavior, it was so different from what she come to expect from women. 'Sugei!~' the young woman was having a great deal of fun, and wished to see how far she could take it. As she opened her eyes she found herself looking up into Youko's face as the white haired man breathed and finally managed to speak. He mentioned that it didn't seem like this wasn't her preference and that it was hard for him to keep still while she paid this kind of attention to his groin. Soon enough the slight vibrations in her throat would dwindle just a bit as she went about extracting him from her mouth again, but not without making sure her entire tongue swirled around his manhood with soft warm pressure. "Well, if surprised is what you're looking for you'll have to tell me if you see it. And if you like it~" she teased as she pursed her lips again kissing the tip of him lightly before opening the softness of her mouth gently, and then applying suction to her mouth and moving her head. She'd let him go all the way to the back of her throat and back out multiple times, each time, a swift vibration at a slightly different frequency. Starting low and slow, and moving up to higher pitched faster ones. As if she was trying to figure out which one he liked best.

    All the while, the mother of Youko's most recent conquest seemed to be having a hard time. The simple circling of her center of pleasure, resulted in her mouth opening slightly and a sigh escaping her. She couldn't stop herself though, the hand she'd used to fondle her own breast soon found itself in her mouth. She bit her own finger as she kept moving, slipping that long finger within herself and swirling it about. She muffled a moan she didn't want to draw attention to herself, she wanted to keep watching. Every movement of her finger was in time with the movements of Benihime's head. It was an odd experience, as it seemed to have a very nice rhythm for the woman, each forward stroke and swirling motion pushed her closer and closer to the edge of her own pleasure, as she watched the opening act of this pairs evening together. 'I can't control myself it's so close...' she thought, as she added her index finger as well, using the first two fingers of her right hand her movements began to curve upwards, as she pushed herself towards a flourish the likes of which she hadn't experienced in quite some time.

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    The efforts of Benihime were ever-changing, much to Youko's surprise. Over time, he had adjusted to more mundane interactions with those striving to move right along toward an eventual end. Too long had it been since he'd even been still for so long during an encounter of a sexual nature. The strange mix of tactics employed by the young woman gained no particular favor from Youko as individual maneuvers; he was far too busy being blown away by everything happening in sequence. Truthfully, there wasn't a single - even tiny - thing she'd done since their initial meeting that didn't tickle his fancy, so to speak. As such, her statement warranted the only response he could manage under the situation. "Heh... At this rate, do you really think you'll need confirmation? If you need an explanation of that... don't let go until you plan on being thrown against a wall or... whatever else is in the way."

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    The tactics Benihime used, didn't seem to be garnering any specific reaction from Youko. Instead, as far as she could tell he was simply enjoying the shifting of her skills through the things she was doing. A smirk would have crossed her lips, if the man hadn't presently been occupying her mouth. Beyond this, she heard this man's words, and decided that if he meant what he said, he was still feeling quite ravenous, but perhaps this was her own fault this time. She pushed him out once more taking pause as she flicked her tongue down the length of him allowing the warm of her mouth to spread to his family jewels while she spoke again. "Sounds exciting, but I'm not letting go until I get what I came for... and I could do this all day~" the young woman said. Her intention here was clear, to make it so this man took the edge off and received the release he'd been denied earlier. But now she'd moved away from his actual manhood for a bit so she busied her hands by flicking her fingers over the tip of him while her mouth did other things. Still she worked her way through her throat exercises, changing the frequencies again, randomly again as she took turns with each of his family jewels in her mouth allowing her tongue to work over them. This was fun to her, but it should be obvious in having female partners she was used to taking more time, as much as she'd like irrespective of anything else. Once she was done she moved back to his manhood, her tongue batting against the end of him gently without end even as she closed her mouth around him once more.

    The lady of the house was still watching, and more so than before she was having trouble keeping herself together. Every time this young woman changed tactics and moved, and she saw how the pair of them worked in tandeum she became even more turned on. Eventually this woman lost the sensation of her legs falling to her knees outside the door. But even then her hands didn't stop moving. She bit down on her index finger as the finish came in blinding realization. The moan fell from her mouth as her lips parted "Aaaaah!~" and she couldn't stop it. Benihime smiled as she kept her work up on Youko, she glanced around him and chuckled. "Onee-chan, it seems like you enjoyed the show... but it wasn't enough for you was it?" she asked before she continued. The lady of the house looked up seemingly surprised. She thought she might have gone unnoticed, but the redhead's eyes as her mouth stayed closed around Youko's manhood seemed to hint at something else.

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    "I bet it does," he said regarding the excitement to be found in his recently mentioned idea. There was more to be said by Benihime, though. She went on to state that she had no intention of stopping until she got what she came for. Youko actually managed an expression denoting confusion just then. Other partners of his had led him to believe their current choice of activity was nothing more than a precursor to the main event - something to set the mood unless nothing else was planned. In this case, though, there was an obvious agreement to go further, hence Youko's confused state. "Hngh... And what exactly might that be?" he asked, managing at least this through the heaves and grunts brought about by the continued efforts of the lass. Now, she had gotten into something completely new to him; never had a partner of his approached his jewels with anything more than a hand, and here Benihime was providing the same treatment his shaft had received moments prior. It was an astounding experience, which he thought he could not be distracted from intently observing... until...

    The pair had been entertaining a visitor for quite some time now. Whether she cared to or not, she made her own actions incredibly obvious to both parties in the room, warranting an interesting greeting from Benihime. "You're not as reserved about this as I would have thought. I didn't think you knew there was someone out there," he said to Benihime before shifting his gaze toward the door. "Well, at least say something. That moan of yours just now gave me a tingle, and I'm still chasing the limit here. Besides... We haven't properly met, have we? Yoroshiku."

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    Benihime's mouth never really stopped working, even through the statements of the man she was pleasing. She found him and his reactions to be completely different from the norm and with this in mind his confusion about what she meant accompanied by his grunts would be fully acknowledged. "I came here for what I will get to taste when you finally give up fighting against it~" the young woman chimed seemingly amused as her mouth continued to work. "You'll give me what I want then still fix me up too... right Yokkun?~" she mentioned. Used to taking her time it truly didn't matter to the redhead if there was a reset, so long as she got to taste his happiness in this moment. After speaking her tongue swirled deftly around his manhood occasionally flicking out for his family jewels as well.

    But soon enough this man would fully acknowledge the presence outside of the door. But only after she stood there shocked by the fact that apparently both of the people in this pair knew they were being watched. "I heard her walking around before, and I was expecting her. She seemed like she would enjoy watching, she spends most of her time in the best vantage point on the property~ Besides people are always watching me, might as well make it entertaining," the redhead had no qualms with what she had done and a slight hint at the sort of person she actually was. "Umm... well.... I just.... the older woman stumbled through her words but truly she wasn't satisfied by what she'd done. This pair of individuals seemed to be engaged in something much more interesting, even things she'd never considered. Benihime took this moment to flick her gaze up Youko's shaft and then towards the crack in the door. And would keep doing what she did even after the door was pushed further open and the lady of the house made herself known. She was all disheveled her clothing askew. Kimono pulled open with massive cleavage hanging out. She definitely appeared to look exceedingly like her daughter though her overall look was more mature. "It wasn't enough..." she mentioned staring at the young redhead while her tongue stroked his manhood. This guard had introduced himself mentioning that her moans gave him a tingle. Benihime looked at all present with a grin most devious..."I have an idea..." she mentioned as she motioned to the lady of the house to join her.

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    Apparently, Youko was fighting against something which Benihime intended to drag out of him, and then, taste. In addition to having any questions he may have had cleared up in one shining moment, he experienced a heavy twitch in his groin to follow the revelation. By these words alone, he felt significantly closer to the end of his limit; even his heart rate had once again been raised. "... Heh! Oh, I'll sort you out alright," he said in a tone that was almost growling. Whatever the intention was, it seemed the male's animalist side was surfacing over everything else.

    Before long, the Daimyou's wife was stumbling over the words to explain herself, all while Benihime continued her efforts. There was a certain amount of curiosity considering the nature of the older woman's approach, but as Youko looked in her direction, his brow rose in appraisal. "Wow. You really weren't joking," he said regarding Benihime's earlier commentary about this woman. Truly, she did appear to be an older, much more well-built version of Kazumi, whom he had regular interactions with. Given Benihime's mention of an idea she had, this was about to become much more interesting. "I think we're on the same page. Are you?" he asked of the older woman.

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    Youko's reaction to Benihime's words made the young woman flicker her red eyes up at him. 'There is something we don't know about him...' she thought as he practically growled his response at her. Still she couldn't deny something about his tone in this moment, sent shivers up her spine, "Well, when you say it like that... this is going to be an interesting night~" she chimed, knowing she'd be taken care of, she could fully devote herself to all of the things she had planned.

    Moving right along, it seemed that the lady of the house was now standing within the room, being appraised by Youko and Benihime found herself chuckling. "Right? She's such a good find~" the young woman said seeming to look over the older one in a way which didn't much differ from the male in the room. It seemed that regardless of what Benihime had planned, Youko was indeed on board. The only thing left would be if the woman would join them properly. She managed to look a bit stunned. "You... want me to join you," she managed as she came over. Benihme flicked her tongue over the tip of Youko's manhood once more. Before she aimed to kiss this woman without any shame. The woman seemed so surprised by the action she didn't know what to do, but she ended up kissing the young woman back appreciating the slightly swollen quality to her lips. "So... soft..." she managed. "Onee-chan, you've never seen one like this before right? Wanna try it out?" she asked. This caused the woman before them to stare down Youko's manhood before looking to the girl who simply nodded. "Hai hai, wet the tongue, watch the teeth... and see how ya like it." she said as the woman went about working with tentative tongue strokes down the sides and tip of Youko's manhood. "Sugei!~" Benihime chimed as she too went back to work, allowing her tongue to dance with this woman's around Youko's manhood adding something a bit more specialized to her tentative strokes while also taking it upon herself to feel the woman's chest and body up with her still free hands.

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    "Good might be an understatement. I think I took a wrong turn when I first showed up here," he said while still shifting his gaze up and down the woman's body. It wasn't long before she took Benihime's invitation and approached the pair, showcasing a timid nature which Youko could call familiar under such a circumstance. The wives and such of other men were no stranger to his acts of lust, nor did he tend to be for theirs. It seemed to be the case that the same could be said of the redhead in his company at present, but this was still something extra to Youko; he'd hardly dealt with nobles of such standing. Regardless of prior events, this was to be an easy transition that soon involved the Daimyou's wife servicing his loins. Youko's brow rose. The woman's skill left much to be desired as one who'd been married long enough to have a daughter nearly Youko's own age; he expected more. Of course, it was rather easy to piece together why this was the case, and he could hardly complain after Benihime joined efforts, while also interacting with the older woman in a way that provided quite the visual show. Still... it was almost a shame that Ouetsu left such a woman in this inexperienced state. "Oi, onna... What is your name?"

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    'Wrong turn, my daughter demanded his presence, though... I understand why...' the woman thought as her tongue moved about his manhood. Benihime herself was also slipping her tongue in and out of this woman's mouth as well as around Youko's groin. She'd become quite enthusiastic herself, Youko's words made her chuckle. "Maybe just a little~" she said, flashing a quick grin this man's direction before she started kissing the woman who had moved to the tip of Youko's manhood. Doing such would leave their tongues to thrash specifically around the tip of him, with Benihime's making strokes to purposefully trap it between both of their mouths, and the lady of the house's causing a distinct lightness which contrasted with Benihime's more expert pleasure seeking. Youko himself seemed to have a pretty good grasp of the situation and asked a question by the time the kiss between the two women had broken a bit.

    All the while Benihime's hands had shifted down this woman's body and her right was now playing at the Daimyou's Wife's apex. Deft fingers swirled around the woman's sweet spot before slipping within her and curving upwards just as the woman opened her mouth to answer the question put forth to her. "Aaaaaah~" came out before the question could be answered and Youko's manhood would slip fairly smoothly into her mouth as a result, though only at about half length so as to avoid gagging the woman. One could likely assume the redhead knew such a thing would happen even so, the woman had to push back with her tongue before she could answer. Benihime would be seen tasting the tips of her fingers as the woman recovered. "Sugei! Onee-chan really is a treat!~" the redhead mentioned as she finished her taste test. "My name is Hiromi," she breathed, as her body twitched from such a fresh release. "Seems like you could go all in there~" Benihime mentioned deviously. This wife of the Daimyou had been left to rot in this house, and Youko seemed to have a need to dominate a partner, and this one could do that for a bit. If assumptions were to be made by Benihime, it was more than likely this woman would pass out, even before Youko reached the first end the redhead had been working towards giving him.

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    Prior to answering his question to her, the lady of the house was assaulted by the fingers of Benihime, causing a delay in her retort for no reason Youko could rightly complain about. In fact, a sly grin crossed his face as he beheld the look of ecstasy upon her visage. When Benihime tasted the woman's extract, she commented on its flavor in a way that left the male curious. His senses had alluded to such that he would easily agree, but he decided to see for himself by taking Benihime's hand into his own and tasting the seconds. This, of course, occurred only after his grin widened at the notion of Hiromi's mouth opening itself around his manhood at last, marking a proper progression of events. "You're right. It's a shame Toku-jii puts this to waste the way he does," he said to follow a slow lash of the tongue betwixt Benihime's fore and middle fingers. It was stated by his partner in deviousness that he could "go all in" as it were, prompting him to glance from the redhead's hand to Hiromi with that burning gaze he bore. "Mm. I could smell the readiness from the door earlier." His clause had not yet reached its end, but as he spoke these words, his right hand reached out to cup beneath Hiromi's chin, allowing his fingers to curl inward and grasp her by the face. "So, Hiromi... Your wasteful husband gave up on you ages ago. Is tonight the night you give up on him?"

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