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Thread: [Benihime x Youko Gaiden] The Crimson Kunoichi & The White Ronin

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    Benihime was having at the fullness of her motions, and nearing herself to another end, though she didn't seem in any particular rush to get there. In fact, the return of their banter seemed a tiny bit distracting to her, as she cradled this man within her arms and moved her body against his she sighed a response to his first question. "You don't say? Well, I wouldn't know anything about that, but if this is becoming a habit, I can't say I mind~" she chimed a moan falling from her face. Regardless of what she said, she knew full well the quality of this encounter was very different from ones she held normally with other women, and entirely different from anything she'd ever done with another man. But this didn't seem to matter. Her own curiosity had driven her to this action and as she satisfied it, she became more aware that at least in this case it was simply something she desired to do.

    It was apparently in Youko's plans to make sure she was good and hooked. When the redhead looked to his face she found a toothy grin and an explanation that he felt himself a territorial individual. At some point during this interaction, he'd given himself a goal to be the only man she'd ever want, because she'd expressed her previous disinterest in men. A chuckle came from her at this statement because somehow she didn't feel like she'd be missing out on much even if she fell into such a trap here and now. "Territorial is a bit of an understatement~" she chimed as her hips kept the same rhythm they'd had for the entirety of this stretch. She'd seen how this man chose to behave with the other women in his life, and could take his statement about his nature at face value, still it didn't really stop her from wanting to do what she was doing right now, nor did it stop the idea that she might want to do it more later. "Aaaaah!~" before she could properly reply to the man below her, her body came to a gentle stop, she couldn't help the overflowing feeling she got from that bit of movement. As she finished she felt her nether spasm around him. She couldn't say she'd finished this much in quite a while, it was a bit refreshing to say the least. "You probably wouldn't know, if you don't go all in. So, I think, if you want to make sure I'm hooked..." she paused meeting his gaze with one of her own which blazed with curiosity and strange determination. "You should do it." she said in one shining moment which brought with it the clarity of the kind of person she was.

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    "That's how it always starts. You let me know when we're past the habit phase, and you feel like this is something you need." Once again, words spoken by Youko were delivered directly into the face of his red-haired companion. Apparently, Youko had made some sort of understatement in saying he was territorial. Perhaps one day, even Youko himself would realize how far he'd already gone beyond his usual banter with a partner. Whether today would be that day or not, one could only wonder. Regardless of that, another chord was struck. The determined expression upon Benihime's face was accompanied by something of a challenge, or rather... an invitation. If this was the woman's desire, and his as well, what could he do but deliver on an earlier promise? "Well then... Let's go for an overdose," he said in a manner that was surprisingly calm, given his demeanor thus far. Even so, these words emerged from Youko's mouth while his left hand climbed Benihime's back, until reaching and tugging on her hair near the roots at the back of her head. He had officially made a decision. No matter how long this night lasted, and no matter how many times he was brought to his own end at the hands of the red-haired Kunoichi, he would find success and ecstasy alike. It would be this decision that carried the pair into the wee hours of the morning, where the rising sun would see their tale of misconduct unfold.

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    A grin passed Benihime's face when the man mentioned he'd like to know when they were past the habit phase. She was quite certain if this turned out to be something she needed, he would indeed be the first to know. Of course, this didn't change the fact that the pair of them were exchanging sentences still like two people very certain of each other. Given the fact that she'd attacked him mere hours before she was a bit surprised she could feel so relaxed in his presence, most people didn't gain this level of familiarity from the young woman for quite a long time to come. Whatever the case, it seemed her challenge to him was accepted like an invitation and offered an overdose instead. "I can't say no to that~" she chimed, her hair was pulled once more and the man with her was surprising calm. Much like the earlier point in this interaction when he'd gone back to a more reserved state.

    Whatever the case, she resigned herself to his attention for quite a long time to follow, as the sun rose over the horizon she caught sight of the rays and smirked. "Oooh~ Sun's up!~" she chimed. For as long as they'd been doing this, she thought the man would have tired himself out. She was beyond energized, but even she figured they would have found their limit before this point. At this point, they'd changed venues a bit, and found themselves in the large bathroom of their guest house. Currently within the deeper of the bathtubs, which was full of warm water being shared by the pair of them. This time the young woman was atop this man's lap as he sat in the bath facing away from him and enjoying the angle and the feeling of the water splashing against her person.

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    Several hours into the shared activities of these two, Youko sat within a deep bathtub of warm water, not for the pure sake of cleaning himself, but for further enjoyment of the already long-standing sexual endeavor. Ripples and waves crashed against the porcelain walls of the tub as Benihime straddled the man backwards, providing an angle that gave her a view of the sunrise through a window, and him a view of her entire backside surrounded by a golden glow provided by the sun. When Benihime spoke of the sunrise, Youko - from his seemingly relaxing seating arrangement - looked up at the back of her head to take in a totally different view. What he saw was the redness of her hair, with the halo effect given by the sun's rays peering through the window. "Hm. So it is. A crimson dawn... go figure," he said, simply to offer commentary from his own perspective. Even though this particular position offered Youko a hefty amount of relief, as it were, there was truly not much time left - relative to the amount of time they had already spent this way. With this in mind, he paid heed to how they were now, and chuckled. "You seem to be enjoying yourself. I should tell you now: If you're going to keep this up, I do have some juice left to go for a little longer... but I will certainly put a baby in you."

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    Benihime kept up her movements, the sun's rays beginning to warm her face as her hips continued to move in this man's lap. She was indeed having quite a good time of this, even so, the mention of the crimson dawn made the young woman's brow raise in confusion, if only for a moment before she realized that the angle this young man had was very different from her own. Something about the statement struck a strange chord within her being, her earlier distraction about this man's person aside, he'd yet to say something she didn't like or agree with. Hell, she even enjoyed his cheeky commentary and dominating bedroom demeanor. Regardless of this she was rather close to her next peak and would reach it as Youko spoke about his own limit nearing. A moan fell from her mouth and her hips came to a halt and she exhaled. "Aaaaaaah!~" that relief along with the tightening of her nether would come with something to be said about Youko's impending end. "Well, that was a little for me~" she chimed looking back at this man over her shoulder. "But, if you're pretty close we can do what you want to finish it out. Though you're growing on me, I'd rather not have you put babies in me, I've got no maternal instinct~" she mentioned as if it was the most normal thing in the world. One could choose to note that she'd used the plural of baby in that sentence or it could be looked over, though she had a very specific reason for saying it that way, it really didn't matter in the moment. She'd leave their switch in positioning up to Youko from this point further, allowing the man to use her to help push him towards a finish for their hours long activity.

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    "Was it?" he asked when Benihime noted that this shift was, in some way, spawned out of selfishness. "Well, for what it's worth... it was still a lot for me." Through these words, Youko unknowingly unveiled a level of comfort he'd not experienced in some years. In fact, it would be more accurate to say he'd never felt so relaxed as this with another person. Benihime's use of the word "babies" over "baby" was strange indeed, but Youko thought nothing of it. Perhaps this was just a simple matter of her thinking toward future encounters, which only fed into his earlier intentions. Whatever the case, an offer was given to end this encounter in whatever way he desired, as to not impregnate the Kunoichi. If he was being honest, Youko could only think of one thing at present. "If it's my choice, then... keep doing that thing you've been doing for you. Don't worry; I'll manage before it's all over."

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    Youko seemed to be taking pretty well the idea that this young kunoichi had acted a bit selfishly in her choice of positioning. Whatever the case, as the conversation progressed, he seemed to be a great deal at ease. Much like immediately after walking into her room to discover that she'd bed him. She might have found this odd, but she was quite comfortable herself. And she managed to only have her eyes widen at the mention that though this position was done in a bit of selfishness he'd enjoyed it a bit as well. Perhaps a bit more than just a bit, as he mentioned that she could keep going in this way, and that he'd still manage not to impregnate her in the process. A wicked grin spread across the young woman's face, "Sugei!~" she exclaimed as her hips began to move again and she peeked over her left shoulder at him. This time there was a bit of force to her movements as she continued on towards their end. "That's pretty generous of you, Yokkun!~" she moaned as she arched her back just a bit more, shifting her upper body in a minor act of contortion to kiss him on the lips. There was no strain to her while continued towards an ever faster ride of this young man. It was like her pacing would increase just a bit, as she enjoyed the friction of her movements against him and the water as it splashed against her skin.

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    "Is it? I wanted to call it a gamble," said Youko in response to the statement regarding his "generosity" as it were. As Benihime returned to her previous movements, Youko went on to explain this gamble he spoke of. "If I'm being perfectly honest..." he started, only to pause as a grunt and deep exhale broke his train of thought for a moment. When he was capable of returning to proper vocalization, another brief interruption occurred - this one by the fault of Benihime's strange contortion, which left them lip-locked until Youko freed himself just enough to speak. "Huh... I only halfway trust my own ability to stop before I spread my load all over your insides. If I didn't think I'd probably regret it later, I wouldn't care, either."

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    A smirk spread across Benihime's face as Youko explained that what he was actually doing was more of a gamble than anything else. She couldn't help but find this man more than the normal amount of amusing. "Yare yare, that is a startling amount of honesty~" the young woman managed as she continued to move in spite of the fact that this young man had already declared a lack of full faith in his self control. Still there was something driving this redhead's movements and as she allowed her body to continue this strange contortion she smiled in this man's face. "I don't think I know how to take that... but I suppose I appreciate it~" she chimed before she continued her work in earnest, the movements of her hips coming faster and faster, until ultimately she could no longer deny the pulsing feeling of her loins. Her nether tightened massively as she reached an ending she never thought she'd know before this moment. It was nearly blinding as her breath left her body in an excited exhale which surprisingly contained the name of the man she was with, in its pet form. "YOKKUN!~"

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    "Go figure. You're not sure how to take something, I'm not sure how to give something. We'll just figure everything out all at once. Let's just hope you appreciate that, too," he replied. Benihime's movements were in no way slowing at this point; in fact, they seemed to hasten over time as she built toward her own climax. The redhead's flourish was audible through the calling of her chosen name for the ronin. The sound of her voice in this moment, the feeling in his own loins, and even the view he received of the woman's backside as waves of warm water splashed against her, all contributed to a rapidly-building sensation deep in the core of Youko. Soon enough, he was grabbing Benihime by the bottom of her torso with his full arm, pushing forward with full intentions of leaning her over the tub they shared. From this angle, he plunged into her nether as he'd done at an earlier point in this encounter, thrusting forward until one final, mighty push saw to it that his pelvis slammed against the redhead's rear end. His mind had blanked several moments prior, so this final thrust was also the final thrust, ending in a series of pulses through his manhood which heralded his explosive and bountiful finish within Benihime's core.

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