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Thread: [Benihime x Youko Gaiden] The Crimson Kunoichi & The White Ronin

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    [Benihime x Youko Gaiden] The Crimson Kunoichi & The White Ronin

    The Chronicle which details how such a strange set of individuals became the pair to decide the fate of the Ninja World.

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    Approximately one decade prior to the current day and age, something was amiss in the Land of Silence - a samurai-led country on a distant continent. This country, while run by samurai, had a Daimyou of its own. The goings-on were directly connected to a conspiracy surrounding the Daimyou, his wife, and their daughter. Not only had samurai been affected, but also ninjas all across the globe. One particular samurai trained in the Land of Iron had very recently been appointed to be the personal guard of the Daimyou's daughter during this time.

    The guardian in question was no local, neither to here nor the Land of Iron. He was from a stranger land yet, where all inhabitants sported flowing white locks of hair, and odd markings on their bodies. His forehead bore a blue crescent moon mark, and there were two red hash marks on each of his cheeks below a pair of golden eyes. In the middle of the afternoon, he sat against the wall next to the mansion's front door. Unlike most samurai, he sported a white kimono with red cherry blossom flower crests on its sleeves and neckline, and a pair of sashinuki hakama tucked into ankle-high black boots. He had armor of his own, but he was currently without it. What he was not without, though, was a strange tuft of pure white fur on his right shoulder, long enough to drag the floor if he were standing at the time. All was silent for the time being, but that was sure to change eventually...

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    The Land of Silence was destined to have many visitors with varied concerns. One of whom was recently off a boat to this very place. 'I hate boats, my legs still don't feel right. Machi is going to get such an ear full about this later...' she thought frowning intently. This far away continent was somewhere this particular individual had never been before and she found herself walking towards the front of the Daimyo's Palace with nothing to her person apparently. She was dressed in fishnet shorts with frilly red cloth attached to either side. If one paid close enough attention they would see a few small scrolls attached to the inside of these frills. As well, the girl's village headband which was attached to her right thigh and worn like a garter. Additionally, fishnets covered her chest along with a bustier which matched the frilly bits attached to her bottoms. She eyed this entire place with narrowed crimson eyes, on the top of her right arm a figure eight like symbol with a single dark mark under it. The most startling feature of this young woman by far, was a mass of crimson locks, placed in a ponytail atop her head, but untamed by the holder, crimson locks escaped around her face and moved around her body as if bristling. The length of this hair was phenomenal by most standards hanging down far enough to reach the young woman's ankles, without the ponytail to keep it off the ground. As she took in the view she saw the young man posted up outside of the building and her face didn't seem to change very much. 'He's got a kind of girly face with all that hair,' she thought absently.

    But this wasn't what was important right now. No... she'd been sent here on a mission. Well, technically two, the first was of which was to be a guard to the Daimyo of the Land of Silence, which was hardly work by the young woman's standards. Her secondary mission was by far her most important, and it was to find out, what happened to several different groups of Shinobi from several villages sent to the area, as well as finding out if it had any connection to the problems being experienced by the Daimyo. Given this, she'd become a staple of the area, but that wouldn't stop her from taking in the sights, nor was she particularly rude so she spoke, coming to a stop before the entryway. "Ohayou gozaimasu."

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    The white-haired male was told to expect a shinobi some day soon, so it was no surprise to him that one appeared this day. The crimson mop upon this kunoichi's head was something to catch his eye the moment she came into view, but that was an aside. Perhaps he should have been disturbed by the sheer amount of hair this woman possessed, but he hardly had room to judge, considering. Whatever the case, the steadfast samurai stared blankly in the direction of this encroaching kunoichi, until he was inevitably greeted by her. "Ohayou gozaimasu," he replied. Still, he had a job to do. If this woman wasn't the one intended to serve the Daimyou, she could potentially be a threat to the one he was sworn to serve. With that in mind, there was some information he needed to pry for. "Who might you be? What are you doing here?"

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    'Sou ka, I thought he looked like a guard. Pretty well dressed one... but,' whatever thought the redhead had coming she let pause. She knew for a fact that it would not be good to try entering a place such as this without getting someone to acknowledge what she was before hand. She expected this sort of thing, she could even understand it, she did similar things when she was at home in the Sunagakure. An exhale escaped her as she began speaking on her name and reason for appearing here. "Suzukou Benihime," she said letting her name leave her face with a gentle pause. "Jounin of the Sunagakure. I am meant to be on retainer to the Daimyou here. His new personal guard," she said monotonously. "Tell me this is the right place. I'm not getting back on that boat," she said with some extreme amount of distaste. She was no real threat to the family here, nor any of their personal servants, unless of course they crossed her on her secondary mission.

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    Following his questioning, this woman revealed herself using the identity Benihime. This introduction prompted the samurai to look her up and down a few times over with a stare that was almost to be considered glaring, but such was his natural expression. When his gaze met her face again, his eyes closed for a few seconds; he spoke again before they opened. "About time they sent a woman. Weird, though... No shinobi thus far has given their real name," he said. His eyes opened again after these words were shared, and a sigh accompanied his rise from the ground. A katana and a sheathless, double-edged jian that were previously propped up beside him were taken up and both slipped into the left side of his obi.

    "Guess I've been reduced to messenger/gatekeeper today. C'mon. I'll show you to the old man," he said while turning toward the building, intending to lead Benihime directly to the Daimyou's room. He moved with steps that were leagues lighter than even most ninja, despite visually being a seasoned enough samurai to forego their typical garbs and weaponry. The movements he made also caused the fur - which should have been made filthy via dragging the ground as he walked - billow through the air behind him, avoiding the ground as if it were doing so of its own volition.

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    This man sent a gazing glare Benihime's way, which she met impassively. 'Wow, someone looks like he woke up all kinds of cranky,' she thought but soon enough this gaze was ended and he thought to comment, about the legitimate nature of the name she'd given. "Ugh, sensors..." she frowned. "The only people to realize I am not being pretentious and calling myself by such a name..." she muttered aloud to the statement, with a strange use of vocabulary. Shinobi were taught to lie as if it was second nature. To act in complete secrecy, most didn't start missions by giving their full name or any kind of information, but Benihime was quite different from a standard Shinobi. The young kunoichi had been on many of these missions before, and never had to lie about anything. She could always just kill any one who crossed her in an unnecessary way.

    Still this young man seemed amiable enough and intended to show her to the 'old man' as he called him. This was fine with Benihime who nodded and waited as he led her inside. She took several steps inside her left hand reaching out to touch the door frame a seal would leave her hand as her fingers brushed the wood. And such an action would happen several times as she moved, but her eyes, were locked onto the young man before her, and the fur which dangled from his person. As she moved she found herself almost hypnotized by its movements and beyond that, she really wanted to touch it. 'What... is...' she shook her head and tried to clear her consciousness. She aimed to concentrate on something else, anything else as she moved and found herself noting the lightness of this man's footsteps and the fluidness of his movements. 'I hope he's not involved, it seems like he'd move almost as well as I do,' But along with this man's light movements hers made no sounds, despite the fact that there were two bells attached to the top of her outfit, which should for all intents and purposes chime with her every foot step.

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    From her initial reaction, it seemed this Benihime had some prior interactions with sensor-type individuals - likely shinobi - which were not all too wonderful. He had no comment about this to speak of, but there was something he found strange about this woman's mannerisms. To be most specific, as they walked through the building, the samurai found himself looking over his shoulder with a curious mind as this woman's hands reached out to touch various surfaces. This was no simple check of the decor or structural integrity; something was odd about this woman's chakra every time contact was made... as if it were being left at every location she made contact with. "You shinobi are so low on fear, but so high on discretion. It's interesting. What sort of technique is that?" he asked, finally shifting his over-the-shoulder gaze until it once again found the face of this redhead.

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    As she moved seals were left around, almost invisible to the naked eye, but it seemed that her sensor companion noticed her dealings. He had a gaze of her over his shoulder at several points while she acted. She all but expected this, even so, the crimson haired lass was rather suddenly confronted by the man's visage as he mentioned the amount of discretion seen from Shinobi contradicting in some way their lack of fear. "Shinobi are trained as such, to be fearless and to act as shadows. No one should know what kind of technique will kill them or who lurks in the dark. They should simply know they are going to die," she said seemingly without any emotion or attachment. Regardless of this, she seemed to have no issue at least explaining what she'd been doing, it would likely be for the best and considered a bit of preparatory work for her job here. "This technique is a summoning seal of my own creation, specifically it summons me..." she mentioned. This kunoichi was particularly gifted with the creation of seals, and using them to her own advantage. Most of her techniques were connected to her ability to create or manipulate seals. It was one of her greater strengths as an individual, most wouldn't be able to understand the mechanics of it, and even if they did, it was hardly fathomable. It was one of her greatest feats to date, the creation of these seals which she could leave anywhere and travel between any two, not that she bothered explaining that last bit.

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    "Like I said... interesting," he replied to the nature of shinobi. In many ways, it was very similar to his own upbringing, albeit less hellish in his own mind. He continued moving forward, taking note of the seal Benihime explained. "You teleport, then? Hmm..." Nothing else was said by the samurai until they reached the office of the Daimyou. Before them then stood a somewhat elderly man with long hair bleached by his advancing years, and a scar on the upper left side of his face that was stained by malicious chakra. "Toku-jii, your new hired hand is here," he greeted, showing little respect for the old male's title. A voice much younger than the Daimyou's appearance implied came from the man after the samurai's speech. "I've had about enough of your sassy mouth, boy. Why are you not in the company of my daughter?"

    The samurai sighed. It had been made quite obvious that he would be keeping guard until the hired shinobi arrived, but the Daimyou apparently had an issue with him leaving his original post now. "Obviously because she went to the bathroom. If you expect me to watch her from in there, you might be a little too overprotective... Or underprotective; whichever you prefer. Ja." With nothing more than a lazy wave given, the samurai turned and walked away, intending to vacate the Daimyou's office while the man addressed Benihime. "Tell me Sunagakure has sent me a hired hand with more respect than what my own people have provided."

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