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Thread: [Benihime x Youko Gaiden] The Crimson Kunoichi & The White Ronin

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    Once again, Kazumi wouldn't know what was to happen, her body was gently lowered to the bed and Youko fled to find what he was looking for among the other women of the house. Youko after freshening up, went on to find the rest of the women within the household. It seemed there were several participants, namely every female staff member to be found in the moment. All of the ones who were looked to went to join the man, knowing they would at least find satisfaction.

    And while this occurred things within the Kirigakure seemed to be reaching quite a definite climax of another sort. The redhead Benihime was amusing herself in a very strange way, as she licked and kissed between the legs of the Mizukage, she was being exceedingly careful not to allow her the pleasure of her final finish. In fact, the redhead seemed to be teasing the other woman, lavishing strokes of her tongue upon the center of Arella's being only to move away and lick the inside of her thigh as the tension in her legs decreased once more. They were very comfortably laying across this woman's bed now, having moved from being held up in her office for some reason or another. "You're killing me Red!~ Come on... just let this happen..." she moaned which made the redhead chuckle slightly. "Iie, if I do that Rella, you'll go to sleep. And I'm not done yet..." she mentioned as she moved back allowing her tongue to swirl around the other woman's pearl before coming to a gentle stop and moving to place kisses from her center down to her knees. Arella to her credit seemed to be just on the verge. "No, I won't. Jeez, you act like I am prone to passing out or something..." she sighed which made the other woman laugh. "You are, and when you wake up, you might not like me anymore. This is a losing situation for me... so, I'll do this until I'm satisfied~" she mentioned which only made the other woman exhale desperately. "Please Red, I won't fall asleep!~" she begged and a gentle grin came to Benihime's face. "You're going to go to sleep, but... if you do... I'm waking you up... how about that?" she said looking up at the woman before her, most deviously as her lips pressed into her thighs and her tongue swirled in a small circle against it bringing another moan from the other woman. "You wanted me to ask didn't you?" she said looking desperately at Benihime, as the redhead smirked. "Yeah, just a little. I like feeling like you like me too~" she said as she went back to work this time with holding nothing from the Mizukage. And soon Arella moaned her finish which Benihime tasted upon her tongue just for a few moments before looking up to find the Mizukage, quite unconscious.

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    Youko was on something of a roll today. Before long, he managed to bed and incapacitate every woman in the Daimyou's home, bar one. The one he'd gone without, was in fact the one he'd intended to avoid for the sake of keeping his way as it had always been. That plan didn't seem to be working out too well. Eventually, Youko stepped out of what could be considered the staff barracks of the building, still without the satisfaction he'd sought in well over a dozen women this day. His Doujutsu activated to appear as full moons in place of his pupils and irises, allowing him to scan the property in its entirety. 'Hm? Where might you have gone in so short a time?' he wondered of the red-haired Kunoichi.

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    There were no words from the Mizukage, Benihime sat up in bed and looked down at the woman. She poked the woman gently at first. Laid near her, rolled over until she was speaking into her ear. "Rella, you claimed you wouldn't go to sleep... but I knew you would," she said to this sleeping woman. Still, she knew the longer she let her rest, the more likely it was she would wake up without any love to offer the redhead in return for the affection she still craved. It was quite the predicament, for Benihime, as she'd specifically left the Land of Silence to find rest and comfort in her girlfriend and even now she managed to feel just the slightest bit on edge. "Come on now, wake up..." she kissed down this woman's body while her fingers played below her waist. She got a bit of a shift from the Mizukage, and wondered if she could wake her up the way she was thinking. Soon enough the efforts of the young jounin would leave her crouched between the sleeping woman's legs, with two fingers slipped into her core while her tongue swirled around her pearl. She was waiting for that stirring to become consciousness. Waiting to hear the woman say her name...

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