Personal Profile

Name: Tokudaiji Kazumi
Birthday: ???
Age: 16
Village: Land of Silence
Rank: --
Affiliation: Daimyou | Katsuhara Youko
Height: 5'6"
Hair Color: A dark blue which is almost black.
Hair Style: Worn long and loose with a single curl over her forehead.
Eye Color: Clear Blue

Kazumi is often seen wearing short colorful kimonos in contrast to her mother's modesty. Short frilly skirts and an obi laced up the front complete her attire and show off the rather voluptuous figure she's inherited from her mother. She carries around a fan which she uses when she's embarrassed and slams in her hands when being childish.


  • Kazumi is known to be quite spoiled and used to getting her way.
  • She wants to marry Youko and told her father who said no, so she's trying to change his mind.
  • Until she can get what she wants she's been giving the man of her affections as her body guard.
  • She is waiting for an opportune moment to seize control the way she wants.
  • Kazumi tends to ignore her mother and cares not what the woman does so long as she doesn't get in the way of what makes the younger girl happy.