The Thunder Spears (雷槍 Raisō) are a technology specifically developed to fight against Titans that can harden their skin. Their official name is Thunder Spears, due to their spear-like shape and the thunderous sound they make when used.

It works in a similar fashion as the anti-personnel vertical maneuvering equipment's guns and hooks, but with a strong spear loaded with explosives designed to shatter hardened skin. These weapons work as a two-stage rocket: an initial charge launches the projectile by pressing a special trigger in the handle of the device. The projectile, connected by a rope to the main engine, is launched with enough power to penetrate hardened Titan skin. However, when that rope is cut, the second charge is activated. This causes a tremendous explosion which makes the projectile penetrate even more into the target. Usually one was carried on each arm but up to four can be carried with proper modification to the vertical maneuver gear.

Usage and Limitations:
The Thunder Spears are a weapon which enables a human team to efficiently launch a surprise attack against the Armored Titan. But this weapon plays the role of a double-edged sword, as it is a danger to its user as well as the Titan. So much so, that it is only useful in a specific type of situation where after use, immediate retreat to close structures via vertical equipment is possible. Without a proper surrounding, the user is easily liable to get caught in the explosion.