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Thread: Gremory Territory

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    Gremory Territory

    The Gremory Clan has a territory that is about the same area of Honshu in Japan, and also has a vast number of castles for its kin. A very rich territory, it also has a developed industry. In the clan's territory is an area with a well shaded forest and a mountain range filled with high mountains. One of these mountains is taller than the highest mountain in Japan, Mount Fuji, with an elevation extending 4000 meters. There is also a huge lake.

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    Following the scam of a Rating Game in which Eira and her peerage saw victory against Onoko Astaroth, Sirtreize Lucifer took it upon himself to transport Eira's group to the Gremory's Territory. The entire group would appear within a large bedroom upstairs in a mansion, next to a purple satin-covered bed that was curiously large enough in size that it could have held everyone in the room. Dozens upon dozens of guests were already downstairs to start the party, but Sirtreize would first see to it that everyone in the peerage was ready to participate. Sirtreize himself had a magic circle appear below his feet, and another overhead. They moved up and down respectively, magically replacing his clothes with a white suit jacket and pants, a black undershirt with its full cuffs showing beneath the coat, a red tie, and white dress shoes. "Okaerinasai, minna~. The party should be starting about now; everyone's just waiting for the guests of honor," he said to the group, pausing to place a hand upon his chin as he looked at them all. "I'm thinking of an entry that primarily features our victors. Eira and Takumi, arm in arm, and Miyuki-chan filling in the other side. Everybody else could be falling in behind them. That sounds lovely, doesn't it?" he went on to ask whilst wearing a suspiciously devilish smile.

    Izuna was the first to respond, and he wore the same grin as Sirtreize when doing so. "Great idea! Or you could put both of our leading ladies in the arms of our strapping young stallion here!" he said, firing out his elbow to nudge Takumi. Takumi's eyes had been widened during this interaction. This was the Underworld, but his expectations of what would happen if he did this were drawn from his life as a human. Whatever his master wished, he would do his best to deliver, but he did not look forward to the potential backlash of it all. Knowing this from seeing Takumi since the events leading to his human death, Hiroki spoke through a smile with closed eyes. "Both of you are terrible."

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    Eira appeared within a bedroom and she seemed to be a tiny bit amused. Her brother mentioned how they should be entering and this made her shake her head from left to right. Even though she had no problem with the idea of her two winners being the ones at her side, obviously the teasing from the others which happened while two magic circles appeared around her, seemed to redress her as well. It seemed that Eira had a sense of irony or rather pettiness, as the dress she chose to don looked dangerously close to a white sleeveless wedding dress. This look was completed with long sleeved white gloves and a red rose which was pinned to a split. She'd toss around her crimson locks and once she had grin from left to right. "Hiro's right, you guys are terrible. Though the entrance is fine... they are the guests of honor, as the most recent acquisitions to my family and all," she said having a quick spin around. "Did I do alright?" she questioned of her own dress.

    "And who wants an outfit change?" she asked of her own peerage. It would be a simple matter to change any persons clothes using magic, especially the ones on bodies she knew so well. "Me," stated the ever calm Youmu. "Me too," mentioned Maiko. It would be Miyuki who hadn't seen such a display to become confused. "You can do that for all of us, Eira-nee?" she asked, which just made the redhead smile. "Hai hai, I got one in mind for you..." she said, turning to Miyuki first and changing her outfit into a solid white kimono decorated by snowflakes. "Sugoi!~ Mi-yu-ki~ Kawaii!~" she chimed. The other two would also have magic cirlces appear around them as well, shifting Maiko into a dark grey sweater dress which had a deep plunging neckline and dark knee high boots. Which Maiko looked over before giving the thumbs up. While Youmu's outfit became a slight bit more casual in nature, and suited to her frame with thinner pants and boots all seemingly decorated with swirling ghosts. Her long sword strapped to her back and the other around her waist. A long green overcoat seemed to complete this look and the ribbon on her hair matched the little one around her neck. "Eir... I might prefer this in general," she said, thinking it over. "Keep it then~ I think it's adorable on you~" she said. With that she waited to see if the men in her life wanted changes in attire as well, rather the ones who couldn't provide it for themselves.

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    'Yare yare,' Takumi thought. It seemed this was something he wouldn't be able to escape, with even Eira believing it to be a solid enough idea. He supposed, in all fairness, it wasn't an act he minded at all. Only the potential aftermath was even bothersome at all, but it was bothersome enough to Takumi that he'd have rather avoided the situation altogether. Regardless, he was involved so long as Eira wished him to be. Speaking of Eira, the Gremory Clan Heiress followed her elder brother's action of magically altering her attire in a way Takumi couldn't really fathom, and most certainly could not speak ill of when seeing the results. Seeing the young Devil in such a state reminded Takumi of how he felt viewing her on the day he'd become a Devil himself. His eyes were alight, his mouth was agape, but not a single sound was made. The other ladies in the group had also become quite the sight to behold, and yet there was something starkly different about how Eira managed to sport what was almost a wedding dress.

    While Takumi was busy keeping his thoughts within his own head, Sirtreize addressed Eira on behalf of the other males in the peerage. "If I may, I think I do remember the preferences here..." he said, taking it upon himself to conjure magic circles around Izuna and Hiroki. Izuna's attire became that of a tuxedo, primarily white with seafoam underlying to draw attention to the color of his eyes. Hiroki, in contrast to Izuna's outfit, would be sporting a much darker suit the likes of an old Englishman, complete with his usual ascot. Both individuals seemed to approve of this, as these had been the suits chosen by them during previous, less-public events shared with Sirtreize. Izuna especially was very keen on finally being visible with this tuxedo of his. The only male in Eira's peerage that would not be touched by Sirtreize's alterations would be Takumi. Sirtreize seemed to think that was something best taken care of by Eira herself. "I would be remiss to think myself capable of touching the Red Dragon Emperor's ensemble. You can handle that one~"

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    Eira didn't seem to get much of reaction about her choice in attire, but at the very least, Takumi seemed properly speechless for a bit so she supposed she was doing well enough. While having a moment or two of thought to herself, Eira managed to look at Takumi for quite a few uninterrupted seconds. Mostly, she was trying to think of how she'd like to see him dressed. Knowing that he like Miyuki didn't have an established look as the rest of her peerage did. She was pleased with the look she'd managed for Miyuki but that was easy, in watching Takumi she found herself wondering all kinds of things about him. Soon enough, the other males of her peerage were dressed, courtesy of Sirtreize, but for some reason, he didn't wish to mess with the attire of Takumi. A smirk came to Eira's face as she finally settled on a look she'd like for him, but she took a moment first to appreciate the other males of her peerage. "Kawaii!!~ Arigatou Nii-sama~ Looking great, all of you~" she chimed, before looking to her brother. "It's fine... I think... I know a good look~" she said of Takumi.

    She took a few steps towards him and grinned. "Just work with me here~ And if you don't like it, I'll make some adjustments..." she said, before she cast a magic circle around him as well. Doing so would redress Takumi in a jet black pin-stripe double-breasted, three piece suit. The shirt underneath would be the darkest of solid blacks and the tie would include a stripped pattern black background with white wild looking stripes. The suit itself had double the buttons of a suit of the standard variation and five buttons up each wrist instead of cuff-links. The overall look would be considered modern and stunning, and was finished off with some wing tipped dress shoes, all perfectly fit to Takumi's build. After she was done with this she stood back appraising her work. She was more than justly satsified by the look this young man had right now. "Ufufufufu~" she giggled deviously appreciating her own work. "What do you think?" she asked of the group at large, Takumi included as he was the one who'd have to wear this particular getup for the rest of the day.

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    It was good that Eira had a look in mind from the young Dragon Emperor, because Sirtreize had no intention whatsoever of dressing the lad. Takumi didn't care one way or another how he looked, and typically went for the plainest appearance possible. Such was how he avoided as many encounters with women as he possibly could, whether it seemed to actually help or not. Eira stepped toward Takumi whilst mentioning that she would be applying new clothes to him via magic. She went on to do exactly that, granting him what had to be the most outrageously magnificent garbs he'd worn his entire life. Even with his preference for not wearing something with this level of appeal, he couldn't really claim to dislike this at all. "It's... it's the best thing I've ever worn. Arigatou. I'll wear it," he said with a small smile forming on his face. Perhaps, at the end of the day, it could be possible that he would not encounter the same problems in the Underworld that he suffered from in the human world. Before he was allowed any level of movement, though, Sirtreize interrupted.

    "Actually... not yet. This needs some flair," the Satan spoke, applying a magic circle only to Takumi's head. This use of magic turned the boy's messy hair into a spikier style, adding what Sirtreize thought to be a more accurate representation of a wilder, only slightly disheveled Dragon. Only then did Izuna speak on the lad's appearance. "I was a little skeptical about that first look, but now it comes together! Spikes make the man, dude!" he said. Hiroki, on the other hand, had something else to add. "I'm not so sure about that. Great work on the suit, but I don't see why the hairdo is needed. That's just me, though."

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    Eira dressed Takumi, and was seemingly satisfied with the effect of the clothing alone. Now that she thought about it, when she normally saw Takumi it was in uniform, and bar their first meeting, she didn't see him outside of his clothes either, so it was an all together different effect. Beyond this, Takumi himself seemed to enjoy his new clothing, and his voicing of this opinion came with a compliment as well as the assertion that he'd wear these clothes without argument. Eira's eyes widened for a second as she heard this, she didn't know how she expected him to react, but she was deeply pleased. "Hai~ I'm glad you like it, Takumi~" she mused. Though she'd been satisfied with her choices in his clothing, she did feel something was just a slight bit off, but soon enough her elder brother came to the rescue with a wilder and more attention grabbing hairstyle for the Red Dragon Emperor. A grin spread across her face after this was done, and the opinions of the others seemed to be filling in about the same. "SUGOI!!~ Nii-sama with the clutch tie-in~" she mused finding Takumi's appearance to now be perfect. It seemed that Izuna agreed and the other ladies soon had bits to add as well.

    "Yo, Yasakawa cleans up nice~" said Maiko who seemed to find this to be an appropriate upgrade to the normally plain boy. "I agree, nice job, Eir... Nii-sama..." mentioned Youmu as she appreciated the look now sported by Takumi as well. "Awesome!~ The hair ties together the look, Taku-senpai looks cool!~" she mentioned happily. With general approval across the board, Eira could easily say they were now ready to descend. Thinking this way, made Eira wonder who all would be in attendance, but she supposed that would just be part of the surprise.

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    "There. Now that's a Red Dragon Emperor," Sirtreize said. As far as he was concerned, this was what a holder of Boosted Gear was meant to look like, instead of the blander appearance he first got to witness. Now that Takumi had been accepted by the general public by way of appearance, he looked between the lad and Miyuki, then to Eira. "Perfect! A little bit of classic on one side, and a little bit of new on the other side. Time to go!"

    Sirtreize had given the go-ahead, leaving Takumi to hesitantly step forward with intentions of taking Eira's side. As soon as he started moving, though, Izuna interjected. One swift movement through the air snatched the Pawn of the peerage up in a heartbeat. The end result of this would be Takumi placed between Eira and Miyuki, an arm draped over the shoulder of each, with each hand upon either party's bosom. Takumi was taken over by shock. Izuna was pleased by his own efforts after taking a second to appreciate it, and Sirtreize didn't seem to have any negative commentary. "Well, I expected something less risque, but that also works if you're going for the harem appeal."

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    It seemed that Eira and Miyuki would be in for a critique of the group as a whole, of course, nothing negative could be said about the overall look presented. It was quite true that Eira had chosen something of a classic look for Miyuki, but she also knew the small girl enjoyed such a look, given her own choices, beyond this, being such a small girl gave her a bit more appeal as far as the look was concerned. Eira's own look for this even, was spawned purely out of spite for what it was originally for, that being said she also enjoyed wearing white and looking well put together as such a look implied. Soon enough shock would be settling again as Izuna set about a bit of instigation. Such an instigation would lead to Takumi having a hand draped over each girl's bosom and Sirtreize saying it had something like a harem appeal. Eira herself didn't seem to mind this much, but she never seemed to mind physical contact of any sort, for whatever reason. Most would find this strange considering the woman's status as a virgin. She sighed and found herself teasing Takumi. "Remember to breathe, Takumi... also we should just go. I've seen this get way out of hand over time," she said. "Nii-sama starts talking about harems and people's clothes start disappearing," this made Miyuki's eyes widen and a small blush appear across her face, in that unusual blue, color. But Eira decided that she liked this particular look. "It was a joke~" she chimed which made Miyuki relax as well, though the blush remained.

    "Alright then~ We're going, out and to the left, Takumi~" Eira said, knowing it would be him leading them down the stairs in triplicate formation. Into this party which would be exactly as Eira intended to enter. With no problems from anyone else, this could move on effortlessly.

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    Of all the things that could have been said to him, Takumi was told by Eira that he should remember to breathe. This was an interesting thing to hear, as he had indeed stopped breathing for a few moments. Immediately after he was reminded of his breathing, Eira said they should head out right away. She also mentioned a tendency of Sirtreize's to cause others' clothes to vanish after bringing up harems and the like. Eira may have told Miyuki it was a joke, but Sirtreize himself had other things to say. "It wasn't much of a joke. That does happen, but I won't bother with that sort of thing now. This still doesn't work. We can't have the Red Dragon Emperor afraid of where his own hands are going. Stop being like that for now," he said, looking directly into Takumi's eyes as he spoke. This seemed to put the boy in some sort of trance before his hands briefly squeezed the chest of Eira and Miyuki. His eyes turned red for only a moment, sparking curiosity in Sirtreize. That didn't much matter, though. Takumi suddenly seemed ready to move on. "Hai hai. Let's go." Eira giving the route they would travel gave him all the knowledge he needed to begin walking with a level of confidence and lack of concern that was entirely new to him. Izuna, with a huff, traveled behind the trio, who was joined by Sirtreize to the right. Hiroki sighed to the antics of everyone in unison, but eventually fell into his proper place in line.

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