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    A grin crossed Eira's face as a claim came from Izuna that he was the one in need of the most attention. She loved her mischevious little fox boy and found his mood to be the type she enjoyed most in this situation. "You don't say? I'll make sure you get plenty of attention... I-zu-na~ Seems like you just want cuddling too~" Eira managed. This made Maiko chuckle and Miyuki laugh as they thought about Izuna needing more attention even though he was very much conscious compared to the others. "Yare yare, Hiro's still sleep huh? Guess everyone really will need my attention today~ That's fine I guess I missed being the one to do it anyways~" she chimed thinking about it, like it'd make for a fun night.

    Before any real plans could be made for sleeping arrangements and missed school though. Sirtreize Lucifer was once again, within Eira's presence, wanting to speak with her and also congratulating her peerage. "Hai, arigatou gozaimasu..." was the speech of Miyuki, who managed to look abashed. Youmu simply turned to look at the man before raising a hand to him, and Maiko looked like her entire day had been made, and strangely had nothing to say either. "Hai hai, Nii-sama, glad we could help. But what brings you here? I was going to stop by before we left this time..." she said finding it strange that he wouldn't just be spending this time with the members of his own peerage. But doing so she noticed another with him and a smile spread across her face. "Revil!~ I missed you~" she said in greeting to her nephew, she held her arms open for him, expecting a hug, since she hadn't been able to find him in the party.

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    "Hai. He was out like a light from the second he popped in, if my guess is worth anything. You know, like him," Izuna said first regarding Hiroki, then alluding to the also unconscious Takumi being carried by Maiko and Miyuki. He fell silent during the appearance of Sirtreize and his son, figuring there was more to this Rating Game than what had previously been mentioned, hence this sudden arrival.

    True enough, Sirtreize did have more business with Eira. First though, Sairevil leaped at the woman he knew as his aunt, offering his embrace while accepting hers. "Eira~! I didn't see you earlier; I missed you too!" the boy spoke. He tightly squeezed the woman in his grasp, while Sirtreize began to speak about their appearance here. "Your peerage is missing only one piece, right? You can't have a true Rating Game unless you're at capacity, and it's a Rook you're missing. Revil won't fit into my peerage nearly as well as he would fit into yours, and after seeing your members first hand, he agrees it's the perfect place for him. So, what do you say?"

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    "That doesn't surprise me at all, that was a pretty hard hit... and he," she paused looking over at Takumi. "He exhausted himself beyond what he managed to do earlier," she said. Still it was more than a little relieving having her entire Peerage back around and mostly no worse for wear. Still there was the matter of her nephew who came to her, accepting the embrace she offered and squeezing her tightly. She returned this gesture before ruffling the boy's hair, it seemed he'd also missed her at the party, but such things happened from time to time. Surprisingly enough, her brother went on to explain that he felt his son would better fit in, within the confines of Eira's Peerage and since he was the piece she was missing a trade could take place so that she could properly participate in Rating Games and the boy could benefit in some way as well. Eira's eyes widened at this news and supposed question, she hadn't thought her nephew would want to be part of her Peerage and never really expected to be confronted by it as a likelihood. Obviously she didn't question the young man's abilities at all, she knew him to be quite a capable fighter. Still, before she answered her brother there was one thing she had to do. "Is that what you want Revil?" she asked the boy, with a very direct gaze of her crimson eyes. Except for the glaring exception that was Takumi, Eira always found herself wanting to be sure that the people of her peerage wanted to be in her service for as long as they wanted to be there. This was true given the abnormal way in which she chose to live, compared to most other devils. But, if it was truly something Sairevil wanted, she'd take him gladly as she adored her nephew.

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    Sirtreize and the other members of his peerage had already seen to the farewells to send Sairevil off properly. The Crimson Satan had complete faith in the idea that Eira would accept the boy into her group, considering the positive nature of their relationship. All that he waited for now was confirmation, which Eira first sought from Sairevil himself. The boy released her after being questioned, and met her gaze with crimson eyes of his own. A firm nod was delivered to Eira, but it was not without words to accompany it. "Hai! I'd like to join you guys, if you'll have me," he said. During this exchange, Sirtreize took the initiative by drawing a magic circle around Sairevil, Eira and himself. This particular magic circle was not one of Sirtreize's spells, but one more generally used for the purpose of trading Evil Pieces between peerages. He knew Eira well enough to realize that her asking Sairevil his own thoughts on the exchange meant she would certainly accept him as her servant.

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    Eira waited for the reply from her nephew and it got her a nod and a verbal reply which was the sort she was looking for. The seriousness of her gaze was soon filled with light and a grin broke out over her face. "Kawaii!~ Of course, I'd love to have you~" Eira chimed. Before she even spoke these words though, Sirtreize had taken it upon himself to create the magic circle necessary to trade pieces. A chuckle escaped the young woman as she held in her hand the only remaining piece of her set, a single crimson rook. She happily nudged the boy towards the center of the circle since it was obvious he needed to be in it for this exchange to take place. "Nii-sama, am I really that easy to read?" she asked seeming to find it strange that he knew ahead of time, she'd be perfectly fine with this trade. She'd be elated to see the end of this exchange and take with her the last remaining piece of her peerage when she left.

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    "Hai! Arigatou gozaimasu!" Sairevil said excitedly. He rolled with the nudge of Eira, taking his place in the center of the trading magic circle. One more part of this circle was needed, and that was the Rook Eira held in her hand when sending out Sairevil. Regardless, though, Sirtreize intended to be ready for the moment this piece joined the boy in the circle's center. He took his own place at the edge of the magic circle, where he held out his arms in wait for Eira to move along and do the same. While waiting, he had a chuckle brought about by her query. "Of course you are. I told you, didn't I?"

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    Sairevil thanked her for the opportunity to join her Peerage but Eira could only chuckle as the boy took his place within the center of the circle. "Iie, Revil..." she said with a knowing smile as she placed her last piece within this circle with him. "Thank you... for completing my Peerage~" she mentioned finding it to be the most perfect ending to the day she could have asked for. And with that she took her place on the outside of the circle and waited for the exchange to take place. This wouldn't happen without a bit of a pout though, as her elder brother fully acknowledged that she was in fact very easy to read. "Awww, of course you didn't tell me," she said sounding just a little dejected. Regardless of this fact, she was no less excited about her final piece than she would have been. While this exchange too place, the rest of her peerage watched, with Maiko being surprised. "Really? That's all it takes? A single magic circle and the two pieces to be exchanged? I figured there was something sinister involved with trading pieces since Eira-sama talks about never trading us unless we wanna go..." Maiko finished. Eira's eyes widened, because she thought it would be more obvious why she didn't want to trade any of her pieces. "Iie, it takes one more thing," Eira managed as she gave a quick glance in the direction of Maiko and pushed some of her own power into it. The act of trading pieces required both Kings to want to make the trade, and the pieces within to be of same creed. The very obvious reason Eira didn't make trades, is because she hand picked all of her peerage members and didn't want to give them up, because they wanted to be with her.

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    "Well, maybe I figured it was just that obvious," was Sirtreize's only remaining response. Once Eira was prepared and willing to push the trade forward, Sirtreize met her efforts by swelling his own Demonic Power and focusing on the center of the magic circle. With both participants performing this ritual, the rest as a simple matter of passing time. The magic circle began registering Sairevil as the piece of Eira Gremory, while acknowledging the unused Rook as one belonging to Sirtreize Lucifer. Over time, the circle spun around and shrank, until it became nonexistent. This occurrence marked the end of the ritual, granting Eira her own nephew as the Rook to complete her peerage.

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    Eira's Demonic Power pushed against Sirtreize's until the trade of their pieces was complete and the circle beneath Sairevil and the unused Rook shrank into nothingness. A grin crossed her face as this finished and she once again opened her arms to the young man in question. "Come on then Revil~" she said with a knowing smile on her face. Maiko seemed excited as well, "Wooh!~ Got me a partner to help me sweep~" she said seemingly excited by the prospect. Youmu looked at the young lad and offered a nod, which was about all she ever did unless she felt like speaking and Miyuki nodded as well. "Hai, nice to have you along~" she chimed seeming to think it great that Eira finished her Peerage and got to spend extra time with her nephew. Soon after this though, Eira found herself looking to her brother, perhaps to ask him one more tiny favor. "Nii-sama, since it seems like I am going to need all the energy I can save..." she started with a smile. "Want to send us back to my place?" she asked him with a devious smile on her face. She knew it might be a while for the healing of everyone injured from her party, and she did promise the group a sleepover and she intended to keep her promise. With this the official end of their first Rating Game would be a thing.

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    Following the exchange of Evil Pieces, Sairevil found himself once again in the embrace of Eira. He was now officially a member of a peerage of Devils in his own power tier, as opposed to his father's peerage, filled with members so powerful, he could not hope to catch up to them while being counted among their ranks. The young Gremory could now grow alongside his comrades; that alone being the reason for his direct participation in the recent Rating Game.

    Sirtreize was left to answer one additional inquiry. Of course, this was more of a request than a question, but he chortled through a verbal response nonetheless. "And already, you want to go. Fine, fine. Be on your way then," he said with a grin. Without further ado, Sirtreize used his advanced teleportation ability to transport Eira and her members to the human world.

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