Robert McDonough



In his human form, Robert has the appearance of a young man of medium height and slender complexion. He has light eyes, and his blond hair is in an undercut style which is pushed back. He wears combat trousers and a short coat.

Robert has somewhat of a bitter personality, and is shown to treat others, particularly when his cover is blown up, condescendingly. He seems to be prone to using a passive-aggressive language, although this may simply be motivated because of his animosity towards Eldians. He is, or at least was, prone to violence. He also appears to be notably arrogant in his own power, trusting that his Titan powers are more than enough to keep him alive against the experienced Survey Corps and is shocked when Gero is able to essentially fight him to a standstill.

Robert was a candidate for inheriting the Jaw Titan. He participated in the selection process along other Eldian children. He was eventually chosen to be candidate for Warriors after an extenuating physical test involving running under the rain with military equipment. After reuniting with the other 6 possible candidates and receiving the information about the future offensive against Paradis Island, Robert proved his worth and inherited the Jaw Titan. Later on he became a soldier and joined the Survey Corps after he arrived at Paradis and started leaking their information to Marley. He met his demise after his Squad Captain, Gero Ackermann, uncovered his real identity as a Marleyan Warrior and ate him, thus transferring the Jaw Titan to the latter's possession.

Warrior Unit


Special Abilities:
Power of the Titans: Robert has the ability to transform into a 5 meter Titan known as the Jaw Titan. Robert's Titan, the Jaw Titan, possesses deep-set eyes with a heavy brow and long blond hair. While his chin sports a long beard, the rest of his face is hairless with a cog-like arrangement of seemingly hard skin in place of lips. His Titan also sports what appear to be an armored face, fingers, and knuckles. His body is muscular and well-toned, and he usually employs all four limbs when moving.

  • Jaw: Robert's most prominent feature and the one that gives him his Titan's namesake; his mouth is specifically made to bite very durable materials. He has two sets of teeth: the first one is an exterior set of hardened teeth instead of lips. The second set is located inside the mouth, and it is a series of pointy teeth with hollow spaces between each individual teeth. This formidable weapon is efficient enough to bite railways off the ground without harming his own mouth.
  • Speed: Robert has shown an outstanding level of speed and agility, even for a Titan. He can cover great distances while jumping, both when he is on the offensive or escaping from incoming attacks. He is so fast that, even in his Titan form, he is able to make surprise attacks that the enemy are not able to predict.
  • Regeneration: Just like all others with the power of the Titans, Robert has the ability to regenerate any injuries he may suffer.