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    Takumi apparently had the appearance of a delinquent. He supposed this made some amount of sense, considering how he'd been the last time he wore such clothes. He shrugged this off; what he wore now was much more comfortable than the clothes he'd worn since these were last upon him. Of all the things Maiko could have said in response to his decoration statement, she chose to joke about a house plant. Takumi's expression went from bothered to blank in the wake of this clause, and he stared at Maiko before his response escaped him. "Well, sure. I think I'd kill the plant, though. I couldn't deal with something like that."

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    Maiko looked at Takumi from the corner of her eye, and watched as his face went from bothered to blank. Her brows might have drawn together if she hadn't been busy drinking from a bottle. The girl nearly choked on juice when the lad finally managed to give a reply to the statement she'd made about him potentially getting a house plant. After she was done coughing, she tapped her hand in the middle of her chest and sighed. "Ha! I didn't expect that... good on ya'," she chimed as she finished off the bag of chips and took a single cookie from the bag. After a moment or two, she had a little more to say. "They come in fake though, you could get one and put over there..." she said pointing to an empty corner of the room which could have used something in it.

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    Takumi resorted to repeated blinking as Maiko laughed. He was quite serious at the time, but could see how this would have made a reasonable joke. As for the fake plants she suggested, Takumi looked toward the empty corner of his living room. Nothing was there, and nothing had ever been there. However, things such as plants were the last thing on his mind. "I... wouldn't even know what sort of plant to look for. It doesn't really bother me; I don't spend much time outside my room when I'm here," he proclaimed. In past times, he didn't even spend much time at home. Only recently had he been home so much at all, and only because of his timidness. Now that their chat had progressed, Takumi wondered something very specific. "So, you brought all that stuff here? Did you not plan on leaving?" he asked, taking a moment then to finally bite into the cookie he'd taken.

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    Though Maiko totally understood why the lad wouldn't have much humor in him this day, his words didn't let her believe he knew she'd only been speaking to lighten the mood. Still if he didn't spend much time in his sitting room, she could understand why it wasn't really decorated, though given how timid the lad seemed to be she could hardly see him hanging out with a bunch of people or only spending his sleeping hours in his place of residence. "I can tell..." she said about the lad not spending much of any time in this space, and choosing to leave it at that. Beyond this point he was content to question her specifically about the nature of her visit, when she was asked she looked at him straight on for the first time in a while. He looked a bit different than she remembered, it was like the timidness had disappeared from him completely now that she thought about it. But she wouldn't comment on that instead she simply finished the cookie she'd been eating and shrugged. "To be honest, I intended to leave once you passed out for the night. I like snacks though so I figured I'd share them, and stick around if you wanted to talk or anything," she mentioned this was probably a bit weird with them not knowing fully each other's history so she thought to clarify. "I just know, it can be shitty to go back to a place alone, even if you want to be alone, after something like this. So, even if its only for a bit, an extra presence is cool... sometimes."

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    "Sou ka," was Takumi's response to her knowing why this room was in such a state. He didn't have much else to say about it, so he committed to finishing the only cookie he intended to have. As he did so, Maiko explained the plan she had since accompanying him to this place. She chose nothing beyond sharing the snacks she already had, and being present for the sake of chatting. She also stressed knowing the situation he was in, how bad it was, and how camaraderie took the edge off sometimes. In that moment, Takumi was certain that Maiko didn't actually have a clue what had him so bothered. "It's... not so bad, you know?" he said after a moment of hesitation. Before he continued, he pulled his right knee into his chest, and crossed his left leg against himself behind his right foot. In this position, he was able to rest his chin on the elevated knee while gazing at the carpet beneath him. "I've been basically alone this whole time. I don't have any real friends, and it hasn't seemed like my parents really wanted anything to do with me for the past few years. It's almost like they were dead already, so... I'm actually pretty numb to that. My problem now is that I keep not knowing the right thing to do. I spent all this time being someone different, just because my mom didn't want me to keep getting in trouble... then she died as I was on my way to tell her I was going to become my own person again. Then, after all that was over, I..." He paused, thinking the better of mentioning something which could create some sort of in-Peerage issues. "I just... need to figure out what I'm really doing with this new life. I know what I've decided to do as a Pawn, but... I don't know what to do with myself yet." After venting for what felt like ages, Takumi finally fell silent again. This didn't last long though, as his eyes soon cut toward Maiko with one final question. "If I asked you to stay, would you?"

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