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Thread: Kuoh Town

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    When they reached the cellar, the dimly-lit area revealed few things. However, Mahad bore witness to living creatures other than himself and Eira. Additionally, there was a very strange item for one to find in a cellar, that being the sealed coffin in the middle of the room. Eira's speech to the entity, followed by her mention of the phenomenon, gave Mahad a moment of realization for what they were truly facing. 'Vampire?' he thought. Clearly this was the reason none of his magical abilities could serve him here. Vampire magic was something well and truly beyond the knowledge and understanding of virtually every magician in recent history, as far as he understood.

    Eira came to the conclusion that this coffin was also designed in a way that would hold the stone in the sephirot. Perhaps then, the source of this magical anomaly was a vampire currently residing within the coffin. It didn't seem to matter much either way, since Mahad couldn't release the stone, nor did Eira seem able to. "The stones are mysterious artifacts. Each stone located by the Magician's Council has been bound to a sephirot, and no magician as of yet has proven capable of releasing them. It would seem their demands are also different, as are the events surrounding them when they are inspected. This one is reported to have drained everyone to come into contact with it of their very lives, and I imagine it has only become more powerful after doing so for such a long time."

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    The quiet initially coming from Mahad let Eira assume he'd figured out what manner of creature was to be found within this coffin. Even normal humans with their limited understanding of the supernatural would make this assumption. The more she learned about this situation though, the stranger it was to Eira, but she was about to receive the clue necessary to make this puzzle give her a clearer view. A hint perhaps at a piece of this entire situation. Mahad though he didn't have any information about vampires did know about the stones, apparently the one found here wasn't the only one found and each one was found within a sephirot. And each had different things going on around it. According to him, this one had drained the magicians who came here of their very lives when they tried to remove the stone from its casing. Perhaps this was why he hadn't bothered trying to free it himself. But it was more curious than that... "Each stone was found in its own sephirot," she said as if seeking confirmation of this fact. "But why, that one upstairs holds 10 stones and it only has one in it, why make more?" it was kind of a problem of logistics. "Maybe we are thinking about it the wrong way..." she mentioned and with this in mind she began the journey back up the stairs with her intention to go back to the sephirot and try something else. She'd actually not tried freeing the stone before figuring that it was an artifact worth keeping intact, but she had one more question for the man with her about the others and perhaps if he had it she'd have a better way of handling this situation. "The other sephirot, do they look like this one?" she asked as they reached the point of their initial meeting once more.

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