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Thread: Kuoh Town

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    Kuoh Town

    The main setting of our heroes lives. It is the town in which Kuoh Academy is located and the normal world territory of Eira Gremory. It is a small city like town with a hub of activity. Some large scale apartments, small houses, parks, and general recreation spots. Several schools and is home to one abandoned church as well as a great deal of other landmarks. It was a town full of preternatural disturbances, but many of them have been quelled by the combined efforts of Eira' Gremory's Peerage and other Devils have recently started using the area as a vacation spot when they wish to escape the Underworld.

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    In an apartment at the peak of one of the taller high rise buildings, Eira, and the rest of her peerage would appear. It was shortly following the Rating Game which had caused her to face off against her own brother. But this was of little concern to Eira. Such movements left everyone who'd previously been in a bed, spread out across a bed which was larger than any single person would need, with more than enough room between them for another couple of people to slip in beside them. "Okaerinasai, minna..." she said to everyone after the send off by her brother. This room in particular was Eira's but all of her Peerage had their own rooms in this giant apartment which took up the entire top floor of this building, if they chose to stay here. "Revil, there are a couple of extra rooms that no one else has claimed if you want one..." she explained, at least a couple of the other members of her peerage just lived here, including Youmu and Miyuki.

    "Kitchen and living room are huge and to the right. Game room is to the left along with baths and about anything else you likely want to look in on..." she said, if one had a look around they'd find Eira's apartment to be a semi-modern open concept except for the bedrooms. It was spaced out and meant to accommodate everyone with a little of everyone's flare involved. Maiko would step up shortly after and sigh. "Oi, the rooms are all pretty cool and Eira-sama lets us have at them as far as decorations are concerned. Even me, though I don't live here..." she mentioned. "If I am staying though, I am going to have to explain to my parents, Yasukawa's too... or the cops could get involved," mentioned Maiko. Who knew from experience that being missing for multiple days caused unnecessary worry from her parents and she assumed the same would happen to Takumi. Eira thought about it for a few moments, "Occult Club trip, touring haunted places around?" she said with a raised brow. "And then we can just add more places to the itinerary if we need more time..." she said thinking of a way for her still seemingly human servants to get away with missing time away from their parents.

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    Though the group had been transported directly onto the bed of Eira, Izuna remained floating overhead. Only after realizing where exactly they had been dropped off, did he shift around. This movement placed him between the bed, and the nearest window leading outside. He opened the window to have a bit of human world fresh air, and turned to view Eira and the others as the former replied to Maiko. "I can help out with him. Actually, I could help out with both of you," he said to both Eira and Maiko, offering his assistance with their human comrades' parents. He could easily use his abilities to enter the dream state of Takumi and find how he interacted with his parents, just to tell them - as him - of an impending club trip. Just the same, he already had experience with helping Maiko avoid trouble with her parents, if only by impersonating school officials on occasion.

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    Maiko looked towards Izuna and grinned. He was indeed quite helpful when dealing with her parents on multiple occassions. And Eira could only nod her approval as she'd forgotten the practical uses of Izuna's illusory abilities. "Kawaii!~ That is super practical Izuna. Alright, seems like we will make quick rounds for Maiko and Takumi. So they can miss school and home without it being a big deal," she said finding it to be the best possible use of their time. She took the opportunity to change her own clothes back to her school uniform, and those of Maiko as well. She knew that Izuna could and likely would dress himself to look like Takumi and whatever persona he intended to take for Maiko and as such she worried none about him. "Kagimi you rule!!~" she said to the fox boy whom had no problem helping her out with her strange problems.

    Miyuki on the other hand found herself sitting at the edge of the large bed. "Ah, so you are going to tell their parents stuff so they can stay over too... sugoi," she murmured. It was strange to her that some of the others didn't outright live with Eira, but it was also the case that no everyone had been completely abandoned by their families.

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    While this discussion about dealing with Maiko and Takumi's parents took place, Sairevil took it upon himself to explore a bit. This left the others alone to continue their chat, in which Izuna floated above Takumi and stepped briefly into his subconscious. Once there, he found all he needed to know about how Takumi interacted with his parents, as well as the path he took to get home. There were... quite a few other things Izuna saw in the boy's mind, but these were not things he was keen on revealing to others at the time. "Got it. I know who, where, and what. Let's get movin' already!"

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    "Hai hai, Youmu keep an eye on those two alright~" she said of Takumi and Hiroki both of whom were presumably still unconscious. She simply nodded and raised a hand willing to take up the opportunity to relax as she stared at Miyuki waiting for the girl whom she assumed would continue to keep her company while Sairevil explored what was his new home for the foreseeable future. Eira was a bit curious about what Izuna had seen in Takumi's mind after he rather suddenly declared he had what he needed. She might feel inclined to prod it in her own way at some later point, but there were things to be handled right here and now, and that was more pressing to her.

    "Kagimi, are we hitting my spot first or Yasukawa's?" asked Maiko who was content either way and was shifting around in her school uniform wondering if Eira truly enjoyed being able to change clothes at her earliest convenience like this. A chuckle came from Eira as she didn't head for the front door and instead created a magic circle, which would take them to a spot near the school so that whoever wanted to could choose what direction they were going in. And if all went according to plan, this would be how the group left Eira's residence today.

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    Izuna took the time in which Eira formed a transportation circle to utilize his illusions. The first person he chose to take the form of was a familiar face to the parentage of Maiko: a tall, middle-aged male with frameless glasses and short, brown hair. This man's most outstanding physical feature was a chin that could easily be described as masculine beyond all reason, and he wore a simple white button-up shirt and black tie, complete with black dress pants and shoes. The visual was that of a councilor to Kuoh Academy's students, whom Maiko's parents had many encounters with over time. "I hate this form," Izuna said, in his own voice, as they arrived at the school. "Let's just get this one over with."

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    "That answers that question..." Maiko said as she took the route home which would be fastest and entered the door with a shout to her parents. "Tadaima. Councilor's here... gotta pack!~" she chimed which got her mother to come up the hallway to before Maiko hit the stairs taking them two at a time. "Okaeri... Mai..." started her mother. A slightly older woman was standing there with long raven hair and soft eyes. She watched as Maiko bounded up the stairs but returned her attention to the people at the door. "Slow down! Gomen gomen, she's not in any trouble is she..." asked this woman as she waited for the reasoning behind this visit. Her daughter was headstrong and she knew this, in addition to being physically strong she usually expected a fight or two to take place, and was always surprised when good news was delivered. Eira quietly waited at the transformed Izuna's side, as the President of the Occult Club she supposed some of the questions would eventually fall to her, if Izuna couldn't take care of them. Upstairs, Maiko was gathering things, but they weren't for actual trip. She was gathering her laptop computer, digital camera and a load of other things she had decided to use while pretending to take this trip that everyone was going to be on.

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    Izuna spent far too long in this form for his own liking, despite his willingness to help out the often troublemaker of their group. To be most specific, he disliked the trip to the girl's house while in the form of the councilor. Still, he pressed onward. They were eventually upon Maiko's dwelling, and the girl announced her arrival - and the "councilor's" as well - while carving a path toward her own room upstairs. This left her mother to address the masked Izuna while wondering what required the presence of a councilor this time. Izuna cleared his throat while mimicking the voice of the human he imitated. "Ohayou gozaimasu, Matsui-san. Forgive our intrusion to your night, but it seems a few plans had to be pushed forward. You see, the Occult Research Club Maiko belongs to has been planning a field trip for a few weeks now, but the date clashes with trips of other clubs. We had to take it now, or risk not being able to schedule it for later. I hope this is no inconvenience to your family."

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    Soon enough Matsui the elder was being briefed on a trip apparently planned by the Occult Research Club for the last few weeks, but which had to be pushed up for the sake of everyone being able to participate in it. Given that Maiko wasn't actually in trouble the woman's face shifted into that of a gentle smile. "Oh, well, that is fine then... what kind of trip is it?" she asked. Which made Eira speak up. "Oh, it's a tour of some of the supposedly 'haunted places' around the mainland. It is being used as a bit of a history lesson, and a chance for increased bonding between members. Since they all have other kinds of club activities besides these, we rarely get a chance to gather all at once, it will be good for general morale to get this sort of thing out of the way a bit earlier than I initially planned. Sumimasen, for springing this on you at what is basically the last minute," Eira managed with a gentle bow. Matsui looked at this crimson haired lass and nodded. She supposed there were worse things than her daughter going off to make friends with people she wouldn't be getting into fights or anything like that. "Hai, I suppose it's fine. I expect to see lots of pictures though..." she said as Maiko made her way down the stairs. "Hai, sounds like I'm good to go then, I'm off!~" she chimed, only to have her mother reach out and grab her by the collar and keep her from wandering off to quickly. "You're having dinner first, Mai..." said the woman in a way which made it sound like she wouldn't be argued with. Maiko's eyes widened. "Hai... I'll meet up with you guys a bit later then... Buchou, Councilor..." she managed. This scene playing out before her made Eira giggle just a tad. "Ufufufu~ Sure thing, Maiko~ We'll be waiting for you..." she said to the girl. Suddenly the girl's constant tardiness made absolute sense. "If you'll excuse us..." Eira mentioned turning around to head outside with the still cloaked Izuna. They would leave Maiko to her mother while, they went about securing some free time for Takumi as well.

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