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    Chastised for his choice, Izuna seemed to be without a care. He was grabbed once more, but he did not move at all. A scoff passed his lips when Eira noted the permanent nature of this tier. "Like I said... you're selling me short," he said, finally moving enough to grab Eira by the wrist and place her hand upon his chest. "You're in my head now too, right? So you know... I know. Sorry, but you just lost the ability to make assumptions about my dedication. Take a look inside, and tell me if you think I was ever going anywhere in the first place." Izuna gave a few moments after his speech to allow Eira a proper chance of peering into his subconscious. If she chose to do this, she would find Izuna during the time when they were acquaintances, and all that he gave away when choosing to live a new life at her side. Once the allotted time passed, Izuna stepped away to begin redressing himself. "Did you see it? If you did, you should know me wanting to go anywhere was never a thought."

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    Izuna seemed adamant that Eira was selling him short. He even went so far as to state that she no longer had the ability to doubt his devotion. She couldn't help but look at him strangely as he placed her hand upon his chest and explained what he meant. He told her to look within his subconscious which would apparently prove once and for all if he had any regrets. She supposed it was an alright thing to do, considering it would also set her at ease, a discomfort she hadn't known she properly possessed until this moment with Izuna. Eira closed her eyes and began wandering towards the edges of her own subconscious. Within this she found the edge that would lead to Izuna and upon seeing this she saw what he wanted her to see, their time together as acquaintances and all he gave away to be at her side. His family, his home and everything he had worldly all to stay at her side. He'd even taken the Evil Piece, a thing he didn't have to do because he wasn't dying at the time he'd decided to join her. As he stepped away from her he began redressing and she wiped away a tear. She supposed it was very true that she couldn't deny his devotion and as such she wouldn't even try. "Hai I saw. But you've been in my head now too... Besides that you've had ages to get to know me," she said. And the truth of this statement was that aside from one person, she always left everyone's personal decisions up to them. "Though I suppose you took it on yourself..." she mentioned accepting this as the truth of the situation. Strangely enough upon saying this aloud she felt a delayed tingling sensation at the top of her left arm as the outline of a unknown creature with three feather like protrusions and a long tail became emblazoned upon her bicep stretching across it. "Huh... I didn't know I'd get one too," she thought looking at it still naked in her chair and apparently exceedingly comfortable that way. Aside from the outline only one part of it was filled in, a section which was the head of the creature with three intense protrusions at the end of it.

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    "I've been in your head lots of times. That's why I didn't bother mentioning this level before I did something about it," Izuna spoke while fastening his pants and reaching for his shirt. He leaned against the desk while buttoning his top, looking over to note the mark that appeared on Eira's arm. "It makes sense that you'd get one. You get stronger from these things too, and it does feel like a pretty mutual power-up. Just... don't go growing more than one tail if that's what you get from my end, yeah?" he asked. With this exchange over and their interaction reduced to banter, Izuna was content to depart from the office. As such, he pushed away from the desk and took steps toward the door. "So, you've got your answer. It's a pretty solid way to make sure everything works out better in the long run for all of us, but it's up to you to figure out the rest. I'll stick around for at least a few more hours in case you need my genius advice!" he said while waving over his shoulder and opening the door once more to vacate the office.

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    Izuna's affirmation that he'd known she would have argued about it, was about what Eira expected. Still she couldn't say she felt anything other than pleased and absolutely bristling with power beyond that. "Yeah yeah, for you I will aim for one... but no promises~" she chimed adding to their banter as it was obvious that Izuna was now dressed and would be exiting the room soon, she also dressed herself hapzardly in her small dress and nothing else. Mostly she did this because she fully intended to spread around a couple more of these marks and get them out of the way. "You're not fooling me, you aren't sticking around to give advice. You want make sure your mark looks the coolest... and to think of inappropriate ways to tease everyone," she chastised the lad as she too stood up from her chair. She also exited her room soon after and wandered down the hall towards one which she knew to contain, Konpaku Youmu.

    "Come in..." these were the words spoken by Youmu before Eira even lifted her hand to knock on her door. A small smile came to her face as she pushed it open and gently closed it behind her. She found Youmu sitting in the open space of her bedroom floor with her katana in her lap and her legs crossed in meditation. It seemed that the white haired young woman was getting in her ritualistic meditation among other things, but opened piercing blue eyes to have a look at Eira. "Gomen, Youmu... I didn't mean to interrupt. I just..." she started to speak to the other woman who simply motioned to her side and Eira knowing what it meant took a seat there. "I've been thinking that I could offer everyone a bit more power and everyone could in turn help me," she said with a weak smile. "I just wasn't sure what to say to anyone," she started to go on but Youmu spoke up instead. "Because you're a Succubus and you didn't want anyone to change their opinion of you." she said calmly which made Eira's eyes widen in surprise. "You knew?" she asked of the other woman. "Scanning souls and knowing different types is one of my general abilities as a Phantom. I knew you weren't a standard class of Devil. Watching your behavior told me the rest, and I've been telling you for ages... to accept yourself," she said turning her gaze to Eira once more and turning so they were now facing. She moved her sword out of her lap. "I... just wasn't ever sure. But you seem so sure, now. I don't know what I expected," Eira mentioned. "We accept you as you are... and always will, now then what kind of power are you taking and are you offering?" Youmu asked her voice still apathetic but her eyes shining with untold emotion. "It will bind us together through a mark, allowing us to share energy, making you guys harder to harm, easier to heal and will give me a bit of your power and you a bit of mine if you take it that far. It's a Succubus power though so it requires contact, and more so than that... a bond," Eira explained going on to do so in a way which made Youmu nod. "Sou ka, alright then. Give it to me," she said with the same calm she always had. "Wait don't do this too, don't you want to know what it will do or how it is applied?" Eira asked seeming not to understand what she should or shouldn't share. "Iie, give me all the parts of it you want me to have. It doesn't matter to me how it's applied nor what is necessary. I promised to lend you my sword and to cut everything... if you are saying you can help me with it, then just do it," said Youmu. Eira smiled in this moment and lunged forward wrapping herself around Youmu while spreading her power as a Succubus through her person.

    "Sou ka, the strength of this is quite high. You've been holding out Eir," Youmu mentioned as she felt the tingle of a tribal like mark forming on her left forearm. "Three levels of it. I know you have goals that might not include me. Don't think I am thinking less of you for not trying to bind you to me permanently," she said as she used magic circles to rid the pair of them of their clothing and she settled into Youmu's lap the way she'd done when she was much smaller. She enjoyed this closeness and Youmu did too apparently, as she needed no prodding to wrap her arms around the crimson haired lass. "Not to worry, it is assumable that you and Izuna worked through whatever shorted he felt. I am not so impulsive. I'll accept what you give," she said as another piece of this mark took form and allowed Eira to imagine the proper spacing for a Youmu specific version of power. She understood the white haired young woman, as her heat beat against the back of her chest and she felt slightly cool against the warm of Eira's skin. "Hai hai, as long as you don't feel slighted. That bit gave me a new power... for you though... the next one is necessary. I think given the person you are, you'll end up with my power of Destruction to use as your own, it could have been a Succubus power... but I am almost certain you will take something more offensive," Eira mentioned. And in keeping with what she'd thought about when conferring power to Izuna she aimed to do the same to Youmu. She knew this young woman was in this for her. And she was so agreeable and such a good friend, the nature of their bond was that of almost sibling relation. She leaned up to kiss Youmu's cheek and passed along a bit of her power. And in this moment, Youmu's eyes widened. She'd cuddled Eira quite a lot without question, because she knew the girl needed affection. But feeling now the bristling power that the affection brought her, that was something entirely different. With this Eira's power subsided and she relaxed against Youmu taking a casual look at the mark on her left arm. It was in a straight line down her forearm and looked a bit like a filigree tribal sword. "Sugoi! They look different on everyone!" Eira mentioned seemingly excited as she felt the tingle of the next bit of her own mark form as the blade of the long tail of the creature on her arm became a filled in filigree swirl. "Gomen, I made you naked for nothing..." she mentioned, creating magic circles to redress both herself and Youmu. Youmu sat calmly and sighed. "Baka," she said which surprised Eira. "I told you already I knew what you were, a little nudity isn't anything to concern me. Besides, I feel like I could cut anything... and I know you feel better too." the white haired girl finished as she pushed Eira up and out of her lap. "Go." finished Youmu the stoic nature of her face returning but as Eira looked into those ice blue eyes she saw the happiness and light of the young woman who'd discovered her ability to cut anything. "Hai!" and there would be no more words between them as Eira excused herself to begin moving around the house again. Who would be next to receive their mark, as Eira moved around her house like some sort of sexy tooth fairy? Only time would tell, but she'd spent about twenty minutes alone with Youmu, and as such would be open to whoever next crossed her path.

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    As Eira traversed the hall, the bathroom door suddenly burst open. Out came Sairevil, who seemed to be in a rush while not really paying attention. Because of this, he erupted from the bathroom at such a time that he was en route to crashing into Eira from her side. Whatever reason he had for leaving the bathroom in such a hurry, his attention was suddenly dragged from it by the presence of Eira. "Ah, sumimasen!" he said frantically. "I was... uhh... err..." he stammered. Regardless of his intentions, Sairevil looked to Eira and noticed something different... something new within her. "Hm? You've been doing the thing, haven't you!?"

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    On her voyage through the house, Eira was bumped into while she had nowhere in mind to go. This collision left Eira looking to her side to find more crimson hair, which could only belong to one other individual. This also came with an apology, she noted that the lad had looked a bit flustered and had no idea why this could be, and instead of thinking too much about it she simply laughed. "Iie, it's okay, Revil. Just as long as you washed your hands in there..." she mentioned with a tinge of deviousness in her eyes. Whatever the case the lad was soon asking her about what she'd been doing, and this made her eyes widen. "What thing? I didn't do a thing..." she said seeming to be suddenly aghast again. Of course, she knew that her nephew could probably tell a lot about her given his own abilities. She quietly spoke again. "I handed out a couple of marks... do you want one?" she asked of the lad, inching away managing to look a tad bit embarrassed by the entire thing.

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    "It wasn't like that!" Sairevil replied immediately, seeming to be in a bit of a huff over Eira's retort. His trip to the bathroom had been an... interesting one, to say the least. However, it had nothing to do with his actual bathroom-related needs, and everything to do with something else that would likely traumatize him for some time to come. Moving on though, Eira - in spite of her initial rejection of his claims - admitted to applying her marks to some of the other current inhabitants of the building. One such mark was offered to him as well, and though he had access to some of their family's powers himself, he knew the benefits that could still come of this. "Sure! I was actually warned about it before the exchange happened to put me in your Peerage. I've been told that if you ever got to the point of using those, I could have up to two," he said, referencing a brief discussion he had with his father between the last Rating Game and the Evil Piece exchange with Eira.

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    "Uh-huh, I want to ask..." she started only wondering what the lad could have gotten into in the bathroom. "But it's fine," she said a giggle escaping her as she looked at the lad beside her. Obviously as a member of the Gremory household himself, he had more than a bit of information about the inner workings. Of course, she was a bit astounded that her brother had taken the time to explain this sort of thing to his young son, but she respected the idea. It was said that he could take up to two of the marks and she respected his decision. "Hai, two is fine... I don't really like the idea of giving more of them anyways," she stated with a curt nod of her head. She opened her arms to offer the lad a hug which assuming he took would flood him with the power she normally avoided using. Doing such would convey the first level of her mark to the boy.

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    "Yeah... Yeah, good." Eira apparently didn't care to bug him about what happened in the bathroom. This was good, as Sairevil had no desire to admit to the horrendous things he'd undergone mere moments ago. There was another matter of importance on the table anyway, as Eira was quick to offer up the opportunity for Sairevil to take her mark unto himself. Stepping forward, he opened his arms as well to meet her embrace with his own, even skipping ahead to the requirements needed to be met for the second level by using magic to discard his clothes.

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    Eira's embrace was met by her nephew with no opposition, much like it always was. The lad even took it a step further stripping himself of his clothing to prepare for the next step. Since he was naked it was no extra work to make her own clothing disappear for the time it would be necessary until the lad got the second level of the mark on his person as well. This time she felt power flow into herself from the lad, and grinned, it was far to easy to become power drunk off these exchanges. After a few moments when this entire thing was concluded she'd let go of the lad, looking at the little fairy on the side of her arm and seeing that it'd gained a few extra feathers in its design. "There you go! What's your mark look like, Revil?" she asked of the lad as her clothing reappeared in the same moment.

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