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    "Cassie? Fine. As a fellow student, I'll show you that much respect and call you what you want. Still, I wonder if I could even call you a comrade for a moment." Lucaro held many suspicions involving Cassiel Angelus, and now knowing that she was an Angel of any sort did not help clear his opinions. He remained alert. So long as Eira showed no ill will toward this girl, though, he would hold his own, even while standing next to his own excitable Queen.

    Cassiel had no apparent intentions of seeking her destiny this day. As the holder of the Vanishing Dragon's Sacred Gear, Divine Dividing, fate dictated that she would meet the one who bore the Boosted Gear of the Welsh Dragon, in this case Takumi, in combat to continue the Heavenly Dragons' endless war against one another. It would not be strange at all if she decided here and now to eliminate Takumi, since she quite obviously boasted greater control and ability with her Sacred Gear than he did. Being an apparently kind-hearted individual, Cassiel was willing to assist with the rearing of Takumi, as opposed to eliminating him in his berserk state. Her offer to the Devil Eira came with use of her own Balance Breaker to face off against the Dragon boy.

    "Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost!" Chants continued coming from Takumi's Dragon form, but in a matter of moments, the White Dragon Emperor was upon him. When chants of 'Divide' began occurring, it seemed as if the opposite effect to Boosted Gear was occurring. Each time this word was spoken, Takumi's massively-augmented power was reduced to half of what it was. This occurred enough times in succession to lower his output significantly, and then some. Still though, the green glow in his chest began growing more vivid again, implying a charge for the very same blast that had ended the Fallen Angel Sachiel. It may not have been able to grow to the same level of power now, but it was growing nonetheless.

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    The words of the Student Council President made a smirk come to Cassiel's face. She knew of course, that Devils and Angels were on opposite ends of the spectrum, even so, she saw no reason for innate hostility towards anyone. She felt it was likely that stories about everyone on all sides had been exaggerated over time, and carrying on with such was well outside of her sensibilities. Regardless she'd started her work to further reduce the power being emitted from the dragon, and strangely enough, Albion's words to the Red Emperor Dragon were being unheeded. This was confusing to her, but she'd also only experienced Juggernaut Drive in a more direct way. "He didn't respond to you, Albion... is that strange?" she asked. As her body took in extra power from the divisions she'd displaced. "That's pretty normal actually, Juggernaut Drive uncontrolled causes insanity, he probably can't hear past all of the other things going on. I couldn't the first time you used it either..." mentioned the Dragon. But it seemed that her divisions of Takumi's power would only lead to something else in the young man. More calls of boost would happen and she'd grin beneath her face mask. "I suppose I respect his moxie, but he definitely shouldn't be trying that again," she said, respecting the determination of power as she watched the glowing in the center of his chest plate begin to grow. She rushed forward and aimed to make physical contact with Takumi's chest plate, with the force of a fist and another outcry from Albion. "Half Dimension!" the announcement would trigger a magical power which would allow the division of the physical size of this dragon and its power completely. Even the crater below it would seem to shrink in size by half. In doing so, Cassiel hoped that his power would be divided enough to allow a great dispersal. Her own wings if this completed would shine brightly expelling more power than her body could handle in a giant light show.

    While this happen another Angel was around, she was a blonde haired woman with two large sets of white wings on her back. She'd checked on several things, including the bodies of the parents of Takumi and strangely enough found one of them to be missing. She'd done a bit of checking and found out something interesting, which she thought might be important. She was after all, an Angel of Mercy and she could feel the despair coming off the red dragon being engaged in combat by Cassiel. As she looked around, she found standing atop a nearby roof, several individuals of the Devil persuasion all of whom were watching the ongoing fight for whatever reason. She knew that the only way to handle a dragon was with song. She wondered if they knew what was necessary. She also knew she was likely to be received badly, but couldn't in good consciousness let something negative happen if Cassiel had decided to help, which was obvious by what was happening in the street. She approached the group cautiously. "I don't mean to interrupt, but if someone here is going to sing him down they should start now... I'd do it myself, but I only know hymns," mentioned the woman. Once again, several of Eira's people jumped. The visual of an Angel floating near by made them very nervous. Once more Youmu was directly before Eira with a weapon drawn much to the surprise of the Angel. "Gomen, I didn't mean to upset anyone. You have my word, I am just Cassie's guardian in this moment, we don't mean any of you any harm..." she said. "I didn't know the other Heavenly Dragon had already appeared and been reincarnated. I'd hoped to study him, but not at the cost of such despair." she concluded. Her words piqued Eira's interest and as such when Youmu looked back at her, Eira waved her off once more. The crimsoned haired female Devil was exceedingly trusting this day, but she had greater issues than a single Angel could cause her. "That's fine. Arigatou Gozaimasu..." Eira said to the woman. "Though as a warning to you and everyone else, you should plug your ears, I am not sure you won't end up hypnotized while I sing, and I'd rather not have to deal with that, when I'd rather be seeing to Takumi," Eira said. She'd gone back to calculatingly calm, even as she turned to watch the goings on below. In order to project her voice so it could be heard, she'd have to put magic into it, and there was only one she knew. What she wanted from Takumi, was to lull him a bit so she'd thought a lullaby she'd heard would be good. After checking to make sure that her directions were followed, she'd begin to sing.

    "Nennen korori yo, Okorori yo." her voice carried with the light melody that could be heard by all. It was in fact the Edo lullaby which played originally from the cursed music box she'd owned.

    "Bōya wa yoi ko da, Nenne shina~" The words were light and carried no extra meaning, but they conveyed Eira's wish for Takumi to calm himself. Cradle songs like these calmed crying children and she could only imagine in such a form he was quite upset. Whatever the case, she'd find out soon enough what actually caused him to be this upset.

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    "Are you really going to trust an Angel, Eir?" Lucaro asked. He couldn't personally agree with trusting an Angel who suddenly showed up. This was especially the case since the Angel in question was the destined rival of the very Dragon Emperor who was now posing a problem. If Eira actually trusted the Angel, though, Lucaro would have nothing further to say about the matter. It seemed Cassiel was keen to get right down to business, which she did by greatly weakening Takumi. In the meantime, yet another Angel showed her face in a way that alerted everyone once again. She also claimed to harbor no ill will toward the present Devils, and in fact, she advised whatever individual intended to sing on the time to do so.

    Takumi's Longinus Smasher did not see even the end of its charge. His size as a Dragon was cut in half along with his power. Though he was still releasing energy without halt, a gentle tune reached his ear to illicit a strange response from the monstrous shell. The reaction to this singing was almost one of pain, as the Dragon body ceased its charging to instead begin thrashing about as if Takumi intended to drown out the noise. The roar returned during this time, taking the place of the 'Longinus Smasher' outcry that would have normally occurred.

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    Before she began singing Eira took a moment to acknowledge what was said by Lucaro. Apparently he thought badly of trusting an Angel, but Eira was known to do eccentric things like this though with a decent enough reason. Her own love of Youkai and helping anyone who needed it, made her a bit more open to compromise than most. "She approached us knowing what we are and didn't immediately attack. Resistance to light is low in young devils and she could have tried to kill any number of us if she wanted to. The fact that she hasn't tried anything earns her a pass, the fact that she wants to help, makes us kindred spirits. And we're rivals and nothing bad occurs between us. You have to risk a little once in a while," she concluded, about her feelings surrounding the use of the Vanishing Dragon's abilities. She knew that many didn't agree with the sorts of things she did, but Lucaro was one of her oldest friends, and she knew, he'd do as she did, even if he wouldn't have done it while he was alone. The Angel within earshot of this was stunned by what Eira had to say on the matter of the amount of trust she was placing in Angels this day. In fact, she was impressed, she didn't know such progressive attitudes existed among Devils. This girl seemed to be leading the emotions of the entire group, as the sword wielding white haired girl soon put her weapon away, following Eira's lead without question.

    With this out of the way Eira's song began. There hadn't been a proper chance to warn Cassie that she would start singing, but the Vanishing Dragon, seemed to be lulled a tad by the sound of the voice she heard. 'Hm, that's a nice voice... if she were an Angel, she'd definitely be in the choir,' the young woman thought as her form moved away from Takumi's and began to relax even as he continued to thrash about. Not needing to make contact with him anymore. Though he was fighting it, she could tell the lad could hear the sound, mostly because what would have been an attack turned into a simple roar as he thrashed about.

    "Bōya no omori wa, Doko e itta?"

    "Ano yama koete, Sato e itta~"

    "Sato no miyage ni, Nani morotta?"

    "Denden taiko ni, Shō no fue~"

    Eira's voice carried on for several moments with this song as she watched for signs of progress. Her voice was melodious and seemed to be at least capable of doing the job she meant for it to. By the end of the song, Cassiel, seemed to have fallen asleep, but the Angel now standing with them, had managed to plug her own ears to the magical influence of Eira's voice upon hearing it. Though she still thought the lass had a beautiful singing voice, she managed to stay awake while she sung. Maiko wasn't so lucky as even with her hands covering her ears, she was enticed into falling asleep. She was caught by Youmu who managed to resist the singing by virtue of the use of her secondary soul to filter the sound.

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    Takumi's energy was in the process of going haywire, even as he became weaker. His right arm swung out against a building with enough brute force to topple it, but the building was protected at the last moment by a barrier cast by Leishi. "Phew! This is getting easier by the second! Good job, Angel-chan!" he said with a wink to the Miracle Child. In this moment, it seemed Leishi was one of few individuals not shielding himself from Eira's voice, yet there seemed to be nothing affecting him.

    Even as he thrashed about, Takumi continued shrinking toward his normal size. This was no longer due to the Half Dimension technique used against him, but due to the gradual return to his natural form. The Dragon's roar persisted, but at a point near Takumi's standard size being achieved, it regressed into the boy's own voice, screaming instead. This lasted well into Takumi's Dragon form shattering around him. He fell to his knees in his humanoid state. The left arm so recently restored from its Dragon form had returned. The scales on his arm were well beyond his forearm this time. Now, they took over his entire arm up to about mid-bicep, and the scales themselves seemed to be standing on edge. Takumi sat on his knees screaming for some time longer, eyes devoid of color and leaking down his face all the way to his neck.

    Now that Takumi was back to his normal appearance, Eira's Bishop Hiroki would be among the first to notice the strange state the boy had been left in. "That form must be intense. Is that pain?"

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    Leishi's words to Cassiel were enough to bring her back closer to consciousness. She shook her head from left to right as her armor fell away and she retained the wings of the Vanishing Dragon. She looked up at the young man in the sky who'd spoken to her and managed to look a bit abashed. "It was nothing..." she said before her attention turned to Takumi. The boy was screaming, even beyond the end of his form, and crying. There was no light in his eyes. And instead there was only the sound of his anguish filling this place. Cassiel managed to look at him taking note of his arm and his sadness and sighed. "He gave up an arm... is that normal?" she wondered waiting for Albion to reply.

    Soon enough, Eira had finished singing and there were only a few people who felt the effects of it. It was more than a bit relieving. One of the ones still awake in the aftermath was Hiroki who wondered if Takumi was in pain due to the form he'd taken. Eira's mouth opened and strangely enough her tongue moved across her teeth as if she was tasting the air. The sound of Takumi's cries were about not physical pain but mental anguish, at least that is the feeling she got from it. "Iie, Hiro, that form likely hurt, but he's in despair. Whatever happened, it wasn't fixed by killing that Fallen Angel," she mentioned and since her assessment said it was all done, Eira took off toward the lad. Youmu didn't stop her this time and she would soon enough be found standing over Takumi looking into his vacant eyes. "Takumi, how can I help?" she asked. Whatever was wrong, whatever pained him so, she only wished to end it for him. She'd assumed he'd pass out after all of that, but whatever he was feeling managed to keep him conscious just a little longer than she thought he'd remain. The Angel who'd stood with the rest of the group, went towards the pair as well, she already knew what had happened, and wondered what would happen when Eira approached her pet dragon and found out the news.

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    "Despair?" Hiroki replied, questioning only in rhetoric. He stayed behind as Eira took off toward her Pawn, silently wondering what could have occurred to one of the peerage's newest acquisitions. Izuna floated down, taking his place among the group atop the roof. "I figured the kid's whole life was despair. I wonder if it has anything to do with all that extra Dragon arm," he said. Since there was nothing more to worry about as far as collateral damage was concerned, Leishi also descended. Of the people left behind, he likely had the most insight as to what occurred without knowing for certain. "It's the pain of loss. There's also something else in there, like... a missed opportunity that could have been a turning point in someone's life."

    Meanwhile, Takumi was met by Eira. She stood before him, but he couldn't see. His vision was blurred. All he could make out at this time was a shroud of crimson. There was more, though. There was a voice offering assistance, or rather, questioning an ability to assist. He knew from the voice who this was. What could he say, though? His mouth opened, and he wanted to speak. His first thought was to beg for his parents' revival, but on second thought, how could he ask for such a thing? Even if such a thing could/would be done, he would only be asking that his family be brought back into a world that would just as soon see them meet the same end once more, all because he was born with the Sacred Gear he had. "I... I..." He had nothing. The more Takumi tried, the more he came up with an inability to speak his mind. If he wanted to help his parents at this point, the best thing he thought he could do was suffer silently to prevent the possibility of them being brought back somehow.

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    The conversation between members of this peerage seemed to be progressing. After Eira left Leishi, Izuna and Hiroki were left to try and figure out what had occurred. Strangely enough, with the sleeping Maiko thrown over her shoulder it would be Youmu to speak. Her voice was strangely apathetic and it would coincide more with what Leishi had to say than anything else. "I saw two ghosts in the vicinity before. They are both gone now, pulled away from this plane, but... combined they could have made Takkun," the weight of her words would lead them to believe that it had been Takumi's parents to die this day. The fact that Leishi said that the boy felt of a missed opportunity also made her believe that it was the case that his parents had been slain. When he'd left her earlier this evening, he'd been burdened with great purpose, but now he seemed to know only sadness.

    Eira was confronted by a strange conflict of emotions. She wanted to help Takumi, but it seemed the lad didn't know what to ask for. His words came out pained but then fell to silence. Eira looked at him as she came to a stop on the ground with him, she found herself stooped gently to the same level as him. "It's okay if you can't answer," Eira mentioned seeming to have a decent enough grasp that whatever had happened was exceedingly traumatizing for the boy. "Even if you don't know what to say right now. Or don't have anything to ask for yet, I'm still here for you," she said. This young man's grief was palpable but she couldn't bring herself to ask him what had happened. At this point she was simply happy he'd been brought down to a manageable form. Everything else could be figured out later.

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    Those who'd been discussing Takumi's state of mind fell silent at a moment's notice. All parties understood what Youmu was getting at, and all could tell this was not a good situation to haphazardly address. Eira seemed to understand enough without having the full story, yet her offer of support remained regardless. Since she wouldn't press the matter, Takumi was content to fall back into himself. In doing so, though, he lost whatever adrenaline he had left his body, along with his remaining consciousness.

    Leishi chose to approach after the fall of Takumi, taking up Eira's side in place of her own peerage members for a moment. "You're going to end up with more of a problem than you could have bargained for, y'know? That strength of emotion isn't good for these types. If you want, I could probably do something about that Dragon spirit while he's out of commission."

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    Takumi fell into unconciousness once more without ever telling Eira what had happened. Of course, she'd likely be informed of the actual problem of this matter eventually, still she found it in herself to make sure she was within arms reach to capture the lad. With him in her hands she was soon confronted by Leishi who went on to say a few words to her which made a small smirk come to her face. "Iie, Leishi, I knew what I had gotten myself into when I figured out he wasn't carrying a normal Twice Critical. It's fine, it's about time I take care of this sort of thing myself..." she said in a tone which was strange and oddly full of mystery for Eira. "Besides, I can't let him lose completely what he uses to defend himself, without offering him something to replace it, it would help though, if I knew what caused it in the first place," she thought aloud absently. "Takumi is one of the most mild-mannered and unassuming people I've ever come across, this..." she said her eyes flickering around as she situated the lad in her arms. "Isn't remotely normal," mentioned the crimson haired lass.

    As if on cue, a certain extra Angel made her way to the scene as well. She looked intently at the Dragon arm on Takumi's person and gave while she looked the information she had. "The Fallen Angel Sachiel tortured and murdered his parents..." she said filling in the information. "He came home and discovered her and their bodies, and used his Juggernaut Drive to slaughter her," she gave this information in a quiet manner. And it was such shocking news that Eira looked up at this woman, shocked with violence in her eyes. "She what?!" she asked seeming to find it unbelievable. Stranger still, was Eira's investment in this, though that was likely something to be noted by others at a later time. The Angel now standing with them looked at Eira's countenance curiously. "I didn't know how you'd react to that news, I didn't think you'd actually care. My apologies, of course, but you heard what I said and it was the truth then, and it is no less true now," she said. This caused Eira to look down at the lad in her arms, and there was nothing in her but sadness for him. Her mind sorted through dozens of options and she much like Takumi, realized that even if she could have brought back his parents, he might not have wanted them to be hunted for his own sake. Beyond this doing so would ruin their chances at the afterlife. 'No wonder he couldn't speak, what was he supposed to say?' she thought. Eira had nothing but respect for the lad she now carried for not being selfish in relation to his dead parents. Eira herself couldn't even be bothered not to bring him back to life, she couldn't imagine her reaction to someone so close to her. "Thank you, for telling me. I understand now... why he couldn't say anything," she murmured. The Angel before her stared at the girl, and felt the depth of emotion in her, given her own status as a guardian Angel she stepped a bit closer. She wanted to tell Eira something and it was for her ears alone she wished to share this information.

    "I might be able to help him, just a little. I know that his mother is in heaven. But... it will be a while before I can arrange a meeting of any sort," she said calmly. "It is the only kindness I can offer, and it would have to be a secret until it is possible. If I can do this, would you want me to?" she asked of the crimson haired lass. Eira was left shocked by the words she was hearing. She couldn't even imagine how such a thing was possible, but she had seen at least a mock conversation between this lad and his mother, and knew at least a little, it could help. "I'd be grateful and I know he would be too, but why?" she asked, the niceness of these Angels who were practically the sworn enemy of all Devils was getting to be suspicious even to Eira. The angel before her smiled. "Because kindness begets kindness. And I am an Angel of Mercy, if I can spare anyone from such anguish or pain, I will do so without question..." she said, though selfless in this ambition there was also a bit more. "Besides I'm not allowed to work with Sacred Gears in Heaven, meeting people with them is interesting, and given the history between them, he and Cassie will see a lot of each other. It is best if his only memories of Angels aren't negative," she said, with a wisdom which made Eira nod her agreement. "Hai, do what you can, and I assume you'll let me know if it will be possible?" she said still in hushed tones. "Of course, my name is Sariel by the way, I figure you might as well know it," she said with a curt nod. "Hai, Eira Gremory... nice to meet you, and thank you." she said once more, which made the angel's eyes widen slightly. "I haven't done anything yet," she said finding this girl's attitude to be a strange one for a human and especially optimistic for what she'd heard about devils. "Iie, you said you'd try and do it for him. Even if you have your own reasons built in, you're trying for relative strangers and that's enough for me," Eira said, with a compassion and understanding in those crimson eyes of hers. Unlike the denizens of Heaven, Eira didn't need people to act completely unselfishly. The reasons they did things weren't important, to her the outcome and the place their heart was in at the start was the thing of greatest import. If you could bring yourself to do things that inconvenience you for the sake of another, you'd already done more than you needed to.

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