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    "You can say that as much as you like, but... it's always those types that end up doing things like this under the right circumstance. If you have faith that there's still a turning point, though... well, you've been wrong few enough times," Leishi stated. He would have easily done what he could about the Red Dragon Emperor, but he had no intentions of meddling directly in things before they became his business officially. If ever this created a problem for himself or those in his care, though, he would not be asking a second time. While Eira had her secretive discussion with one of the nearby Angels, Leishi returned to the peerage he belonged with, which happened to place him among Eira's servants as well. "You should have known better," Izuna said, knowing well what the former Onmyouji had offered. "I always make one offer. One. If I didn't do that, I would be a very rude person."

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    The words of Leishi weren't particularly new to Eira. Perhaps he'd offered this thing a couple of times before now, but she'd never let anyone else interfere with the way she dealt with her Peerage. If he had to say that he always offered once, perhaps she was similar in the way she dealt with people, but her doings with Takumi would be her own. Besides that she became more than acutely aware of any potential risks the lad had and could also do whatever else she needed to without the direct inference of the Onmyouji. "I've never really been wrong, so thanks for believing in me Leishi~" she said, liking his boy enough to care about his opinion of her. She knew what he wanted to do about this situation, but she couldn't rightly let him do such a thing. Once Leishi returned to the upper roof, it seemed he would be chided by Izuna for making the offer he had. "Eir might be strange about this... but I'll chose to believe in this one," Youmu said with her normal lack of affect. To be honest, she was exactly the type of person others would have wanted to wipe out as well. But, Eira had faith in her, and as such she trusted the lass' judgement about others. Besides that she'd seen the fire in Takumi's eyes previously and knew that bar the horrendous thing that had happened here, the lad wasn't likely to relapse in such a way again.

    The conversation between Eira and the Angel had taken a pivotal turn, and soon enough, it would cause the white haired Cassiel to approach as well. "You made her speechless..." she said of Sariel. "Sari is never speechless... what interesting people you are," she said calmly before reaching out to the guardian angel who nodded. "I'll be in touch!" she said to Eira before she took off with the Vanishing Dragon. With these people out of the way Eira was clear to do what she had to do as well. Her devil wings still visible she had no problem carrying Takumi back up top, if only to thank their helpers for their support. "Arigatou, Lu-chan, Leishi. Sorry we caused you so much trouble," she mentioned to Lucaro and Leishi and of course the other members of their peerage.

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    "Sure, sure! All I'm saying is, that kid would be more useful as a servant if he didn't have that Dragon arm. But, who am I to judge people for wanting to take the hard route?" Leishi replied with his hands in the air, as if surrendering. With that out of the way, the robe-clad male more properly took Lucaro's side. It seemed the time had come for the additional peerage here to take its leave, and in good time, considering how Eira spoke when she returned carrying Takumi. "I wouldn't call it trouble. If anything, we were just spectating. Let's go, guys. Leishi will take care of any absence the Red Dragon has from school."

    As Lucaro stepped away, Leishi turned to face the blue-haired male in shock. "Eh!? Why do I always get shafted with this kind of stuff!? Nym's the one who likes paperwork!" he said. Regardless, he followed along, looking over his shoulder to share his own parting words. "If you change your mind... let me know. Time might be a factor."

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    A smile came to Eira's face at the idea that Takumi would be a better servant if he didn't have his Dragon arm. She thought that was likely very true, as it could potentially lead to something crazy. Still, this wasn't the sort of decision she'd make on his behalf. She'd already made one decision like this for the lad, and didn't intend to do it again if it could be avoided. Such things would be in direct contrast to the promise she'd made him, upon his creation. "Hard roads build character..." were the words spoken by Youmu who looked at Eira strangely as she apologized for the trouble, but apparently had nothing else to say.

    To Eira's surprise, or maybe not, Lucaro claimed that it hadn't been much trouble to them at all, that rather they'd spectated the event as it were. This was indeed true, except for Leishi's participation, which would likely seem strange to outsiders considering that they were indeed two distinct groups of Devils. "Still, thank you~" she offered the lads giving a gentle bow. "Come on guys, it's time to go home..." she said still there was a deep contemplative look on the crimson haired devil's face. Perhaps she should be preparing more for their current arrangement than she'd been doing presently. She'd have time to think this over after returning to her palatial apartment with her Peerage Members in tow. Sometime after getting Takumi settled and any potential injuries of his treated. She settled into a comfy high backed chair in a room which had been converted into an office within her apartment. To her knowledge, everyone or most of them were still meandering around and she was considering options on how to help the group and Takumi for now.

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    After the peerage of Eira Gremory overcame the occurrences surrounding Takumi and his Juggernaut Drive rampage, there was settlement in the crimson-haired Devil's apartment. While she sat in her office, knocking began at the door. This was followed immediately by the voice of Izuna. "I'm coming in," he said, not hesitating a moment thereafter before pushing open the door. Once inside, he shut the door behind himself, and walked forward until he was able to sit atop Eira's desk. "So, Angel friends and a berserker Dragon subordinate. You're on a roll today."

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    The knock at Eira's door disturbed her thinking space. Of course in this house, she expected to never spend much time alone, actually she counted on that. The knock let her know it was one of the males, and if the sound of the voice wasn't enough, the sudden intrusion into her space would be a dead giveaway to the person who'd chosen to enter her office space. "So, you respect my privacy as your leader by knocking... and assert your dominance as my Queen by barging in anyways?" she chimed quizzically as the lad sat atop her desk. Still there was the matter of the new Angel friends and the berserk Takumi to take into account for the day. The crimson-haired lass gave an exasperated sigh, "I didn't go out looking to make Angel friends, Izuna..." she exclaimed allowing her head to fall forward into an extended hand. "And I definitely didn't foresee Takumi rampaging or the circumstances surrounding that. I figured just once, someone wouldn't have to be completely broken to end up in my care..." she said. Eira felt defeated by their current situation. It was almost as if the universe was backing her into a corner, forcing her hand in a way she didn't like it to be. She could see to some strengthening of her group, while tending to Takumi and his recovery. Even so, it seemed like the only way to do it, would be to use powers she generally avoided.

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    "Oh, you remembered?" he asked rhetorically. While sitting upon the desk, Izuna crossed both his arms and legs. Eira claimed she initially had no intention of befriending Angels, nor did she foresee the events surrounding her new Pawn. None of that mattered to Izuna. Regardless of anyone's desires, these things happened today before their very eyes, and there was no going back from that. All Izuna wondered was how Eira would move forward. "Spilled milk," he said in response to her claims. "What now?"

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    A smirk came to Eira's face after hearing the words of her Queen. He was many things, but practical in the way he viewed the world was at the top of the list. If nothing else, Eira could count on Izuna to keep her grounded and help her sort through the great myriad of feelings she had surrounding various things that happened in her life. "You know just because you can summarize things down to two words, doesn't mean it's always what I am looking for..." she mentioned as she picked her head up and stared at the boy now sitting with both his arms and legs crossed atop her desk. "But in this case, I needed that, arigatou~" she managed slipping her arms around his waist in an effort to pull him a tiny bit closer to herself so she could hug him. As for what was actually next there was many things Eira could say and all of them would require a bit of background. "As for what is next, that is technically up to you guys..." she said of the Peerage as a whole, but that sounded a bit more open ended than she meant, so she went on to elaborate. "Nii-sama, was trying to get me to see how much you guys were in this for me. He..." she paused thinking of how to word the meddling of her elder brother. "Reminded me that I have the ability to use those bonds, to strengthen myself and you guys as members of my Peerage, if you are willing to take that from me," she said calmly. This was something she hadn't ever actually mentioned. She supposed though, it made sense for her to say it now, and to Izuna first as it would be him who set the tone for everyone else. As was the case with most powers Eira didn't use in front of anyone, this obviously involved some level of permanence which was something she didn't like forcing on anyone.

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    "Well, what you're looking for is an answer to something. I ain't got that," he replied. Of course, Izuna had every desire to assist this woman in whatever way possible, regardless of any cost to himself, but he could not possibly provide answers without even knowing the question. Either way, Eira seemed satisfied with what he said regardless. In fact, she went on to pull him into a hug. Following this was an explanation as to what her brother had reminded her of, as far as her own abilities were concerned. Izuna had always been under the assumption that these powers required something more extreme than what could be acquired through bonds of friendship. The way Eira spoke, though, it was a much more simple matter than that. "You don't make it seem like there's a lot to this bond thing. I don't know about the other guys, but you know I'll go to whatever lengths. So... what's the catch?"

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    Eira couldn't help but smile a bit as her Queen mentioned that he didn't have the answers to the questions she sought to ask the universe. To be honest, she didn't expect that of him at all, instead she was content to squeeze and enjoy him as a person and get the answers to inquiries she was more comfortable asking him. Case in point, her mention of her extra abilities and those she could technically bestow among the members of her Peerage. When he mentioned he was willing to go through any lengths, but there was obviously a catch to it that Eira hadn't herself mentioned, she let go of him first. This would be a rare occurance for the lass as she was normally all about her bonding with the people she knew. "The catch is for me it would involve, being very direct about what I am," she said calmly. "For you guys, it would be invasive. Not you to each other though, just you to me. We'd be able to speak in each others minds, borrow each others mental strengths. It would outright make most of you stronger, harder to harm, easier to heal, and give you immunity to the kind of power I haven't been using nor mentioning having... It could also give you a power based on one of mine, or allow me a power based on yours..." she explained. "But it would also mark you as mine, physically it'd give you a visible mark with it being more intricate the closer we are bonded," she mentioned all and all this didn't sound terrible without one key piece of information. "But, I'm a Succubus, so, bonding with me on different levels will likely be different for everyone involved and.... intimate." Eira left that statement to hang in the air, before this moment she'd never properly explained what kind of Devil she was for rather obvious reasons. She supposed it might have been obvious to some of the others, and it might not have been a surprise. Even so it might be, and to be honest, she'd been dreading the moment where she had to be the sort of honest using an ability like this would require.

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