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Thread: Kuoh Town

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    "Hai. It is my understanding that one of the Occult Research Club's most outstanding members is going to be especially busy soon. I'm sure you remember Kagimi Izuna, our Soccer Club star player? He's going to be taking our school to Nationals this year, so there won't be much time to get this entire club together," Izuna said under the guise of the councilor. Truly, he could not resist plugging himself and his goals into even this discussion. Maiko's mother admittedly had no issues with this faux field trip, but demanded that the girl stay for dinner first. Izuna chuckled through his disguised face, but bowed to the girl's mother nonetheless, and followed Eira away from the building. Even doing so, he seemed displeased. "I want dinner. Human dinner is awesome," he said, simultaneously deciding they had reached a great enough distance from the building that he could switch to his normal form. "I should have threatened to suspend her daughter if she didn't offer us some."

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    A smirk came to Eira's face as Izuna mentioned that he was taking the Soccer team to Nationals. It was a bit of shameless self-promotion which caused Maiko to cut the boy a serious glance, but that wouldn't change anything. Instead, Maiko got to enjoy a dinner with her mother as Eira and Izuna fled. Outside of the house, soon enough Eira was left looking at the false face of Izuna which made her comment about that. "That councilor has a really intense chin... like super chiseled," she said seemingly abstractly as the boy's face would return to his own while he complained about not getting dinner. "Yare yare, you don't have to threaten to suspend her. I am sure, you could have dinner there anytime you wanted..." she said finding that woman to be a strange one. "Hell with that plug about winning Nationals I bet she comes back with a message that if you win you have to come over..." said Eira, humans were pretty easy to read. And the ones who were parents were a strange amount of nice, "Speaking of, are you alright? You seemed to do quite a bit in your match, and I wouldn't want you passing out from exhaustion too..." said Eira ever the caretaker of her little group as she moved with Izuna wherever he was leading her next.

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    "Doesn't he!? It's disgusting! Every time I make myself look like that guy, I get so happy to be right back to normal. Good old manly me," Izuna ranted. As for the topic of humans and their choice in night time meals, he wondered if there was truly a chance Maiko's mother would offer him such an invite. All of the trips he'd made to cover for her misconduct in school had been at this sort of time, so he'd smelled the woman's cooking numerous times in the past. An offer for a free meal of hers would just be additional motivation for his winning of the National competition. As they walked the path toward Takumi's dwelling, Eira questioned his state of being, breaking his focus from the matter of food. "Huh? Oh, yeah. I've never used Touki for that long before. I probably shouldn't do that again for a while, but other than that, I'm fine. What? Worried about little old me?"

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    "Manly huh?" Eira said, finding this boy's view of himself to be worthy of a chuckle or two. Of course, she preferred the kind of softness this fox boy had in his physical features, but it was also generally accepted that she liked men that weren't particularly manly as far as their physical features were concerned. Moving beyond this, it seemed the young man was content to think of food, until of course, Eira interrupted him to question his well-being. He went on to explain that he'd been using an ability which took a lot out of him and he'd done it too much. He claimed to be fine and went on to question if Eira worried for him. "Ara, you don't have to ask that," she said seemingly aghast. "Of course, I was worried about you. Losses are rare, and I'd never seen you do that before... I was tense the whole time, but I had faith you'd do something to show off," she said slipping an arm around this young man and giving him a gentle squeeze as she was prone to doing. "Plus I couldn't have you risking the sort of injury that would keep you from Nationals, I'd never hear the end of it~" Eira chimed adding in her own bit of teasing at the end.

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    "Of course! Don't act like you don't know I'm the manliest guy around!" Izuna gloated, seeming to believe wholeheartedly in his own claim of masculinity. In all honesty, he did believe himself to be the epitome of masculine features, bar few. Perhaps, though, this was somehow attributed to his existence as a Youkai in Kyoto before joining Eira as a Devil.

    They continued moving forward, but the response of Eira was joined by a grip and squeeze to Izuna's person. He took a moment to look upon Eira through the corner of his eye, while formulating a rebuttal of his own. "You really like doing stuff that'll make people talk, don't you?" he said first, regarding the strange hold she had on him. Izuna knew better than to think anything of this himself, of course, but there was more in his own mind giving credence to his statement. "Besides, nothing's gonna keep me from the win. Even if that did happen, Leishi's more than enough for these other teams. He could make the rest of our guys better in my place."

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    "Of course you are..." Eira said in a manner which would make most assume she was agreeing with him. Of course, she saw his features as particularly soft and girly, but since that was the sort of thing she liked in the first place it likely wasn't anything she'd say aloud. Beyond all this she allowed herself a gentle grip on the young man for a few moments while they walked, only to have him mention this in a very strange way. "I literally always do things like this, to everyone... and no one talks," she said. Which was true enough, no one she cared about the opinion of, ever had anything negative to say about the attention she paid to her peerage. If she was being honest, she was probably one of the more affectionate people, and likely would have been that way with anyone she cared for, regardless of how she cared for them. "But I see, you're shunning me too now..." she said a pout applied to her face as she let her little fox boy go. To her knowledge he'd never had a problem with the amount of attention she paid him before now, and she had no working idea as to why it would suddenly matter now. She honestly didn't mean much of anything by it, she simply felt better while maintaining a certain amount of closeness with members of her peerage.

    As the moved along in their conversation, Eira found herself nodding her agreement, to his statements about nationals. "Yeah, I know Leishi can get the job done, but I meant I'd never hear the end of it from you..." she said in a joking manner. "So, I'll make sure you stay in peak condition. So you and Leishi can sweep up and win~" she said, wholeheartedly supporting this young man's desire to excel in the sport he chose to participate in.

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    "Do they not? Are you sure they don't just say things when you can't hear? Maybe... to themselves, even? I dunno," he said while casually strolling forward. Eira released him after he spoke of this hold, adding the clause that she was being shunned. To this, Izuna raised a brow. "Urusai! You know better than that by now. I was just... making an observation. Anyway, we're almost there." True to the former Youkai's words, they would very soon be approaching the place of residence for Yasukawa Takumi's parents, separate from the boy's own dwelling. En route, Izuna took the form of Takumi, prior to the lad's participation in the recent Rating Games. He was clad in Takumi's school uniform to complete the look his parents should have expected of him, and after rounding one additional corner like this, he stepped up to the front door of a modest abode. He had nothing more to say about the Soccer team's trip to the National competition, though he did have something to say in general, spoken through the voice of Takumi as he knocked on the door. "This is gonna be weird," he said. In seeing Takumi's memories, he knew how strange it would be for the boy's parents to see him arriving with a girl, no matter the reason.

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    "Why would I care about people who don't matter, talking about things they don't understand? To themselves or anyone else..." Eira asked, obviously it wasn't really in her general disposition to care very much about what people thought of her. If she were being honest the only people's whose opinions meant anything to her, were part of her Peerage or immediate family and literally everyone else didn't really matter. But after she let go of Izuna he seemed to have a bit more to say, mostly telling her to shut up and that he hadn't meant for his statements to be taken as shunning. A small smile spread across her face, "Ano, I wouldn't know that, I had to be sure. Stuff has been changing a lot lately and I am not sure how to feel about any of it," mentioned Eira, but she wouldn't have much if any time to elaborate on this. Soon enough, Izuna was changing forms and knocking on the door.

    Eira to her credit couldn't help but notice how far this place was away from the building which was their school. It made her wonder how Takumi managed to make it to school on time. When Izuna in Takumi's form mentioned that this would be weird, Eira's left brow raised slightly. "Why exactly would it be weird?" she questioned. Wondering if they shouldn't have had this part of the conversation before arriving at the door. Too bad they wouldn't get the chance to talk it over for any longer than that moment because soon after the knock at the door it would swing open, and a woman with dark hair and large brown eyes would open it. She had about an average figure and her hair was pulled back from her face in a pony tail. She seemed to have the same general unassuming look that Takumi seemed to maintain. But instead of the normal greeting which one would have expected, like the sort they'd seen at Maiko's house, there was only one question. "Who is she?" posed as she looked over Eira with a most distrusting look. Eira to her credit managed to look a bit stunned. She'd been confronted many ways before in her life, but never had she expected this sort of reaction. 'Ano, what did Takumi do, to get this sort of reaction to coming home with a girl?'

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    If Izuna intended to offer Eira any sort of response, he would not be able to at all. Takumi's mother suddenly pulled the front door open, wasting no time in even moving to it after he knocked. With the visage of Takumi, Izuna looked surprised by the sudden appearance of the woman before him, and timid when she asked for the identity of the girl in his presence. "Kaa-san... ohayou gozaimasu," he said with his right hand rising to rub the back of his head sheepishly. It was Izuna's understanding that Takumi would react this way, specifically in such an instance as this. He hadn't seen his parents since being sent across town to be closer to his new school, and he very much intended to avoid the sorts of situations which got him expelled to upset them. Wasting no further time, he went on with an explanation. "This is... I... joined the Occult Research Club at Kuoh Academy. She's... the President. The club is going on a field trip, so I thought... you should know."

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    Eira watched as Izuna mimicked Takumi's mannerisms and she was pleasantly surprised by how accurate it was. She didn't know what this boy had done to become so timid around his parents, but he was equally as timid around her. Given this, she had no problem waiting to be addressed again. Her eyes shifting to Takumi's mother who was all but glaring at the young woman as she clasped her hands in front of herself. 'I wonder if I wouldn't be better off hypnotizing this woman...' Eira said. It was very rare for her to feel like someone was threatening her, but there was extreme distrust and anger in this woman's face at Eira's mere presence. She could only imagine how this could potentially play out.

    Izuna's reactions and explanation, seemed to make something in Takumi's mother's face shift. Her eyes narrowed. She didn't know her son was interested in the Occult, but club activities in general were good for his general well-being so she couldn't actually be mad about anything. She still felt somewhat suspicious that the young woman in charge of the club was so... attractive. Given the trouble her son had been in before, she could only see direct interactions with this young woman leading to the boy being expelled again. "You joined a club and this is the first I'm hearing of it. And this girl is the leader of it... uh-huh..." said the woman skeptically. Her eyes immediately shot over to the young woman, making Eira fight to hold off the sigh she wanted to exhale. 'I really should just hypnotize this woman...' she thought as she stared back at this woman with practiced patience and impassioned eyes. "So that means you're responsible for this group. What is an Occult Research Club? What kind of trip is it? Where are you going? How long will you be gone? Do you intend to look after him and make sure he doesn't get into any trouble while you're gone?" this series of questions left Takumi's mother's mouth and Eira managed to look surprised. She'd thought this woman was just filled with unknowable angst, but these questions were of the standard variety. Even though they were delivered with glaring intensity, Eira had no problem answering.

    "Hai, I'm responsible for the group. My name is Eira Gremory and I'm a second year student at Kuoh Academy. It's nice to meet you..." she said offering the woman a small bow and continuing to answer her questions in order. "The Occult Research Club, is a group interested in the studying the potentially supernatural. It was started by my best friend, Izuna and I, when we entered high school. We thought the old school house on campus was haunted and wanted to investigate it, so they let us have it along with permission to create our own club there..." she said which was the on paper version of what the Occult Research Club did. In truth it was created as a base for Eira to house her peerage at school outside of the watchful eyes of mortals, and gave her the freedom to miss classes and other club activities in case of an emergency within the area of her control. "The trip is an adventure, meant to build camaraderie between members of the Occult Club of which there are eight total members including Takumi. Since we already know the secrets of the old school house. We are investigating a few of the supposedly haunted sites around Japan and using it as an opportunity to tour the country side and get to know each other better since a large number of the students at Kuoh only transferred in recently," Eira answered the first question and offered a smile. "As for how long we will be gone, the trip is planned for about a week, but we might need a bit more time than that, with travel constraints and a few of the more esoteric places that might require a bit more time for us to get the necessary information and experience all of the sights. A couple of the places are time locked or regionally specific, it's sort of the fun of it..." she said calmly. "And yes, I intend to look after Takumi and everyone else. No one will get into much, if any trouble on my watch, and I wouldn't allow anything which would reflect negatively upon the Occult Research Club nor Kuoh Academy," Eira finished up. "We would just appreciate it if he could come along. It'd be good for everyone to get a chance to get to know him, since he's our newest addition. And he's the only one who didn't already have permission so I thought to come along and answer any questions you might have." she said. Eira in this moment, seemed to sound like her normal protective self. She didn't know what kind of trouble, Takumi's mother thought he could get into, but she wouldn't allow anything truly horrid to happen on her watch. Even the ever troublesome Maiko managed to stay more out of trouble than she had previously. After she spoke Takumi's mother's gaze shifted back to what she thought was him, she was studying him in this moment, before her glare returned to Eira. Eira took a deep breath waiting to see what Izuna would say or do, while she seriously gave thought to simply changing the woman's mind. But, if she could get away with simply convincing the woman that she had no ill-intentions for her son, she'd settle for that without use of her abilities.

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