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    "H-hai," he said regarding Eira's position as leader of the club Takumi joined. The fresh Devil's mother went on to question many things related to the club and their alleged field trip, but Eira was content to answer these in sequence, so Izuna didn't have to deal with the awkwardness that would have been Takumi's responses. This did, however, leave him silently awaiting the end of an exchange between Eira and Takumi's mother. He expected words from the older woman after Eira's explanations, but what came instead was a stare at the image of Takumi being presented by Izuna. 'Kuso. Why does this kid have to be so damn awkward about everything? I was never like this with my mom,' Izuna thought.

    There had to be something he could come forward with. He found himself fishing in his own mind for a reaction befitting of Takumi, and in the end... he resorted to himself as a scapegoat. "Eto... It should be fun. Kagimi-senpai has been helping me get adjusted to the school, and he says making a bond with the rest of the club will help me get over the past. I'd... really like to go."

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    After several moments of glaring the Izuna/Takumi managed to say something. Eira's eyes widened and her left brow rose, as it was mentioned that Izuna was helping him adjust to school and thought the trip would be good for him. And to Eira's surprise his mother seemed to remain stern for only a few more seconds before she sighed. "Kagimi?" she asked seeming to find this name to be one which required a bit more explanation. Eira had no problem coming to a save for this one. "Kagimi Izuna is my friend I started the club with. He's also Vice-President of the Occult Research Club and one of the stars of the Soccer team," she said with a smile spreading across her face. "He's going to take them to Nationals~" she said calmly. Takumi's mother seemed to listen to this, along with her sons reasoning behind wanting to go, and for the first time since the pair of them had been met at the door, her face softened. "Sou ka. Well, I don't want your past following you, and if you are making friends and adjusting to school, I can't keep you from that..." she said. She had been a bit wary of her son going on a trip alone with what could have potentially been the same sort of women who'd initially gotten him into trouble. With the knowledge that he was managing to make friends of the male variety and wouldn't necessary be in a position to get into fights over the rather buxom female presently in his company she was less defensive.

    Eira maintained a soft smile, rather happy that she hadn't had to hypnotize this woman at all. Just as she was feeling the full strength of this relief, the elder woman's gaze was back upon her. "You'll make sure he brings us back some nice souvenirs right?" she said to Eira which made the girl look surprised and then simply nod and smile. "Hai hai, I'll help him find something nice for you~" she said seemingly fine with this. Eira was quite prone to doing such shopping herself, and had no problem collecting a few things to make Takumi's trip realistic. At this point, she was considering having the trip in reality at a later time so that they could really make the memories together. Takumi's mother nodded her gaze less penetrating than it'd been before. "That's fine, then. Enjoy your trip, and when you come back, I'll make your favorite dinner for you..." she offered Takumi, while opening her arms to hug her son. She figured this boy should be on his way back to his own apartment to pack, and beyond that, she hadn't actually been cooking much without him in their dwelling. And she wasn't a cold woman, simply she'd been wary of the female this boy was with, and his reasoning for showing up at her house. She had to have a bit of faith that nothing as bad as what had happened previously would occur again. And as far as she could tell, her son's mild-mannered behavior was still at the forefront of his being. Thinking of a future visit would give her a reason to prepare something nice for her family, and even more reason to be hopeful. With this in mind she'd be content to let the boy go. "Off you go then. You have your permission... be good." she said to the boy. "And it was nice meeting you..." she managed for Eira which made the girl smile. "It was nice meeting you too~" the crimson haired lass said stepping back a few paces, to begin their journey away.

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    "Hai. He's acting as my personal guide until I get adjusted to new life," spoke the voice of Takumi. He was otherwise silent, reacting only when the mother offered her permission for the trip, with open arms. Without a moment of hesitation, he stepped forward to hug this woman. Izuna felt nothing of this, and frankly would have rather avoided it, but he had to keep up appearances. "Arigatou, Kaa-san. Ja," he said. With that, he squeezed the woman gently before letting go, and being on his way. He continued onward from there to a distance where he felt safe taking his own form again. Once he was wearing his own face, he sighed. Being Takumi was not nearly as annoying as being the councilor, but it was more awkward than most things he'd ever done. "He better wake up at some point. I don't really like the idea of being him a second time just to tell his mom he's alright."

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    With the fake Takumi agreeing to have his trip Eira and the boy were soon leaving the Yasukawa residence. It was seemingly only a minor inconvenience to their day. Soon enough, Izuna was wearing his own face again, and commenting that he didn't wish to take the boy's form again, just to speak with his mother. A chuckle came from Eira as she nudged this young man. "Ara, I thought you did well, and it'd get you that human dinner you were on about~" she said in a manner most teasing. "But he'll likely wake up eventually so it shouldn't be a problem. We'll look after him," she finished feeling sternly about this. "To be honest, I am just really happy I didn't have to hypnotize her. I'd been considering it since we'd first arrived..." she said stilling finding the overall interaction to be strange considering the types of relationships she normally saw play out between children and their parents. There was something strange about Takumi she didn't know, and now she at least had a bit of the drive to look into a bit more. "Arigatou, Izuna, for looking after Takumi," she offered the young man earnestly. She knew that though he was definitely the type to talk himself up, she could trust that he'd actually been looking in on their newest acquisition, in a way that Eira herself couldn't because of the strangeness the lad presented with.

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    Izuna continued walking on a clear path toward Eira's home. En route, he received a nudge for his apparent distaste of taking the role of Takumi. This was of course nothing which bothered him too greatly; it wasn't that he outright refused to act as the lad if the need arose. It was simply a fact that it was not his preference to act as either of the two people he'd disguised himself as today. It seemed Eira also had her preferences, which managed to fall in line with their most recent interaction. "You were gonna hypnotize her? That would have made you lose the race~" he said, suddenly bringing back his own mental battle between Eira and Miyuki, regarding the peerage's recent acquisition. As for Takumi himself, Izuna truly saw himself taking on the role of 'senpai' as it were, considering many things he knew, and the strangeness surrounding Takumi and women. "Yeah... I'll keep an eye on the kid... make sure everything's alright."

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    "Don't say it like that..." Eira managed seeming just the slightest bit outraged. "I don't generally like hypnotizing people, or using those powers... I am not really not used to out right suspicion from people. I considered I might have to make an abnormal decision under pressure again," she clarified, knowing that moments of indecision around things, and feeling strangely about situations was what led to her creation of Takumi as her pawn in the first place. On the matter of some invisible race between herself and apparently Miyuki, Eira could do nothing but shrug. "I don't actually care about any of that, as long as he's going to be alright. I'm fine," she said, though she admittedly felt strangely about justifying herself in such a way. Normally she didn't bother acknowledging such things at all. To be honest her peerage had recently become very good at pressing her buttons, even when she didn't know there were buttons to press. Takumi himself seemed to be such an individual. Even so, as they approached Eira's apartment, she was told that Izuna would continue looking after her newest acquisition, and that gave the crimson haired young woman a great deal of relief.

    "That's great! Izuna you're the best!~" chimed Eira offering this young man a hug. She truly didn't know what she'd do without this young man at her side. Even so, she couldn't help her own curiosity about the situation, given this, it would likely be the case that she left Takumi's acclimation to Izuna and found out the other things from a more direct source. His mother's reaction to Eira's presence, let her know that whatever had happened with Takumi, it likely had something to do with him and women in his previous schooling. Since Izuna was acting as his confidant, she wouldn't ask him to betray the lad's trust, anything she found out would have to be either directly from Takumi, unlikely or from another source. As she thought this way she'd squeeze Izuna a bit tighter knowing that he likely wouldn't be staying with her tonight, though she'd invited the entire peerage to stay as she always did.

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    "Uh-huh..." said Izuna. He had no further comments about the spur-of-the-moment decisions made by Eira as of late, whether he had his own opinion of them or not. At the very least, Eira was content to appreciate his choice in taking on Takumi as a ward of sorts - something he intended to do regardless. Even as she hugged/squeezed him, he continued walking with a simple arm thrown around the female Devil's shoulder. Soon enough, they were upon the apartment they were meant to reach, and Izuna was letting go. "Anyway... I'm headed home. I've got practice early tomorrow. Gotta keep these guys at the top of their game, y'know? Ja ne," he said, taking his leave of Eira soon after.

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    Eira seemed to be allowed to wallow in her random decision making in peace, which was quite surprising. Even so, she knew their little trip was soon coming to an end, and as they came to a stop in front of her apartment, Izuna mentioned going home to prepare for soccer practice the next day. A chuckle escaped Eira, because although she knew the boy took his sport seriously, she was always more than a bit bemused that he didn't simply wish to live with her. She wouldn't go against his wishes in this case, but it was by far the strangest of her arrangements considering Izuna's life as her Queen. "Oh fine. I definitely invited you to stay like everyone else, but if you want to leave me..." she said pouting in a playful way. "I won't argue~" she finished offering a final squeeze before separating herself from him. "Gambatte, Izuna~ Have a nice night, and thanks again~" she chimed leaving to head into her apartment. Of course that thanks covered a large variety of things, including his participation in the earlier Rating Game, his general help with managing her Peerages members, and his friendship, afforded to her in all of its instigation based goodness. This would leave Eira's night to progress as normal into the next day, members of her peerage would come and go from her household seemingly without real restriction. For as long as was necessary to excuse the absence of a singular member of her Peerage who was acutely unconscious carrying on about her day, aside from caring for him.

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    The Red Dragon Emperor, Takumi, certainly earned his beauty sleep over time. Just over two weeks passed from the moment he fell unconscious, to the moment he woke. The boy stirred until his eyes were open, and he immediately found himself in very foreign territory. The bed surrounding him was a great deal more massive and comfortable than any he'd ever had the pleasure of sleeping in, yet he knew not why he was in it at all. A groan escaped him as he forced himself into an upright sitting position, pressing his right hand against his face. This was normally an action Takumi used his left hand for, but something felt strange. His left arm was absolutely throbbing from elbow to fingertips. Why was this? He couldn't quite remember why, but he felt it was something major. In this groggy state of his, Takumi didn't seem to have the clarity of mind to check said arm. If he did, perhaps he would have realized his Boosted Gear was in a semi-constant state of being, much like its Twice Critical form, and the skin that showed on the arm around it bore the scales of a Dragon.

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    The waking of the Red Dragon Emperor, would cause the stirring of another who was sharing a bed with him. Similarly to how they first met, Eira Gremory was sleeping immediately to Takumi's left and upon feeling him stirring into proper wakefulness, woke as well. This comfortable bed, much bigger than it needed to be for even two people, was hers and in the apartment she kept as part of her cover for living in the Human World. Even so, a smile came to her face as she saw Takumi waking and she spoke to him surprisingly calmly, unable to stop herself from her usual habits she slipped her arms around the young man and gave him a gentle squeeze, her naked flesh brushing against him for only a moment. "Yare yare, you gave us quite a scare Ta-ku-mi~" she said with general sing-song tone to her voice. "Ohayou gozaimasu~" she said before letting him go. Knowing a bit too much about this lad now, she decided to dress herself by the quicker method summoning a magical circle which covered her nudity in her usual attire of a curve hugging short sleeved black dress, this look though was without its usual arm covering sleeves and shoes as she was still in bed. "You've been unconscious for two weeks, so feel free to give yourself time to adjust..." she said as she sat up ruffling bedhead out of her face. "Also don't scream..."

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