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    In halving the power of Cassiel, Takumi managed to restore some of his own energy. Even so, he remained where he was due to the unacceptable state of his physical self. While he struggled with his own condition, Cassiel encroached upon the jewel he had replaced with one taken from her, speaking in a way that made her intentions clear. It seemed that in the way Takumi intended to embody domination, she wore the mantle of supremacy to suit the dragon within her. Takumi was further shocked by the ease at which this occurred for the half-angel when compared to his own ordeal. Moreover, the contrast between the two dragons showed itself once more when the Divine Dividing Balance Breaker announced the 'acceptance' of the Welsh Dragon's power. Much like Cassiel's Sacred Gear in its base form, Ddraig's power unveiled itself for her as a pair of red wings. Takumi gritted his teeth upon seeing this transition. "Kuso..."

    Prior to anything else happening between the two, another angelic feature made herself present in the space between them. This female angel took a moment to heal the pair after noting that they wouldn't be lasting much longer regardless. Such a claim was even more annoying to Takumi. 'Still useless,' he thought, though it did not seem to be his own. As if triggered by this event, other thoughts that had never belonged to any form of Takumi began circling his mind.

    'The White One has taken from us.'

    'This is unacceptable.'

    'Kill her. The Vanishing Dragon must fall at last.'

    'Use it!'

    A great struggle was occurring in the subconscious of Takumi, as if within the Sacred Gear itself. Even though his body had been healed by this newcomer of an angel, he still seemed pained. "I, who shall awaken..." he muttered under his breath whilst in a trance-like state. In the very next moment though, his teeth clenched again and his eyes squeezed tightly shut. The seal on his left hand glowed during the time in which it assisted his efforts to fight this powerful urge. Eventually, he was back to his previous self enough to look toward Cassiel. "... Ou," he said, setting his gaze upon the other woman thereafter. "Arigatou... gozaimasu. We're done then?"

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    Cassiel seemed content to have reigned supreme in this moment. Even so, she wasn't unfamiliar with the things the Red Dragon Emperor was experiencing. Even as they were healed, it seemed that he was struggling with something within himself and Cassie observed this with a knowing light within her eyes. Sariel observed it with something much closer to fear, the last time this particular dragon had rampaged, he'd rather easily dispatched a fallen angel and would have taken out a large chunk of the city without the help of almost a dozen other devils, and various creatures of lore working together. Right now, she didn't much like her chances with just herself and Cassiel as the only thing standing between this lad and the kind of destruction he could reign down upon them. Even if Cassiel were capable in this moment of doing something great about him, with their current exchange of abilities, in their Juggernaut Drives their battle would be closer to fair than the last time, and that would be the sort of battle which could wipe this whole town off the map. Whatever the case, these fears were not realized. Either by the mark on his hand, or his own will, he overcame those voices at least once, and didn't finish the incantation which would have started the pair of them onto another epic battle. The bit of tension that had built up in the angel, was let out in an exasperated sigh. "Whew, I thought I was about to be in trouble for a second there. I am glad, she managed something..." she said without much detail on the point, but seeming to understand the lad had been reigned in at least a little by his master. "I am Sariel, the Angel of Mercy and also the Guardian Angel of Cassiel, it is nice to properly meet you, Yasukawa Takumi..." she said, already being privy to the name which the boy had and among other things choosing to be polite in this moment.

    Regardless of this, Cassiel had one piece of advice for the lad, which likely would let him know at the very least, even though she was already past this point, she understood what he was going through. "Yasukawa-kun, if you are truly the Dragon of Domination... make sure your voice is the loudest. Drown out the others with that will of yours," she said giving the lad a curt nod. "Arigatou na..." she said turning to walk away now. She had plenty more to think about and all of it surrounded the strange events which seemed to constantly take place around this boy. Meanwhile the angel who'd landed with them so recently simply nodded her head. "I am sure that is all she has to say. Thank you... for keeping her company. She may not show it well but, she appreciates it," she said acting as emotional speaker for the girl who seemed to be a bit of an anomaly as she was fine with abandoning this fight having given the lad the only advice she knew could help him.

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    Takumi glanced in the direction of the angel Sariel, taking her introduction without much to say. He nodded to her, but split his attention when Cassiel mentioned that he should make his voice the loudest if he were to claim the mantle of Dragon of Domination. Such a statement could only mean she knew what he had experienced... which meant she had already overcome the same issue, and had access to whatever incredible power had just threatened to consume him. 'Kuso. Whatever that is... she's at that high a level,' he thought. Cassiel left after sharing these words, while Sariel stayed behind for a moment to translate the meaning behind the girl's words. Something about this portrayed a certain loneliness about the Miracle Child, and though Takumi was unsure how to fully interpret it, it made him wonder if this was some cruel fate of dragonkind. It was too much to think about when added to the other things floating around in his mind, so he decided in the end to just get up and walk away. "Arigatou. I guess... tell her too," were the only other words he had for the angel.

    As Takumi headed home, another individual appeared via magic circle. The form which materialized was that of a jet black male cat in contrast to the white female one in the apartment. One would note this as a very familiar creature, but regardless, it was sure the other feline it sought would be more than aware. 'Ohayou gozaimasu, Eir,' it communicated by use of telepathy and a single meow.

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    It seemed that Takumi took the meaning that Cassiel meant to portray by her words. Beyond this even the words of Sariel seemed to echo a certain loneliness of the Miracle Child. Truly, Cassiel had a very interesting path to take in life, and beyond what she had mentioned she found few people as interesting or entertaining as she found this lad in the moment. She wished to help him because she understood at least as far as his dragon was concerned what he was going through. Sariel nodded her understanding of Takumi's words and gave a swift bow of her head. "Hai hai, I'll pass that along. Ja ne, Yasukawa Takumi." The angels' words were the last spoken by her and she took off after the girl, who'd already gained quite a bit of distance on them, all while Takumi began making his way home.

    Meanwhile, sitting in the window of Takumi's apartment was the kitten 'Reia' who was now confronted by a strange male cat. Well, strange was a bit of an overstatement as the appearance of a magic circle and her own knowledge of previous events let her know exactly what... or rather whom, this male cat was. It went on to meow and communicate with her telepathically which caused those clear eyes of hers to shift directly to it, in a look that could dishevel many but likely not him. The smallest of noises would escape this kitten like it was vying for attention. 'Ohayou, Nii-sama. To what do I owe the pleasure of such a visit?' she communicated to the Crimson Satan directly into his mind. She had no idea why her brother was here, but she supposed it didn't matter much so long as he didn't blow her cover.

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    This new cat brushed up against the one that could apparently be considered a resident here at the start of their interaction. Introductions were shared, followed by the questioning of his presence in this building. 'What's the matter? Can't a man pay a random visit to his darling sister while she stalks her pet dragon?' he asked in response. Having achieved such close quarters with the female, he sniffed the air around her briefly. 'You've been using your powers? Sou ka. But... still incomplete. I'm surprised.' Indeed, this cat form seemed curious at the time of sharing this information, and yet this was precisely the reason he was here in the first place. 'By the way, it's time for you to move... again.'

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    As this black cat brushed up against her, the little kitten seemed less than disturbed. Even so, the words shared within their mind as well as the actions of this black cat seemed to cause some mild form of irritation. 'One would think the Crimson Satan would have more to do with his time, than stalking his darling sister...' this cat sat with a hint of a hiss. She was displeased at the idea that he thought she was stalking Takumi, she wasn't doing anything like that. Beyond that point, there was the fact that he was more likely stalking and meddling with her, but she was trying to give him the benefit of the doubt, and assumed her own crankiness due to various factors.'I am not stalking him and he's not my pet,' she'd almost snapped, but she was well beyond that sort of action at this point. 'I've had an eventful couple of days. Ooops, I mean week, whatever. I could do without the teasing,' she said exasperated. To be honest, she couldn't have helped using her powers considering the things which had taken place over the course of the last few days for her. 'Yes, I've been using my powers, but it wasn't something I'd planned on doing. Glad to know I am still surprising even you...' she mused. As their conversation progressed though, what this male cat had to say made the small white one turn around and stare with great intensity. 'WHAT!? AGAIN?! WHY?!' she didn't like the idea of moving again. She'd only recently settled into her apartment properly.

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    'Of course I don't! Since the war came to a standstill, I've had nothing but free time,' he replied. Hopping over to the couch, he grew this form into that of his natural, crimson-haired state. In doing so, he took a seat with his right leg overlapping his left, and his arms stretched out over the back of the couch. "If the Red Dragon isn't your pet, then I might ask... what is he?" he said, though it seemed to be somewhat in rhetoric. Sirtreize skipped right over the matter of Eira having to move again, deciding to make use of his magic to dispel Eira's transformation just before Takumi stepped into the room. The boy noted Sirtreize before anything else, and was quite surprised by the Satan's presence at all. "Ohayou, Sekiryuutei. Before you ask any questions, let me explain... I've already taken the liberty of... convincing your landlord to evict you. It's all taken care of by now. Time to move out!" he said, prompting Takumi to stop all movements and stand before Sirtreize with wide eyes.

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    'Ugh, your boredom isn't my problem... I have enough of my own,' Eira's words were the truth as far as she was concerned. Her brother's constant meddling in her affairs was something beyond what she found to be well meaning. At this point he was influencing outcomes and she didn't like being at the root of this. He asked her a question which she seemed to have an answer to, but it seemed rhetorical so she didn't bother trying to explain herself, and even if she had, it would have come with her actual voice as she was transformed back into herself and now standing in Takumi's apartment. "He's..." she could have gone on to explain that the lad was quite precious to her. Her first real human friend after branching out, the reason she was so attached to this particular town, the guiding force that had made her into the type person she'd come to be, but... none of that would be said as Takumi rather suddenly entered this apartment much to the shock of Eira herself. Sirtreize went on to explain that he'd gotten Takumi evicted from his apartment and that it was time for the lad to move out. "Oi! Nii-sama, that is way too much! Why would you even do something like that?" she questioned him, rubbing her face, trying to suppress the outrage. She wished to gain control of herself and for one of the others to hold onto to help her keep what little of her demeanor she managed most times. More than all of this she wanted to question why this man couldn't just leave her alone. He had to have something more to do than meddling in her personal affairs, truly it was bordering upon obsessive.

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    In response to why he would do such a thing, the question posed by Eira, Sirtreize only looked at his sister with a grin. Takumi was clearly quite confused as to why specifically Sirtreize and Eira were here, why this was something to note, and why it would be happening in the first place. Sirtreize took a moment to place his right forefinger in front of pursed lips in an effort to silence Takumi before the lad even spoke. "As I was saying: no questions," he said both to Eira, and to the unspoken clause of Takumi. To Eira in particular, he had a few more things to say. "Oh, did I forget to mention? You're evicted too. Are we ready to get going then? Alright!" Without further ado, Sirtreize used a form of teleportation magic which required no seal or circle. It would happen instantaneously, transporting the trio to a new location where they would have to start calling home at some point.

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