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Thread: [Sky King] Takeuchi Shoichi

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    [Sky King] Takeuchi Shoichi

    Personal Information

    Name: Takeuchi Shoichi
    Alias: Sky King | Subject 0 | Miyabi's White Dragon | Kazeshini
    Age: 21
    Birthday: July 27 | Leo
    Height: 5'11" | 178 cm
    Weight: 136 lbs | 62 kg
    Hair Style: Medium-length and spiky in mullet fashion
    Hair Color: White
    Eye Color: Light Purple

    Black Order Uniform: As the leader of the Black Order, Shoichi wears an all-white uniform with a wing pin on his shirt and silver shoulder pads that feature a design of two crossed dandelions, the symbol of his sub-team White Spell.
    Street Attire: When out of uniform, he dons much more casual clothing, usually wearing a hooded vest, a long-sleeved shirt, a choker, a loose belt, and ripped jeans.


    • He has a sweet tooth, as he is often seen eating various confections throughout the day, namely marshmallows. One of his new favorite candies is Miyabigaoka's style custard cream puffs
    • He hates bitter flavors
    • The Storm Rider he has his eye on is Kawashima Tayuya
    • His pet theory is "anyone who likes ATs can't be bad"
    • He often uses the phrase "Osu" during moments of excitement, and "Oro" during moments of confusion
    • He has a bite mark on the lower left side of his neck - a wound given to him by Chiyo, which he never treated to heal properly


    Rider Information

    Rider Shadow:
    Road: Wing Road | Stardust Road | Sakura Road (Brain Charger: Roze) | Phoenix Road (Brain Charger: Kurama)
    Type: ~
    The Black Order

    Seraph Eye - Shoichi has always possessed the uncanny ability to sense the size of other Storm Riders' "wings." On his journey to develop himself beyond the principles of the Wing Road, he developed special eyes which allow him to see the physical representation of said wings, not simply as they are, but as they could be. This allows Shoichi some level of predictive capabilities in battle by judging how others' runs will be, and it also allows him to see the overall potential of other riders. The Seraph Eye itself appears mostly normal, but features a pair of wings surrounding Shoichi's pupil, and a shadow closing in from his corneas.

    R.E.A.D. Layout

    R.E.A.D. Level:
    Rider Class: Special A

    Sky Regalia: Star Platinum - The Sky Regalia is the most powerful Regalia. It is supposedly said that who ever obtains this regalia will have the potential power to control all forms of technology (both information and military included). Shoichi wields the Second Generation Sky Regalia, which has been combined with his Wind Regalia to tune it to his body and run. Its name became Star Platinum, and it appears as shining silver, knee-high, boot-type ATs with two wheels that seem to be fused to the ATs themselves.
    Shoichi retains the ability to activate the Wind Regalia: Bagram Strike's core, which takes the form of his AT's hind wheels. He accesses this by forcing a massive amount of air into the core using a series of quick sweeping kicks. Bagram's sections space around the feet and resemble talons. This form is used for powerful attacks and flight.
    The Sky Regalia has no conditions for its activation other than the will of the user. When activated, the wheels converge beneath the toe end of the ATs, creating a wind/wing-shaped talon as the Regalia becomes a hover type. The armor on its shins opens, becoming large wings on the outside, and smaller wings inside. The wings don't seem to be connected to the ATs after opening, giving an air of mystical power to the Regalia itself. It is this form that allows the Sky Regalia to access all the power afforded to it by the second Trophaeum Tower.

    Infinity Atmosphere:

    Infinity Airdoor: Moonstruck Numberless Grappler - The Infinity Atmosphere of the Wing Road. It creates an accelerating wall of debris that flies alongside the rider and is capable of penetrating sheet metal due to its speed.

    All-Embracing Aurora: Victim Sanctuary - The Infinity Atmosphere of the Stardust Road. It is very similar in nature to Moonstruck Numberless Grappler, in that it materializes around the rider. The difference in Victim Sanctuary is that the winds die down and surround the area with "Stardust" to protect the rider, and any others he views as comrades, from offensive tricks, much like the Over Road's Rumble Wall. Having this Infinity Atmosphere active also grants Shoichi easier access to all of his Stardust Road tricks, and the Infinity Atmosphere itself can be made offensive by combining it with the Wing Road's Infinity Atmosphere to tear everything in the vicinity to shreds in a matter of moments. When used in conjunction with Moonstruck Numberless Grappler, its name becomes Star Shine Shred.


    Tornado - Shoichi can create a powerful tornado with wind velocity up to 500 km/h or higher, that can even shred solid, concrete buildings into pieces and mar the landscape as far as the eye can see. The maximum velocity classes Shoichi's tornadoes as F5.

    Pile Tornado - Shoichi gathers the wind in his hands and then turns them in a circular motion making something that looks like a small tornado. He then kicks the air with his ATs, sending out a powerful, horizontal tornado.

    Limited Express - Shoichi uses Pile Tornado and then jumps into the tornado after creating it. After this, he rides the inner walls of the tornado, gaining an extreme burst of speed from the winds around him.

    Wind Barrier - Shoichi uses one or both hands to create an extremely dense wall of air in front of him. This trick is strong enough to deflect projectiles, as well as riders themselves should they encroach upon him during its formation. If performed with a sweeping motion of his arm(s), Shoichi can instead create a spherical shield of moving wind to grind away any projectiles, or repel an approaching rider while dealing concussive damage.

    Air Beam - Shoichi fires off a beam of what seems to be compressed air. The air takes the form of a laser straight beam and delivers hurricane-force winds with pinpoint accuracy. Shoichi has developed this trick to be strong enough that, even if a proper defense is mounted against it, the residual winds that bounce away spiral into multiple strong tornadoes to ensnare the opponent.

    Moon Drop - Shoichi uses the final principle of the Wing Road to interface with the air and mold the wind into dense air. He creates a dense sphere of air and hammers the opponent with it. It is powerful enough to create a single, large crater on concrete floor and incapacitate human enemies caught in the radius. He has also mastered different variations of the trick, and can perform them at half strength by using one hand and clapping his fingers against his palm. Variations include the trick being formed 360 degrees around himself, forming the Moon Drop around the opponent's location, and even performing it in a reverse, almost explosive manner.

    Vacuum Ball - Using an effect similar to that of the Rumble Regalia, Shoichi can create a vacuum ball of air to attack. He is able to use these with much skill, using them in various sizes and great quantity. When a target is ensared within the vacuum orb the external preasure drops to 0. This dramatically reduces the boiling point of any present liquids within the orb. The main target of this technique is blood. When the boiling point of blood drops, it will instantly turn to gas from being boiled by the persons own body heat. This blood vapor will not have enough space within the blood vessels and explode outwards. He can even use larger balls to interrupt the wind that is made when he moves by being enclosed in the vacuum, to make it so no one can tell where he is as well as drastically increasing his speed. The trick itself however is a double-edged sword, as it destroys the rider's body while being used.

    Backlash Wave - The technique builds up from the the Wind Scar, a technique of the third generation Talon Queen, Tayuya, and can only be used by someone who has already mastered that move. When an opponent unleashes an attack with a strong force, the Backlash Wave can use the Wind Scar to engulf the enemy's attack in a twister and reverse its flow back on them, with the added power of the Wind Scar applied many times over. Shoichi instinctively learned and mastered the technique while in the midst of his battle with Tayuya. The user's wind must be greater than the opponent's attack or else the technique cannot be used. Shoichi also found the opponent's attack must not be too far below his own levels or else the winds that compose the technique won't even form itself. This creates a necessity for proper balance and judgement when executing the Backlash Wave, lest it result in negative consequences for the user.

    Breath of Dragonics Eighty Heads - High pressure air masses are made of wind above ground surface in an enclosed space that causes the wind to form tornadoes going downwards. Acting as sucking vacuum or turbines of a blender, they look like dragon tails crawling out of the ground. It also has the capability to suck up things like rubble from the ground and eventually get pulverized by its power. Though the tornadoes aren't as individually powerful as others Shoichi can make, the sheer amount allows this trick to have much higher destructive potential.

    Stardust Revolution - The first principle of the Stardust Road is achieved by advancing the fourth principle of the Wing Road, which predicts wind and pressure through scattering light. Further development of this allowed Shoichi to see the particles in the air and guide them into high pressure areas along wind currents, causing them to accumulate into crystalline chunks. These bits of debris have the appearance of small stars due to the way light reflects off the tiny crystals. The trick Stardust Revolution is Shoichi creating and gathering a large number of these crystals in one hand, then using the wind to launch them simultaneously.

    Shooting Sonic - Shoichi performs a charged kick to create a single, elongated thorn. However, in doing so, he twists his leg and uses wind manipulation to encase the thorn in a tornado which drastically increases both the speed and the piercing capabilities of the attack. If he uses his hand as well, the surrounding tornado also carries the first principle of Shoichi's original Stardust Road, and carries debris which can cause his target to be torn apart from the point of impact.

    Stardust Mirage - The second principle of the Stardust Road involves using the wind in small ways to force the movement of light. By creating this anomaly around numerous crystals Shoichi has scattered through the wind, he is able to create replicas of things he has recently seen to deceive his opponent.

    Creation Burst - Using the first two principles of the Stardust Road, Shoichi scatters crystals with his body as the epicenter of the trick. This uses much smaller crystals than normal, keeping them just large enough to reflect light. The rapid outward movements with the bending of light stemming from the crystals causes mass distortion as far as the crystals travel. Movement within this radius only further distorts the area, and since Shoichi is at the epicenter, his movement is key.

    Starlight Extinction - An evolved form of Creation Burst, using larger crystals. Shoichi scatters these crystals with much greater force than in the previous trick, mimicking the appearance of the stars in the night sky all falling at once by creating such a show of bright, moving lights, that the beholder's eyes become incapable of further processing what they see. This gives the illusion that the light of the universe has gone out, and when the opponent can no longer process light, they are then riddled by the crystals that were ejected, from all angles, as if space were collapsing in on them.

    Endscape: White Emperor Sword - This condenses each and every one of his crystals into a single, potent sword, drastically increasing his damage output. The wind and pressure released by this form is immense. The blade appears bright white, and its aura takes the form of a bird, earning it its name. Pure white wings form on Shoichi's back, as well as a halo-like circle, made of concentrated stardust. This form's blade can create aggravated injuries in a single blow. The wings can be used for flight.

    Zone Trick :: Falling Star Slam - When in the Zone, Shoichi's concentration is high enough to create a much larger crystal than normal. The build-up required to perform this trick is enough to create a small hurricane from which the debris is gathered along with all the winds into one crucial spot. Once the crystal is in Shoichi's possession, all the wind of the hurricane itself is used to launch it forward. This mimics the appearance of a shooting star, and allows Shoichi to hit targets that are miles away with critical force.

    Atmospheric Concordance: Endless Moonlit Ice Age - [WIP]

    Brain Charger: Roze

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