Akane Imagawa



Hibana has dark brown eyes and jet-black hair that reaches down to her shoulders, but perhaps her most characteristic facial feature is her dimples. Her casual outfit consists of a lavender sweatshirt, tight jeans and dark blue flat converse shoes. She wears a ring on her left pinky finger, which contains her suit in a compressed form. Hibana wears this suit while fighting. It displays several colors, ranging from golden yellow to navy and bright red. The suit extends to a helmet above, which offers a self-contained environmental protection. On the upper back side the suit has four artificial, transparent fiber composite, insect-like wings. Hibana can utilize these to fly at impressive speeds up to a 300 kmh and maneuver with great ease and agility. She can also use the wings at full-size as blunt-force weapons. The wings can be compressed and hidden inside a backpack within seconds. The gauntlets of the suit house a variety of tools, like a grappling anchor or a disc launcher. Perhaps the most useful tool, however, is the energy projector that can fire bolts of energy from the wrists. These are powerful enough to blast burning holes in reinforced materials and knock people unconscious. The tips of the wings have a variation of this tool as they can fire more concentrated energy beams that are blue and laser-like.
Due to her past and her time in the SAT, Hibana demonstrates a focused and determined personality. She easily proves herself to be a hyper-competent super when she utilizes her powers. She is also very snarky, as shown when she mocks others after witnessing what she considers incompetence. She is generally self-assured and blunt, being brutally honest about reality. In spite of her candid demeanor, she does try to motivate her friends by encouraging them, tutoring them, and telling them that they are not that much of a failure when they do eventually improve, as she did so when she helped Ronald train with his speed.

Born and raised in Nagoya, Hibana was inspired by her family to practice Kyūdō from a young age. This long range weapon marked her entry in martial arts by perfecting her assessment of multiple factors a once while carrying precise, controlled, and fluid motions. During her studies at the National Police Academy, she gained her nickname (which means spark but also translates to fire flower) due to her improvised use of explosive devices and brilliant leadership skills on the field. Though she didn’t let go of her passion for science either. Fluent in seven languages and lethal with any weapon, she was recruited by the Aichi Prefectural Police Department Special Unit, where her diverse techniques and charisma allowed her to move up the ranks quickly. After finding out that the SAT was trying to replicate her powers, Hibana infiltrated their database. She deleted every single file about her, her powers and the secret research that was being conducted. Then she fled to Scotland, to live in Edinburgh.

Special Ability: Bodily Sub-Atomic Distance Manipulation
Hibana has the ability to manipulate the distance between the atoms within her body while retaining her physical proportions.
  • Size Manipulation: Hibana is able to reduce herself to the size of an insect by distancing the atoms in her body closer, effectively compacting her physical structure and allowing her to shrink down whenever necessary. She still maintains her regular sized strength and durability while in a reduced scale as the process amplifies the amount of force she can generate and increases her density. By doing the opposite and increasing the distance of the atoms in her body, Hibana can enlarge herself up to 35 times her normal body size. In her enlarged form, her strength enables her to lift and crush huge vehicles with ease. This enormous mass comes at the cost of her speed and balance however and the anatomic strain exhausts her. Additionally, the process of altering size compresses force and energy, manifesting as brief shockwaves of vibration around her, which briefly augments her force and momentum as she returns to normal size.
  • Superhuman Strength: When decreased in size, Hibana possesses superhuman strength due to her increased density, effort, and exertion, enabling her to overpower multiple opponents of normal human size while shrunk and use the physical force and momentum attained from changing size to simulate superhuman strength directly after returning to normal size. As she shrinks and regrows in an instant, the power behind her attacks, combined with her already superhuman strength and combat skills, allow for her to defeat the most skilled of combatants within a fraction of a second. This strength also extends to her legs, allowing her to jump, spring and leap across with great force, allowing her to move through the air like a bullet to strike and impact opponents and incapacitate them instantly or move halfway across a room in a single bound. However, exerting too much force into impacts and physical attacks can accidentally kill an opponent, due to the force of attacks being comparable to that of a bullet.
  • Superhuman Durability: When decreased in size, Hibana is much more resistant to injury, enough to survive falls from great heights and other impacts that would injure or kill even normal sized humans.