Name: Arthur Dovris
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Occupation: Magic Emperor
Rank: Magic Emperor
Squad: (Formerly) Golden Dawn
Country: Clover Kingdom

Battle Prowess


Time Magic: Arthur uses this form of magic to manipulate time. He can accelerate, decelerate, stop, or even reverse the flow of time.

Time Reversal Magic: Chrono Anastasis 「時間反転魔法『クロノ アナスタシス』 Jikan Hanten Mahō "Kurono Anasutashisu"」: The user creates a clock face that expands and covers the targeted area. Within that area, the user is able to stop and rewind time, which is reflected in the movements of the hands on the clock.

Restraining Magic: Julius uses this form of magic to restrain his opponents in time, trapping them in a time loop.

Time Restraining Magic: Chrono Stasis 「時間拘束魔法『クロノスタシス』 Jikan Kōsoku Mahō "Kurono Sutashisu"」: With their hands in front of them with the palms facing upward, the user spreads their arms and manifests a sphere around the target. The sphere has a ring around its orbit with Roman numerals on it. The user is able to generate multiple spheres to restrain several targets, for a sphere could only contain a single person. Those trapped within the sphere experience a time loop, reliving a moment in time continuously in such a way that they are rendered immobile.

Mana Zone: Chrono Stasis Grigora 「マナゾーン『クロノスタシス』先見グリゴラ Manazōn "Kurono Sutashisu" Gurigora」: After taking control of the surrounding mana, the user creates an area in which any enemy spell is automatically caught with Chrono Stasis. This spell is even capable of catching extremely fast magic, like Light Magic. This spell does not require any movement from the user.


Immense Magic Power: As the Magic Emperor and therefore the strongest Magic Knight of Clover Kingdom, Arthur possesses an immense amount of Magic Power. His tremendous Magic Power allows him to perform a spell that covers the entirety of Clover Kingdom.

Mana Zone: Arthur can control all the mana in an area around him to increase his spell's power and range. By combining it with his Time Magic, he can see a little bit into the future and anticipate attacks.


Grimoire: Arthur possesses a coverless grimoire that contains various time-based spells.