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Thread: Clover Kingdom Royal Capital

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    Clover Kingdom Royal Capital

    The Royal Capital 「王都 Ōto」 is the city at the heart of the Clover Kingdom. The city is placed atop the tallest mountain within the Clover Kingdom. A wall separates it from the rest of the Noble Region, and a magic barrier protects it. Within the city are Clover Castle and the Magic Knights Headquarters.

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    Following the Magic Knights Entrance Exam, or rather following his own selection by the Silver Eagles squad, the cloaked peasant named simply Asher was led to the Royal Capital by his new Captain, Sibylla. As they passed the threshold of the magic barrier, he looked on in continued awe and confusion. As a simple commoner from Hage Village, he'd never seen a place so rich and luxurious. There were so many sights, so many smells, and yet his focus was on the woman walking in front of him. He was elated to be a member of the Magic Knights at last, despite others' efforts to dissuade him, but he thought it was infinitely strange that he already felt so comfortable around his new Captain. Regardless, she had requested that he follow her, so he did so without question, until anything else was demanded of him.

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    The woman known as Sibylla Silva walked along past the barrier of the Royal Capital, she was quite used to these sights. But what she wasn't used to, was the presence of the lad beside her. Sibylla was elated by this boy's presence and found herself watching his movements and his excitement. It let her know several things about him that she might not have figured out for a while yet to come. "Where did you grow up, Asher?" she asked of the lad, taking a leisurely pace to get to where she was going. She wanted to know more about this lad's upbringing and as such she was more than willing to chat with him, even though she was known by most to be silent. If one cared to think about it, they would note she didn't ask him where he was from, mostly because she already had that information.

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    In the midst of his sightseeing, Asher was addressed at last. He had expected some sort of order to come from his Captain, but instead, she opened with a question regarding his life before now. It was Asher's understanding that many members of the Magic Knights, especially the higher-ups, were of nobility. Sibylla had to know he was a peasant, but he could assume already that she didn't care, since she so adamantly wanted to recruit him. Still, it was a little strange to be asked such a question as an introduction. "Uh... I grew up in an orphanage in a little village called Hage."

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    As they walked Sibylla's question was soon answered by the lad. He'd be raised in an orphanage in the village called Hage. Sibylla upon hearing this was a tiny bit distraught for several reasons not the least of which was that she couldn't imagine what such an upbringing would actually entail and two because she was familiar with that village though she'd never been there personally. "Sou ka, that's the one with the giant demon skull, right?" she asked the lad for confirmation. If that was the case, then the place he'd been sent to was one which she simply hadn't gotten around to going to yet. The Forsaken Region was pretty far out and she had less free time to travel that area, as it stood, it was likely she wouldn't have gotten to that place for another two years. Luckily for her, this young man had wandered right into the Magic Knights Examination, right before her very eyes. "What made you decide to be a Magic Knight?" she asked as she took a turn that led down a slightly narrow pathway but up hill towards a large but strange looking dwelling. This was the pick up spot for a certain individual she was picking up. By her own thoughts usually when people made that decision they came rather soon after they received their grimoires. As such, it would make sense if the lad had appeared three years prior to this one. As she waited for an answer she knocked on the door.

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    "Hai, Danchou... the Demon skull with the statue of the first Magic Emperor on it. It's the village's biggest landmark; the people at the church liked to call it a tourist attraction," he said. It was a little beyond him that someone of nobility even knew how to identify the village where he grew up. Locals of Hage Village could easily see the Noble region of the kingdom because of their placement, but it didn't seem like they could be seen in return. Why one of Sibylla's stature even bothered having such knowledge was strange. Another question would come for Asher as their route seemed to become more specifically guided, and yet again, it was a question about him. "I want... to make a difference. Growing up in the Forsaken region, some of the people treated me differently... I guess because I had stronger magic than most people there. I felt like I was being treated like nobility sometimes, but... I didn't like that happening just because I was a little different. I've seen how much worse it gets around real nobility, and I want to stop that! Ever since I found out I had a chance to become a Magic Knight, I decided I'd become the type of Magic Knight to affect all people of all classes, in a good way!"

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    The boy went on to make a confirmation about the information she had regarding Hage Village. At the very least she'd heard the place wasn't exceedingly dangerous. Still the thought that he'd grown up exposed to horrid things and living conditions made her sad for him, and angrier still at the person who'd made it so. But that situation was taken care of long before now, at about the halfway point where the girl made her ascension to Captain. But before she could voice her condolences to the lad about his upbringing, he went on to explain his motivations for becoming a Magic Knight. She heard out what he had to say, and felt within her every bit of passion the lad had. She looked at him stunned by his outburst but shortly after that same warm smile returned to her face. "Sou ka, I was a bit worried. Living that sort of life can make people jaded or angry but... you have an astonishing goal, Asher..." the woman said reaching out to rest her empty palm atop his head, giving him a firm loving hair toss. "I'll make sure you get all the experience necessary to complete it."

    This woman was strangely very invested in this young man already, she was astonished that he managed to be a good person while being stronger or better than most other people. As a noble raised among nobility she found their children were often spoiled, coddled and self-entitled. She'd personally gone out of her way to make sure her younger siblings weren't this way but shared the same sense of fairness she had, and she was happy this one had such a firm sense of it all on his own. Perhaps his was even stronger than her own, and that was admirable. Just then there was a stumbling sound and several things crashing around within the house along with an exasperated shout. "I'll be down in a minute! Nothing is wrong... just...." that was all that was heard for several seconds longer before the front door would swing open accompanied by a burst of wind. Within a few seconds a girl with large green eyes would appear. She was dressed in all white robes with a giant witch's hat atop her head also in white. Her outfit was full of flowing bits which showed the skin of her navel, cupped her large bosom and accented the untamed pink mane of hair beneath. "Gomennasai. I overslept just a little... you must be Sibylla Silva. Gomennasai Captain, it's nice to meet you." managed to get it all out and Sibylla was simply stunned she had the breath in her lungs for all of that speech. "It's fine, calm down take a breath," the Captain mentioned, as the girl relaxed and adjusted her hat and gloves just a bit. Sibylla took this moment to make an introduction as well. "Asher this is Junon Evanglista. She's from the Witch's Forest. And she'll be joining you as a peer in the Silver Eagles. I was thinking of partnering you two, so try and get along."

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    "I never had a reason to be angry for myself. I had seniors that were treated worse than me because they weren't as strong, so it was always easier to be angry for their sake. But... that never really worked either," he asserted. Apparently, Sibylla intended to get him the experience he needed to achieve his goals. Such a thing was more than he could ask for as a new member of the Magic Knights, but again, he had to believe the woman. "Hai! Arigatou, Danchou!"

    Eventually, they stood upon what was apparently someone's house. Much shuffling and toppling was heard as they waited. The pair was soon greeted by a pink-haired young woman who, at first glance, looked as if she could stand to borrow the cloak Asher had been wearing to conceal himself during the exam. Sibylla took the initiative to introduce Asher to this girl, doing so during the several seconds in which he stared at the alleged witch. "A... witch? H-hai... I've never met an actual witch before... Yoroshiku onegaishimasu," he said with a bow to his apparent partner.

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    Sibylla heard out the boy's plights and his resolve and she was quite proud of him. She couldn't rightly explain this yet but she was very certain she'd found the little brother she'd spent most of her conscious life, and all of her adult life looking for. Every step she'd taken so far had been for the sake of this boy and her other younger siblings. She had nothing in mind but making them happy and had become strong to make that a possibility. Given that, it was very easy to understand how such a thing could happen. His thanks made her brows raise and she opened her mouth to speak once more. "Iie, but... you don't have to call me..." she paused though because then was the moment their other member joined them. The girl now here got a bit of a stuttering introduction from the lad, who was apparently stunned by having met a witch.

    The pink haired girl looked at him and back to Sibylla and shrugged. "But... Danchou is technically a witch. And... the Purple Orcas are all mostly witches as well..." she said seeming to not care one way or another. "Even so, it's nice to meet you Asher, onegaishimasu," she said introducing herself. It would take a moment for Sibylla to recover, but she would without issue, and use the time to explain the thing about her being a witch. "I mean, technically. Our mother was a witch and our father was leader of the House Silva. I almost don't count as either, my style of dress aside and silver hair aside. But none of that really matters anymore, such a relationship and the work of Medea led to good relations with the Witch's Forest and thus, strong Magic Knights," she said, seeming to have no problem making this clarification. "You two have a bit more in common than that. I am apparently doubly lucky~" she said in reference to the clovers on both books of these two.

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    Sibylla was mid-sentence when Junon arrived. Asher wasn't sure what she intended to say, but this witch had a rather powerful personality upon making her presence known, and she rather easily had the conversation's topic converted to her existence. Of course, even in doing this, she addressed the Captain, who was some sort of witch by relation on her mother's side of her family. Asher took a moment to inspect the Captain, taking note of her visual oddities while responding. "I only just met Danchou, and I've never seen any of the Purple Orcas... or any of the squads, really. I never stopped to think anybody could be a witch..." As he spoke, Asher's head tilted left. Something was really strange about the woman whose squad he joined, but he couldn't quite place it. Perhaps it was the odd combination of witch and non-witch she was. The older woman noted herself as being 'doubly lucky' this day, drawing attention to both of her new members in a way Asher also didn't understand. "I don't get it. What do I have in common with a witch, and why are you lucky twice?"

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