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Thread: Clover Kingdom Royal Capital

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    A bow would follow Dior's on the part of Junon and she'd leave as well, taking up pace behind him as they left. She found this whole situation to be a bit crazy, but their work had paid off, even if she didn't think the mission they were sent on was particularly hard. There was a different matter to deal with entirely though as this trio left the company of the Magic Emperor and that was the strange mood that Asher had been in since she'd seen him this morning. She wondered if the lad was alright and had a few ideas about why this could be the case and though she didn't know if he'd appreciate it, she was content to be there for him while he navigated what was likely a confusing time in his life. "Hai hai, Silva-senpai," she said seeming to be in the same mood she always was. Regardless of this she took up pace beside Asher and spoke to him a bit more directly in a hushed whisper. "You seem distracted, Asher-kun," she mentioned, noting the boy's altered state. Instead of the usual antics and asking the lad if he wanted to discuss it further, she had something else in mind. "Wanna ditch senpai and celebrate a little?" she asked offering a kind smile.

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    As they parted with the Magic Emperor, Dior's words of encouragement to the others reached Asher's ear. Sadly, they would not receive the upbeat retort he expected of the younger male, nor the more familiar one he hoped for. "Hai... senpai," was all Asher said. Soon, their trip saw Junon drawing nearer to Asher, presenting the issue of his distracted countenance. There wasn't much to think about this, but it wasn't all she had to say. She also came forth with the idea that they abandon Dior to celebrate their accomplishments by themselves. Strange as this was, Asher looked at the back of his alleged brother, and considered what alternative there was. "Hai."

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    Junon awaited the lad's answer, while noting the added tension between these obvious siblings. Whatever these issues were, she figured they'd settle it themselves over time, right now, her primary concern was the well-being of her new friend and she figured their senior would respect this a bit more than he'd likely be able to show. Besides this, Asher himself seemed rather amenable to the idea of ditching their senior for a bit of fun, this brought a smile to the face of the pink haired witch. "Yosh! Alright, then in three seconds turn around and start running the other way, meet me... there," she said pointing to a small open area which looked like a park a bit off in the distance. "I'll take care of Silva-senpai~" she chimed, with a grin on her face that hinted at an unknown bit of mischievousness.

    With this set of instructions, Junon nodded to the lad to confirm their plans and then took up pace to make it up to where was where she began walking backwards. And once Asher had taken off, she spoke directly to the Senior of the group. "Silva-senpai, forgive us but... we're gonna take off for a bit. Meet you back at home. Congratulations!~" she said offering the older man a congratulatory statement as she took off with the wind at her side and a speed which would likely be deemed a bit ridiculous. Of course, this was done mostly to make sure the elder man would be understanding of the situation and wouldn't worry unduly about the teens as they celebrated alone for a bit. Subsequently she'd take off as well, before eventually heading for the meeting place of the pair of them, assuming of course, that she wouldn't get followed by Dior himself.

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    When Junon pointed to the would-be meeting place, Asher looked to the lush space. Three seconds was unnecessary to him; he was content to take off immediately. With his light magic, he was gone in an instant, having made his way to the location Junon pointed to in no time at all. He stood in wait for Junon while keeping his eyes on the skies, making a marked effort to clear his mind for a moment.

    In the meantime, Dior was still moving forward until Junon spoke up. He hadn't heard any of the discussion had between his juniors, but Junon's speech directly toward him caught his attention long enough for him to turn and witness her leaving. He wanted to speak on this, but he couldn't do so in time to catch her. He could have followed. Asher was already gone by the time he looked back, but Junon announcing her leave could have resulted in him tracking the pair down... but he didn't see much point. In fact, if they had simply said something, one such as Dior likely would have left them to their devices without much fuss. Either way, a sigh was followed by his choice to continue moving toward his squad's base, alone.

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    Everything that needed to be done had been, and knowing she hadn't been followed, Junon soon found herself in a rather lush area. She was a bit stunned by it, but she'd come to expect such views at this point in her adventures. Instead she found herself standing beside Asher and looking up at the sky too. She enjoyed such things on her own as well, still, she had brought him out for a bit of free time and a celebration, she doubted they needed any particular plans to make stuff happen. Still, she couldn't help but be excited about their current progress already, and though she knew the lad to be going through something strange. She thought nothing much of it, as a long term issue. "Sugoi! Sugoi! Asher-kun you're really fast, I really don't have much hope of racing you anywhere~" she chimed in appreciation of the lad's abilities.

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    Junon joined Asher in the space outside soon, and she took a moment to also appreciate the view. Eventually though, she had something to say. This was surprisingly unrelated to Asher's issue as mentioned by the girl earlier; it was instead a compliment of his ability. Asher hazarded a light chuckle in response, finding some amusement in what she chose to say. "Arigatou. It's just my magic, though. Your magic does a lot more than I could ever do, and you have a spirit now! You're gonna be really powerful."

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    It might have seemed like Junon was avoiding talking about the distractions caused to Asher and to be honest she was. By the pink haired witch's approximation the lad's mood had already improved quite a bit since separating from their senior and he was back to his general deference as far as his abilities were concerned. She couldn't help but chuckle this off as well in her case seeming a bit abashed by it. "Arigatou na. I can't say much about that, I have a pretty versatile magic type. It's open and free so it can be a lot of things. Kaa-san says that magic becomes you... and what you can do with it is dependent on you..." she mentioned thinking back to her time in the Witches Forest. "So, I'm sure if you put your mind to it, you'll find all kinds of cool things to do with your magic I can't do with mine~" she encouraged the lad. To be honest, she was a bit jealous of the amount of precision and control he had, she could learn that a bit more over time, but it had been taking her a while to progress in this way. Overall she was content. "Besides, we both got promoted pretty early on... it's all up from here now for both of us!~" she exclaimed. "So, let's do our best~" she mentioned her eyes returning to the sky. Though her wants in this world were mostly about seeing new things, she could respect at least the desire to see what lay at the very top.

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    "Magic becomes you..." Asher repeated, grasping at some understanding of the concept. His issues were not quite cleared from his mind, but perhaps there was something to be found in this notion. Actually... there was, and it was an eye-widening revelation for Asher. True, he could have put his mind to his own development and likely acquired some amazing spells because of it, but right now, he was considering putting his mind to something quite different. "Sou ka. I think I have my answer," he said as his fist clenched. There was a new light in his eye now, related entirely to how he would solve the conundrum he'd so recently been wrapped up in. "You're right, though. We've been Magic Knights for less than a week, and we've already gone up two ranks. I guess we weren't expected to do much about that dungeon, but I think it was easy... except... you know..." Asher began to stumble over his words while rubbing the back of his head. The appearance of goblins in the dungeon had come to his mind, but after he was already midway through mentioning them, he thought better of doing so. Alas, it was likely too late to avoid bringing up the thought, so he merely stood there with an abashed look on his face.

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    Junon watched as the lad worked through what she'd said with his own thoughts. A grin spread across her face as the normal light returned to the lad's eyes. She could appreciate his change in attitude in this moment, mostly because it meant he wouldn't remain caught up on whatever it was that was bothering him, which she assumed was related to his complicated family situation. "Yosh! That's the spirit~" the girl seemed excited enough, even as the lad worked his way into an abashed state mentioning their mission's ease aside from the problem of the goblins found within the dungeon. And though she'd found the goblins themselves scary and gross she was less influenced by this long term than most would expect. "You know, I've thought about that dungeon a lot, but I've found it's easier to think about in retrospect," she said with a grin. "I'm not bothered by it anymore, because it was something I confronted and overcame," she said with a smile. "So, you're right, aside from the goblins it was pretty easy. But we should keep trying to get better. So we can confront other things that might scare us in the future," she said staring up into the sky.

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    Apparently, Junon wasn't nearly as bothered by the thought of the goblins as Asher thought she would be. There was much to consider good about this, as he'd previously thought it to be a touchy subject to approach. "That's a good way to think about it. You're pretty strong mentally too," he said. The more he thought about it, the more he believed it. "I don't think I could have overcome a thing like that. Besides... I think you just helped me a lot more than you might know." These words were spoken while Asher looked to the sky, but were followed by him bringing his gaze down to Junon. Because of what came to his mind, he felt he would have to be going soon, but there were more words to be shared. "Yeah. Let's keep trying... together. We'll see everything there is to see, and overcome every obstacle in the way."

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