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    It seemed that Asher found solace in the words that Junon offered him. As such she was more than a little pleased by the lad's current outlook. "Iia, well... I might be a little, arigatou gozaimasu," she said giving a small chuckle. He went on to express his thoughts further, claiming that he didn't think he would have gotten over something like the goblins of their first dungeon experience. He even claimed that she helped him more than she'd likely know which caused a small blush to appear on the girl's face. "Hm, well I am glad to help. That's what friends are for~" she chimed pleased by the entirety of the situation. She was glad the lad seemed to be more normal than he had been since she'd seen him earlier this morning. Beyond this he was content to help both of them follow both of their dreams. "Hai!" she said with newfound enthusiasm.

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    "Not much point in modesty now," Asher said cheekily after Junon's words of retort. With his gaze upon her, he witnessed the light tint upon Junon's visage when he spoke of how she'd helped him. Asher blinked once amidst an otherwise stare, in which his mouth was the slightest bit agape. Whatever he thought, his next words would be shared in response to her mention of that being friends' purpose to each other. "Sou ka. We're... friends," he went on. For some reason or another, this admittance seemed to be a strange thing for Asher to properly register in this moment. It didn't seem to be a bad reaction, but strange nonetheless. "It's going to be an interesting day, I think."

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    Asher mentioned that there was no point in modesty now, considering what the two of them knew about each other, and likely related to the time they'd spent together. "I mean sure but... I can't really help it," she said waving it off. She wasn't terribly modest to begin with, she just wasn't a braggart or anything of the sort. Beyond this there was a strange reaction applied to the statement that they were friends, to this Junon could do nothing but laugh. "Of course we are, you're my first friend since coming here," she said with absolute sincerity. Of course beyond this the lad seemed to look forward to the rest of their day with optimism which was more than could be said about his earlier attitude this day. "Hm, interesting? That sounds pretty fun! Let's get to it~" she said ready to face her day with her new friend at her side with his much improved attitude. 'Sugoi, he's pretty resilient too,' she thought happily.

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    Indeed, these two were friends. Asher had no idea why his reaction was so odd, or that he was reacting at all, really. It was almost as if he was having an out-of-body experience the longer he looked at Junon in this moment, but he was soon enough recovering from this. "First friend, huh? I'm happy to hear that. You're the only person who's ever called me a friend before, but I'll do my best!" he proclaimed. It appeared to be the case that Junon, too, was ready to get a move on. Meeting her excitement, Asher nodded and began moving. While stepping forward though, he extended his right hand to Junon. If she accepted, he would be bringing her along with the speed of his light magic. Otherwise, Asher would be content to move on alone.

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    Junon found herself smiling about her new friend in a manner most serene. She couldn't help but feel a bit touched when the lad said she was the first person to call him a friend. Her eyes widened just a bit at this news, but it gave her quite the warm fuzzy feeling inside. "Hai! I'll do my best too~" she chimed in. They seemed to share a level of excitement unknown to most people and soon enough as they were ready to move, Asher extended a hand to the lass. She didn't even have to give the offer a second though and took the lad's hand content to be carried along by way of his magic. She wanted to meet new people and experience new things, the least she could do, is trust her new friend to transport her.

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