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Thread: Base of Operations: Silver Eagles

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    "That is a question I have asked myself. Several times. If I ever manage to get a straight answer out of him about it, you'll be the first to know," Sibylla said this and meant it, though coming from her in this moment the statement could be seen as particularly snarky. To be honest, she'd probably gotten as close to a proper answer out of her elder brother as she'd ever get. She assumed the elder male thought it part of his duty in some way, but without a proper explanation she couldn't be sure, and thus she wouldn't speculate on it. But that wasn't really it, it seemed that Asher was pulling himself through this entire situation pretty well given what he was being told. The logic wasn't failing, even so it was more to take in than it needed to be. "Life is complicated, admittedly yours more than most," said Sibylla. "These things are true because they are, you are Asher the lost son Silva. You were raised in Hage Village by a collection of interesting and kind people, because our older brother may or may not be short-sighted. You're a compassionate individual with goals and a wide world view," the Captain of the Silver Eagles mentioned. "The only thing that really changes is now you have the support of a few extra people... if you'll accept it." Sibylla spoke these words knowing she meant to comfort the lad, and wanted to do so more directly than she was able to. "You don't have make anything of this extra information immediately. We've waited to find you. Knowing you're safe... we can wait for you to adjust to our existence," she finished up.

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    Everything being taken in was extremely hard to sort through for the silver-haired male. In multiple ways, he could not argue against her points at all. It was very strange that he would be disallowed from taking the Magic Knights Entrance Exam to prevent reliving his family's demise, considering he was left behind by a dying man. Still, what was he to do now? This wasn't what he knew, so he had no idea how to deal with it. Was he to acknowledge this undoubtedly? There was only one way he could even think of dealing with this at the moment. "I..." he started. Sadly, there was hardly even anything in mind. "I'll be ready whenever it's time for the next task... Dancho."

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    Unsurprisingly the boy seemed more than a bit overwhelmed by the information he was given. Sibylla expected this to a great extent, even so, somewhere deep inside it hurt her feelings just a bit that she couldn't properly bond with her little brother after searching for him for so long. She couldn't blame him for this, as such she nodded and turned but not before giving the emptiness of her silver eyes to the lad. "Right. Dior lives at the highest point of this tower if you should have questions or need anything you can't figure out on your own. Do try and get some rest..." she mentioned in passing and with this she left.

    It'd been quite an interesting day for her, but she felt it wasn't nearly as bad as this lad. At this point she was content to retire to her own room, only leaving sometime late in the night to stand in front of that strange mirror again, this time bearing tea and tarts. Her countenance something of an angry grimace with shining eyes, filled with determination. "I wasn't ready for dinner yet. I figured we could start with midnight snacks," she said to the man she expected to find within. Whatever happened next time would past gently into the next day, and the order would come for a debriefing with the Magic Emperor. As such there would need to be a gathering of a certain trio of individuals.

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    "Hai. I'll keep that in mind," Asher said, speaking only in relation to the comment about Dior's location and potential usefulness as another guide. He had a lot to think about over the course of the night, and he only truly began when Sibylla left his doorway. For a very long time, he did not leave the windowsill. Actually, the sun set long before he brought himself inside properly to shut the window. Further time was wasted by Asher attempting to throw together a letter for the people of his home village. Asher spent many hours of the night searching for the right words to say in this letter, only for his mind to betray him because of all he'd taken in this day. Eventually, he fell asleep, and remained that way - despite numerous tosses and turns - until the next day's summons. Then, and only then, was he taken from his room by Dior, whom he shared not a single word with as they moved to collect Junon and make their way toward the Royal Capital.

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