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Thread: Base of Operations: Silver Eagles

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    Within the Silver Eagles Base, Sibylla was waiting for the return of her younger brother. She was trying not to worry and then rather suddenly he was back within the base without her having to wait very long at all. "Okaerinasai, Asher... Did everything go well?" she asked of the lad. It was a bit crazy to see him so soon after he'd left and she wondered if he hadn't been able to find anything or if it'd just been a bit easier for him than she thought it would be. Beyond this since he seemed uninjured and in a good mood she could only assume everything was fine, still there was a hint of worry in her silvery eyes.

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    Asher continued moving about until he eventually stumbled upon Sibylla, who seemed worried about something. He looked confused for a moment, but when she asked if everything went well, Asher's teeth unveiled themselves in a bright smile. "Hai!" he said without a moment of hesitation. "I think I even made a new friend. We ran into some lady's puppet who tried to sell us a magic knife, but we found the owner. She took us to where the rest of her supplies and associates were, and I drew out her confession when she tried to poison me and sell me the antidote! We took them out pretty quickly after that," he said. In spite of what happened in his story, Asher seemed happy throughout the entire tale. As a matter of fact, he was. "They sent a witch to pick up all the guys, too. She was really weird around me, apparently 'cause she gets nervous around guys... so I warned her to keep away from dungeons, and I think she took the message well. It's been a good day so far!"

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    Sibylla stood and listened to what Asher had to say. His tale included making a new friend. Being bartered with by a puppet, finding someone who controlled the puppet almost being poisoned. Being threatened for the antidote and and then quickly being able to combat the opponents and having met another witch who was apparently afraid of men, but managed to take advice from Asher about avoiding Dungeons for obvious reasons. He converted this into a good day so far. She looked at the lad for several seconds while he explained his day a bit stunned. There was even a gasp when he mentioned that one of the assailants had tried to poison him. But all seemed to be well with the boy and his outlook was phenomenal. "Sugoi. That is a busy morning and you don't seem any worse for wear. I'm glad it all went well..." she said calmly. About the young witch he'd met who'd had a problem talking to him she could only chuckle. "The Witches' Forest only has female inhabitants, they have varying degrees of social anxiety. Some don't know how to talk to men, some think they are innately better than them, some are kind of normal but it's a mixed bag..." she mentioned in case the lad was curious for his future interactions with other witches. "And you aren't poisoned or anything? You actually feel alright and both you and your partner were uninjured?" she asked a few more questions.

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    The witches were apparently a melting pot of weird social issues to be found at random throughout its former inhabitants. Asher was interested in the fact that Junon for one showed no such anxiety, but he supposed there was every chance of many witches not having problems with their adaptation to the outside world. It had to be an interesting place overall, this forest. Asher wondered if he would ever have the ability to visit the place. More questions were to come from Sibylla involving his well-being after the mission. Before he replied, Asher chuckled. "I'm fine. It's not the first time I've pretended to drink a poison just to get my way. Hikage's a battle maniac, so she came out fine too."

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    Sibylla's eyes widened at the idea that this wasn't the first time her younger brother had 'drank' poison to make something happen. The more he revealed things like this the more she wondered about the lad's upbringing. Moreover, she was relieved a great deal that he'd managed not to have too many problems and that his partner for this particular mission was also fine. It would have been bad to have too many traumatic things occur early on in his life as a Magic Knight. She had a great deal of hope for the lad and his ability to bounce back given what he'd already been through. With the basics of the information surrounding his mission in her mind and knowing that it had been a success, Sibylla stepped forward and placed a hand atop his head. "Hai hai, good job then Asher. You can eat and relax if you'd like, you might need to report to the Magic Emperor again tomorrow, but... everything will be fine. You can relax the rest of the day..." she said calmly. Knowing he was alright and also not wanting to smother the lad too much she was content to leave him to his own devices for a while.

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