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Thread: Base of Operations: Silver Eagles

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    Apparently, the village that Asher grew up in was known for the production of potatoes. That sounded very different to the lass, who'd never been one for exceedingly starchy foods, but perhaps they were tasty. The white haired young man went on to mention that they could be prepared lots of different ways and that he'd been eating the exclusively for several years. "Sugoi! That sounds interesting..." she said but that wasn't on her mind right now. Instead they found themselves discussing their most recent sight which was the disappearance of their guide and the sudden appearance of a new face. "Hm, you saw that much? I barely made out the wings..." she said of their most recent brush with greatness. "I wonder why the robes are different?" she questioned. It could be a matter of seniority. The girl who had been leading them around also seemed to wear specialty clothing compared to everyone else that Junon had seen. Regardless since Asher had agreed to the plan of eating, the audible rumbling of Junon's stomach ceased and she found herself ordering food as the stoic leader of this group stumbled upon the pair in the dining hall. She also went up to the chef but was content to let these two order for themselves before she said anything to that person. "Can you make Tsukimi-udon?" she asked of the man before her who looked at the girl wide grin on his face and nodded. His hair divided in to pigtails were a light purple in color and he was deeply tanned. "Of course!" and he began working on what she'd asked for. Within minutes he'd prepared the noodles and was letting the soup and vegetables lightly poach the egg in the bowl. He was then left to wait for the next order before anything else would happen.

    "Sou ka, this is where you two are. I assume you've seen everything else then... Gomen, Hawks is excitable when he has work to do, I'll answer any questions you both have," Sibylla mentioned from her spot behind the two in line. Of course, she could just have food made and sent to her private quarters but she didn't often do that aside from tea. She enjoyed being around the members of her squad, and felt she owed a bit more time specifically to this pair of individuals.

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    "Hai. It was long like Silva-senpai's, and it looked like it was split down the middle. Probably because of the wings," Asher deduced. Moving on from matters that were now out of their hands regardless, Asher joined Junon at the chef's counter. There were so many options in the world that he didn't even know of, unless they involved potatoes. The young male was just shy of freezing up, but the dish ordered by Junon gave him some clarity. "Eto... could I try that as well?" he asked, thinking that at this point, he could try literally anything. Deciding was a different matter entirely, but for right now, he didn't have to do that. Assuming a second serving of the dish would be prepared for him, Asher stepped back to wait. When he did, he picked up on the voice of Sibylla. At least they hadn't ended up abandoned completely when Kajun was snatched away. "Hai. I think we've seen pretty much everything, except... we weren't taken to our rooms."

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    Asher went on to explain the things he'd noted about the difference in Hawks attire versus that of others they'd come across, including now themselves. It wasn't that much to go by, still he'd seen far more of the man than Junon herself had managed to. "Hmm, long cloaks huh... customized to fit individuals styling and abilities," she said, making a mental note of the fact that the girl who'd been with them most recently favored a similar look with a longer almost laboratory coat. Moving along, the chef seemed excited about new faces, and though he was a bit stunned that the young lad had simply asked for the same thing as the girl before him, he couldn't really fault him for this. "Of course, of course... just one moment," said this man who seemed to be just a strange side of girly as he went on to prepare another serving of the same meal. Soon enough noodles would be cooking in broth with vegetables and one raw egg left to poach atop them for just a few moments until it was ready to serve. The chef soon looked to Sibylla hoping for something extra but she simply nodded meaning she wanted the same thing this group was having. "You're killing me Danchou~" the man said but went on to make her portion as well.

    Meanwhile the Captain of the squad joined the duo of youngsters who much to Junon's relief hadn't been completely abandoned. The elder woman's words even implied that she'd known such a thing would happen. Beyond this, Asher mentioned that they had been pretty well acquainted with the facilities except their lodgings which was also fine. "Hai hai, I'll take you both to your rooms when you finish eating," she said seemingly pleased that they'd managed to do so much while she'd been otherwise occupied. Speaking of being otherwise occupied she looked to the chef. "I'd also like strawberry tarts. I don't need them now, but I'll take them for my late night tea, arigatou gozaimasu..." she said. This stunned the man, mostly because he hadn't made such an order in quite a while. Especially not for the Captain of this illustrious squad. A grin came to his face as he knew he'd have quite the project to undertake. "I understand." he said offering a bow. He handed off the order to another chef to search for ingredients while he put the finishing touches on bowls of Udon for all three of these individuals. Meanwhile Junon managed to look stunned that this woman had shown up in such a way and was ready and willing to answer questions, obviously she had at least one. "What's the difference between their cloaks and ours? That new guy, Faycott-senpai and Silva-senpai all have really different outfits..." she asked which made Sibylla's brow raise as she thought about it. "Hawks, Kajun, and Dior are all elites, they are allowed different cloaks as a mark of that..." she finished up this explanation as the chef handed all three the bowls they needed as well as chopsticks. "Dinner is served!~" he chimed leaving the three to walk over to any of the tables. Junon picked a table which allowed her to see a great deal of the room and sat down. Sibylla followed if only to keep the lass within speaking distance in case of more questions. "Elites, huh?" she thought about this for a few seconds and wondered if this should be the first mark she aimed for in her ascent up the ranks.

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    "Hai!" was Asher's response to the Captain. Once they were taken to their rooms, he could finally see an opportunity to wind down and let the events of this day sink in at last. Overall, the week had been quite the lively one. He'd run away from home, taken and passed the Magic Knights Entrance Exam, and cleared a dungeon - an act which was typically only taken by Magic Knights who'd already proven themselves in some aspect. All of this happened, and he'd yet to take a break and absorb the occurrences. As he claimed his bowl, he heard the answer to Junon's query regarding the cloaks, which apparently belonged to the elites among the squad members. He knew Dior was counted as the Vice-Captain of this group due to moments of small talk between members of their earlier expedition to the dungeon, but it was beyond him that there was a full group of members with an elite status. As he moved to the table where the others were, he mulled over this train of thought. "What makes them elite?"

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    As they sat down, Junon raised her chopsticks happily, clapping her hands together atop her bowl. "Itadakimasu~" she chimed seemingly happy to begin her meal. Though she obviously had more questions the aching of her stomach needed satisfaction long before the questions of her mind. Luckily enough, it seemed that Asher would ask a question related to the ones she had, and Sibylla would be left to answer them while the girl enjoyed her food. "They are elites by merit," mentioned Sibylla, whether this was needed further clarification or not, she was going to explain it, because these two were new and might be interested in what she was about to say. "Elites within the Silver Eagles are elite, because they complete the most jobs, gain the most merit and have the most responsibility. They've proven themselves capable Magic Knights and their attire is upgraded to indicate that. We often tell new recruits if they have questions to ask Elites because they are most likely to be able to help. I also generally send out new recruits with elites so they can learn and grow with them," she said with a small smile on her face. "Becoming an elite is a matter of personal effort and it comes with a few extra perks. Better pay, more advanced lodging choices, the ability to take missions with fewer individuals involved," she said pausing to take a bit of food and finish it before she spoke again. "They are also most likely to accompany me on higher tier missions," she finished this part of the explanation and gave a bit of pause for the two to consider if they had more questions or not. Junon was eating and her food was amazing. Her eyes sparkled from happiness, but beyond that there was an extreme bit of light in her eyes. As if the mention of her own merits carrying her internally through the ranks was just as exciting as the merit based system which would progress her as a Magic Knight.

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    As Junon prepared to have her meal, Asher was doing the same. With chopsticks in his right hand, he clapped both hands together around them and tipped his head slightly. "Itadakimasu!" he said as well. He was then content to begin eating, which he did while Sibylla explained the nature of elite squad members. Everything about being a Magic Knight was seeming to be based on individual merit. It felt like the journey to his goals would be a long one, but ultimately worthwhile in the end. After all, a merit-based system meant that any situation where one would be required to prove themselves would be handled before the situation itself arose. To truly realize his goal, though... he needed far more than what he could accomplish with merit alone. This would be a stepping stone on Asher's list. Gaining merit allowed one to become an elite. Becoming an elite allowed one to take more difficult jobs that would also warrant the presence of the Captain, thus equaling more merit gained. Between bites, Asher spoke on this matter again. "How much merit would it take for an elite to become a Captain?"

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    Sibylla happily explained all she needed to and took a break to consume more of her meal. Of course, within a few seconds of finishing the first half of her explanation, it seemed that Asher had another question. In the middle of a bite of food, the Captain of the Silver Eagles found herself looking at her younger brother strangely. She had no idea what his long term goals truly entailed, but somehow suddenly felt as if her job might have been in jeopardy. Of course, as she'd only taken this job in the first place to find him, it was fine with her... a small smirk came to her face as she heard this. "It's really strange to be on the receiving end of that question like that... I wonder if I should worry about my job~" she said with a small smile. 'I might owe someone an apology.' she thought. Even so, she finished up another bite before she spoke once more. "The merit necessary to become a Captain of one of the Magic Knights Squad is the designation Grand Magic Knight," she explained, but as not to led the boy astray she decided to fill in some necessary details. "The lowest designation is Junior Magic Knight, it has five classes. It is how all recruits come in..." she said giving a gentle nod. "Next would be Intermediate Magic Knights, of which there are also five separate rankings. Then Senior Magic Knight, also with five separate rankings," she commented absently. She'd pause to take a bit before clarifying a couple of extra things. "Elite status can be gained anytime after reaching Intermediate Magic Knight. Most choose their Vice-Captains from the Senior Magic Knight designation unless they show extreme promise. And if there is a slot avaliable for you, after ascending all the way through the ranks of Senior Magic Knight, you get the designation Grand Magic Knight and are eligible to become Captain." her words finished and she looked to Junon who simply nodded her understanding. Though she hadn't initially had such a question it was nice to have a clarification on where she stood presently versus where she could end up eventually.

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    Asher continued eating while Sibylla explained the ranking system of the Magic Knights more thoroughly. 'That's fifteen more. Fifteen ranks, and I can do it...' he thought. By the time this thought finished, Asher reached into the udon bowl with his chopsticks again, only to realize there was nothing left for him to grab. He didn't realize how much he was actually enjoying this dish that was so new for him. Whatever the case, he now had some level of understanding toward where he needed to be. However he was to achieve merit, he would do it until he was counted as one of the Silver Eagles' elites. Afterwards, he would continue moving forward until he was eligible to become a Captain. Perhaps then he could work toward achieving the title of Magic Emperor. "Sou ka. I'll be joining your elite group soon, then," he said as he put down his chopsticks.

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    Sibylla finished her explanation and watched as the boy with her finished his food. She went silent after that, wondering exactly what the lad was thinking about in regards to his future. After he was done thinking he put down his chopsticks while making a very forward declaration. Junon had finished her food as well and watched this with wide eyes. Sibylla felt a strange inkling of pride in this moment, as she always did when her younger siblings made their intentions known. "Sou ka... I look forward to it," she said acknowledging the lad's intention. The ever excitable Junon looked at the lad and squealed. "Yosh! I have to get in on that... I don't know why yet though, but I feel like I don't want to be left behind," Junon said, this got her a curious look from Sibylla. For a long time, the Captain of the Silver Eagles had what most would consider a not personal reason for progress. But any reason to progress was a good one. "Hai, then go for it... you'll find your own reason in time. I wasn't unlike that myself when I was younger," Sibylla offered encouragement the only way she knew how, this made Junon's eyes light up as she received such encouragement. "Danchou..." she murmured. She'd come out of the Witches' Forest to seek adventure and meet new people. Already her journey seemed to be introducing her to quite the cast of new and different people, and she could only hope to make such a mark.

    Sibylla also finished her food and sat down her chopsticks, standing she looked at the two young members of her Squad and understood her place. "So, to get you both started, you have to take care of yourselves. Come along, I'll show you to your rooms so you can rest before you're called away tomorrow," she mentioned. She stood and moved her bowl to the drop off, waiting for the other two the join her. Junon followed seemingly astounded by this entire experience. Even so, her Captain seemed to be very invested and caring and she didn't know if she expected that initially or not. Even without her being as dedicated to her as she was to Asher in a way which was all but too obvious. Whenever everyone was ready, she'd lead them to the far left side of the castle, to a single tower, with a room on the ground floor. Such would open up into a moderately spacious bedroom complete with bed, desk, lamps and side tables. A moderate space in the middle gave the room a warm feeling and it also came with a single window which overlooked the court yard in front of it. "This is your room Junon. As you progress in rank you'll be moved up the tower, better views and a bigger room. For now... look forward to it," she said. The young girl was amazed. Though she was used to living quite a different kind of life, she never expected anyone to put this much work into a bedroom for someone so low in the ranks. Perhaps she'd lucked out more than she thought, ending up part of the Silver Eagles.

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    "She's right. Once you make it to the top, there are a lot of things you could do. You can pick your focus whenever you want!" Asher chimed in. While his own upbringing gave him a certain set of motivations to start his career as a Magic Knight, he could easily understand that such wouldn't be the case for everyone. Soon, Asher was standing with that same motivation he thought to share with Junon, though he did nothing with it besides drop off his bowl and follow Junon and Sibylla. The latter woman led the way to the base of a tower, where she pointed out Junon's room. Asher refrained from entering, but through the open door, he saw all he needed to see. This was enough of a sight for him to realize how much more luxurious his life was fated to be from this point forward. "Sugoi... This room is as big as our dining room was."

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