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Thread: Base of Operations: Silver Eagles

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    "That is a question I have asked myself. Several times. If I ever manage to get a straight answer out of him about it, you'll be the first to know," Sibylla said this and meant it, though coming from her in this moment the statement could be seen as particularly snarky. To be honest, she'd probably gotten as close to a proper answer out of her elder brother as she'd ever get. She assumed the elder male thought it part of his duty in some way, but without a proper explanation she couldn't be sure, and thus she wouldn't speculate on it. But that wasn't really it, it seemed that Asher was pulling himself through this entire situation pretty well given what he was being told. The logic wasn't failing, even so it was more to take in than it needed to be. "Life is complicated, admittedly yours more than most," said Sibylla. "These things are true because they are, you are Asher the lost son Silva. You were raised in Hage Village by a collection of interesting and kind people, because our older brother may or may not be short-sighted. You're a compassionate individual with goals and a wide world view," the Captain of the Silver Eagles mentioned. "The only thing that really changes is now you have the support of a few extra people... if you'll accept it." Sibylla spoke these words knowing she meant to comfort the lad, and wanted to do so more directly than she was able to. "You don't have make anything of this extra information immediately. We've waited to find you. Knowing you're safe... we can wait for you to adjust to our existence," she finished up.

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    Everything being taken in was extremely hard to sort through for the silver-haired male. In multiple ways, he could not argue against her points at all. It was very strange that he would be disallowed from taking the Magic Knights Entrance Exam to prevent reliving his family's demise, considering he was left behind by a dying man. Still, what was he to do now? This wasn't what he knew, so he had no idea how to deal with it. Was he to acknowledge this undoubtedly? There was only one way he could even think of dealing with this at the moment. "I..." he started. Sadly, there was hardly even anything in mind. "I'll be ready whenever it's time for the next task... Dancho."

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    Unsurprisingly the boy seemed more than a bit overwhelmed by the information he was given. Sibylla expected this to a great extent, even so, somewhere deep inside it hurt her feelings just a bit that she couldn't properly bond with her little brother after searching for him for so long. She couldn't blame him for this, as such she nodded and turned but not before giving the emptiness of her silver eyes to the lad. "Right. Dior lives at the highest point of this tower if you should have questions or need anything you can't figure out on your own. Do try and get some rest..." she mentioned in passing and with this she left.

    It'd been quite an interesting day for her, but she felt it wasn't nearly as bad as this lad. At this point she was content to retire to her own room, only leaving sometime late in the night to stand in front of that strange mirror again, this time bearing tea and tarts. Her countenance something of an angry grimace with shining eyes, filled with determination. "I wasn't ready for dinner yet. I figured we could start with midnight snacks," she said to the man she expected to find within. Whatever happened next time would past gently into the next day, and the order would come for a debriefing with the Magic Emperor. As such there would need to be a gathering of a certain trio of individuals.

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    "Hai. I'll keep that in mind," Asher said, speaking only in relation to the comment about Dior's location and potential usefulness as another guide. He had a lot to think about over the course of the night, and he only truly began when Sibylla left his doorway. For a very long time, he did not leave the windowsill. Actually, the sun set long before he brought himself inside properly to shut the window. Further time was wasted by Asher attempting to throw together a letter for the people of his home village. Asher spent many hours of the night searching for the right words to say in this letter, only for his mind to betray him because of all he'd taken in this day. Eventually, he fell asleep, and remained that way - despite numerous tosses and turns - until the next day's summons. Then, and only then, was he taken from his room by Dior, whom he shared not a single word with as they moved to collect Junon and make their way toward the Royal Capital.

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    Junon eventually found herself in front of the Silver Eagles Base of Operations once more. This time, coming simply from a meeting with the Magic Emperor. During this the entire team that had ventured into a dungeon to explore it, gained higher rank, including herself and the rainbow haired young man now in her presence. She'd traveled back not by her usual wind manipulation but instead via the light manipulation of Asher. Upon settling down she'd have something to say. "Sugoi!~ It was so fast. It's a wonder you can see anything..." she mused having no idea how the young man managed such a feat, but being stunned by it just the same.

    In addition to this the Captain of this particular squad could be found on the steps as usual when her siblings left for anything waiting to greet them. "Okaerinasai, Asher and Junon... how was your first visit to the Royal Capital?" she asked of the pair seeming to be no more or less invested than she usually was. Of course, she was asking mostly about their visit with the Magic Emperor but she supposed she could do without the direct questioning for a bit.

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    When the pair of new Magic Knights landed in front of their squad's base, Asher released his hold on the pink-haired witch in his company. Junon's comment about their traveling method for this venture was met by a chuckle. "It's no big deal. I've got good eyes because I've used magic to move around so much," he explained about his ability to perceive his surroundings while moving at such speeds. Such was the same reason he boasted the amount of precision he did when using his offensive magic, but that was an aside.

    Before they entered the building, they were met by the Captain herself: Sibylla. Looking at this woman, Asher remembered instantly what his purpose was, causing his gaze upon her to be cast in a more serious light. "Tadaima... Danchou," he said. Asher took several moments thereafter to resolve himself for what he intended to do, but after that time passed, he pulled his grimoire from its pouch at his hip. "Sumimasen. Hikari Mahō: Danzai no Kōken." The spell Asher chose was his usual go-to, so to speak. Its casting created six shards of light in the air behind him, each one crossed over four times by lines. With these in place, he figured the only message he needed to convey to Sibylla could be easily taken - his conviction had brought him to challenge the woman on their very next meeting, which had already come to pass now.

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    "Sou ka, that makes sense I guess..." she said coming to the conclusion that the lad's ability to see was in fact due to trying to see while using this method of movement. Still it was amazing to her and as such she was keen to let her own compliment stand. And what happened next was about the pink haired girl expected as their Captain came to greet them. Junon would also greet her as she was quite happy to be back and on the ground. "Tadaima, Danchou... the Royal Capital was huge, and interesting looking," she said giving pause. She would have gone on to say more but she noticed the actions of Asher and decided that she'd just hold on to it for now. "Sou ka..." she said moving by way of the wind to have a seat in an open nearby tower window.

    Meanwhile Sibylla was confronted by a strange sight, as her youngest brother chose to cast magic in an obvious challenge to her and apologized for doing it. For the first time in a rather long time, she managed to look surprised, "Of all possible greetings I expected, a challenge wasn't really on the list..." Sibylla said but after a few seconds her brows lowered but she still couldn't think of any real reason for this to be happening. "Why challenge me?" she asked for clarification, she seemed unworried about the shards of light hovering overhead, but that was about to be expected given what she knew of her own abilities.

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    Asher's brow became furrowed over time as he looked toward Sibylla. She didn't quite accept his challenge, nor did she outright reject it. The latter wouldn't be given as an option, though. Asher's resolve had become unbreakable over the trip here; he'd either have his answer, or the equation which required answering would no longer exist for him, and he'd live based only on the life he knew. In place of a potential acceptance or rejection of his challenge, Sibylla offered him the question of why. In response, Asher smiled. "I didn't expect this either, but someone told me something earlier..." As he spoke, his smile remained and his eyes closed. The message he'd received was one he took to heart quite easily, and would likely be one he went on to apply in many aspects of his life henceforth... the advice of a friend. "Someone told me that magic becomes you! If you are who you say you are, and I am who I think you are... then there's only one way to find the answer. Here I come!" With that, Asher's eyes opened again with a great burning inferno in the gaze he set upon Sibylla. No longer would the young Magic Knight hesitate; his light shards angled themselves toward Sibylla, and the two farthest out in the lineup shot forward one at a time. The shards' speed remained dwarfed by Asher's movement via magic, but the swift movement was that of light magic nonetheless. Asher's right hand swept forward, then his left, each one willing the movement of a shard toward Sibylla's left thigh, then right upper torso in succession. Performing these assaults by willing the shards with his hands allowed Asher to maximize the speed at which they moved, albeit in exchange for the readability which came from such a projected attack.

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    Junon watched as this battle was about to start, she had no idea what had led the young man to this conclusion, but she was more than a bit shocked to hear the reply his gave to his sister. 'Ano, this isn't exactly what I meant, but... figure it out how you need to~' she thought to herself. She got to watch to see how Sibylla reacted to the lad as he spoke.

    The Captain of the Silver Eagles gave great consideration to the lad's words. She supposed him thinking her tale of his life was unbelievable was one thing, but she didn't really know what to think about what the lad would have to say about coming to terms with that information. She felt strangely proud of the lad for finding a way to feel right about the situation and finding a way to resolve his own convictions. She could have had many things to say about this, but the burning desire in the lad's face meant that she couldn't deny him his challenge. "Yare yare, Zinc is going to have a field day with this later..." she mused knowing her other younger brother quite enjoyed people who showed resolve in their actions. Still there was the matter this young man's attack which was now launching with or without the woman's approval, still she didn't seem too worried about it, in fact as the lad aimed several shards of light at her body with speed and precision. Instead of doing anything her body shifted and she lifted the staff she always carried, doing so cast a spell at a distance and left the light shards to plant themselves into the ground where she used to be. Her spell of choice caused a mirror to appear in the distance and allowed the woman to step through it well out of harms way. "Kagami Mahō : Mirāzu Shifuto," she said with an apathetic expression, though her eyes told an entirely different story.

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    Four of Asher's shards remained at his location as the first two made their trip toward Sibylla. His assault was neither deflected nor evaded, but left to connect with the ground as Sibylla relocated herself to a distant mirror she spawned into existence. Asher's gaze soon found her again. Their eyes met, and Asher's narrowed. What was he seeing here? Even if the Captain's face told no tales, something underneath it was quite powerful. Whatever it was, he had to find its true meaning. The only way he thought to do so was to continue his onslaught, and so he did. Three of his remaining four light shards moved without his hands guiding them. They traveled through the air in unison, but diverged onto paths all their own, in which they encircled Sibylla and spun around her while facing inward. At a moment's notice thereafter, all three would thrust inward with intentions of piercing her midsection, as if meaning to bind and maim, though their continued circling would imply further intentions of bifurcating their victim, if not turning her with them.

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