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Thread: Base of Operations: Silver Eagles

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    Sibylla was left fending off minor embarrassment at the teasing of her younger brother. Of course, she knew that he knew why she behaved this way, even so, it was no less embarrassing to have it pointed out. "Urusai, Dio!" that was of course, the only comeback that the Captain could manage in this moment. And it was more of a tell than anything, when she referred to her brother by his childhood nickname. Even so, it seemed the group at large was ready to depart and as such he created a giant eagle made of his magic type. "Sugoi! That Eagle is cool too!~" she said making the assumption that the general shape of it was something which ran in their family for whatever reason. "Ah, I'm my own lift!~ I'm too excited to sit still!" she mentioned spinning wind around herself she'd prepare to take off with the lad. It wasn't personal at all but she'd have more fun this way. Sibylla watched this and chuckled wondering if Asher would follow suit as well, because of the nature of their 'light' rivalry. Regardless, Junon was now ready to go and would leave accordingly. And Sibylla would stay to see them off.

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    "Hai hai," said Dior with a chuckle. From there, he had his eagle rise ever so slightly from its spawn location to await the others. Asher was once again staring at the eagle, feeling less familiar with this one, but still feeling as if he could have seen it in a very small form at some point. He wasn't sure how to react to this, but Dior's attention was elsewhere: namely with Junon, who claimed she was 'her own' lift. "Be less excited. As your senior, and with neither of you being seasoned as Magic Knights, I don't make suggestions. Do as I say, when I say, until you've proven yourselves."

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    Dior said about what Sibylla would have expected. Of course, his general attitude wasn't what Junon expected at all, especially not after dealing with Sibylla for an extended period of time. She looked at this man pouted but since the bird was in the air floated onto with the wind cancelling around her person. "Hai hai..." she found him to be a bit of a killjoy instantly, but she wouldn't let it get to her. She felt this was the sort of contrast that people liked to create for others. You know, understanding your current place in the world and all of that. Still she'd be rather fidgety for the duration of this ride regardless of what was done. 'Hm, I wonder how they will get along...' Sibylla thought, knowing that Dior was a bit strong and strong-willed especially for someone as free spirited as Junon appeared to be.

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    Once she had it as more of an order, Junon abandoned her wind magic to take a seat upon Dior's eagle. With that out of the way, all that was left was a spaced-out Asher, whom Dior looked to and chose to verbally snap out of his current state. "Asher," he said simply. That alone seemed to be enough, leading Asher to wake himself up mentally. "H-hai!" the younger male replied. He noticed Dior was standing atop the eagle's back, thinking it to be a strange way to fly on a creature. Nevertheless, he hopped onto its back as well, deciding he would mimic whatever method Junon went for when riding this magic beast. Meanwhile, Dior spoke again. "Any questions or necessities before we go?"

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    Junon had chosen to sit on the back of this bird to the left with her legs crossed and hanging over the edge like one would expect someone to sit at the edge of a bed maybe. Irrespective of how crazy this likely looked, she seemed to be exceedingly comfortable this way, and showed no strain in her choice of seated position. Asher seemed to be in a world all his own for several seconds but he was soon called to attention as well, when asked if they had any questions or necessities, Junon had several things running through her mind, but chose to focus on the task at hand. "Um, I have an idea of what Dungeons are, but how will we know if we've done what we need to?" she asked, which was a valid question for one unfamiliar with the inside. Knowing what the goal was would help give her focus and help her better understand what was going on. Her curiosities were double because it seemed like it was almost a waste of resources to send people into potential death over treasures or whatever. This seemed to be her thoughts on it, regardless of the fact that she would have entered just to do so, because she liked new things.

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    One question was presented by Junon. When Dior looked to Asher to see if he had a question as well, the boy simply nodded to imply that his only curiosity was the same as the witch's. Since he only had one question to answer for now, Dior had the eagle lift higher while Asher seated himself behind Dior and to the right of Junon. "Good question. There's no telling what any dungeon's treasure room holds, but once we have it... there won't be a dungeon anymore." This was all he had to say. In Dior's experience with dungeons, every last one of them had created its own cave-in once whatever artifacts it offered were taken, whether the physical treasures were claimed or not. Either way, now that he had sated curiosities, Dior took the go-ahead and forced his mercury eagle to have a very hasty take-off toward the northwest region of the kingdom.

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    In the end, the Spirit which was now attached to Junon seemed to have taken a liking to Asher as well as the girl. Whatever the case though, this wouldn't be something immediately discussed. There was quite a bit of surprise in this day for Dior, and soon they were simply headed all the way back to the Base of Operations of the Silver Eagles. And there would be someone there to greet them when they landed. Unbeknownst to the group at large, they'd been gone for almost a week, and their Captain had started to worry about how long they'd been gone. So as she saw the mercury Eagle of Dior come into sight she headed down the towers and out into the front of the courtyard. She managed to hide her worry behind a regular greeting as she stood tall happy to see the return of both her siblings. "Okaerinasai!"

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    Dior Silva descended into the courtyard while standing on the back of his mercury eagle. He hopped off the magic creature's back within a meter or two of the ground, while Asher continued floating slightly above ground, standing atop his new staff. Dior heaved a sigh of relief after his soles touched familiar ground again. "Tadaima," he said. It was after this that Asher floated between them, albeit off to the side just enough to not be obstructing the siblings' view of each other. "Ohayou gozaimasu, Danchou. The dungeon's gone," the young male announced.

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    Now that they were back home, Junon also hopped off the bird they'd taken to get here. Obviously she could have flown herself back, but she felt no need not to take a ride readily offered. Strangely enough, upon returning they were greeted directly by the Captain of their squad, which wasn't all together surprising for Junon considering Sibylla's relation to both of the young lads who were with her. "Taidaima, Dancho..." the girl managed, remembering she was still wearing the cloak which belonged to the lad she'd been with she went about removing it to return it to him. "Arigatou gozaimasu... Asher-kun," she offered the lad thanks for helping her out on their journey. Sibylla watched this and took note of how she was greeted and fought the desire to sigh, as far as she was concerned only one person here should be referring to her as such. Instead of focusing on this, she watched the start of the interaction between the teens and put together some interesting things about the situation they must have faced. "They are supposed to disappear, I take it then your mission was a success. You have a new staff too, interesting... Congratulations, both of you," she said to the two young ones. "Goblins?" she asked of Dior making the assumption that the young witch wouldn't have bothered covering up for any other reason. They were indeed becoming something of a menace in more recent times, but that didn't matter as no one seemed any worse for wear.

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    There was something Asher had forgotten about. He hadn't even realized he was now without the cloak he brought to the entrance exam, until Junon was handing it back to him. When she held it out, though, he shook his head. "Take it to the next dungeon. I only needed it so nobody saw me going to the exam. You'll get more use out of it than me now," he claimed. The cloak had been given to him in Hage Village because he needed it at the time. Asher didn't have any lasting attachment to the article, so he now felt it best to pass it along to someone else who could be helped in any way by wearing it.

    Dior found himself sighing yet again. He understood why he'd been sent along on this mission initially, but while he'd technically accomplished a single feat within the dungeon, he knew all too well that even that was unnecessary in the end. "They both went above and beyond expectations. We did encounter goblins in so great a number that I wonder if it will be a manageable task for any female Magic Knight in the future to come, but... nothing in that dungeon was an issue for these two. Honestly, I could have not been there at all. I still think I made a great chauffeur though."

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