Name: Ryona Angel
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Appearance: Ryōna is a young woman with short blonde hair, and heterochromatic eyes, with her left eye being emerald green, in color and her right eye is sapphire blue. She has a fond of dressing up as a winged princess, which shows off her remarkably curvy figure. She dons a white outfit with a short, wide skirt decorated with triangular patterns. The top of the outfit ends in two triangles held together by thin threads which keep the back held together. More threads reach from each triangle to the other triangle to keep from exposing her bust and the front of the outfit from falling off (both of these things she probably wouldn't have a problem with). She also wears white stockings with triangular cut tops trimmed with gold, boots that reach up to under her knees which are trimmed the same way as her stockings (her arms also share the same trend). Finally, her outfit is accessorized with a silver tiara on her head.
Occupation: Magic Knight
Rank: Vice-Captain | 3rd Class Senior Magic Knight
Squad: Blue Rose
Country: Clover Kingdom

Battle Prowess


Wing Magic: This form of magic allows the user to generate feathered wings of magic. The user could also bestow wings onto others.

Wing Magic: Angel Wing 「翼魔法『天使の魔翼エンジェルウイング』 Tsubasa Mahō "Enjeru Uingu"」: With an open grimoire, the user creates a pair of magical wings on their back. These wings enable the user to fly at high speeds and to launch feathers. The user is also able to "gift" 「贈ギフト gifuto」 wings onto allies. By working together, they could dramatically increase the power and effect of other Wing Magic spells.

Wing Magic: Angel Flapping 「翼魔法『天使の羽ばたきエンジェルフラッピング』 Tsubasa Mahō "Enjeru Furappingu"」: After having already created a pair of wings and flown above the enemies, the user releases a swarm of feathers that distract their enemies while also being able to push their allies towards a direction.



Grimoire: Ryona possesses a grimoire that contains various wing-based spells.