Name: Phantom Evangelista
Age: ???
Gender: Female

Phantom has long, bright, vibrant pink hair and bangs with contoured feathery strands that cover her left eye. She has yellow eyes and is well-endowed. She used to wear a dark purple witch’s hat and a form fitted body suit, with the additions of a tied purple ribbon and cape, along with long black straps attached to her sleeves, long black curved leggings that reach to her mini skirt, and black slippers with stilettos.

Occupation: Witch Queen
Rank: Queen
Squad: --
Merits: --
Country: Witches' Forest

  • Claims neutrality in all matters of war.
  • Allows members of the Witches' Forest to go to any country they choose so long as they eventually come back to visit.
  • Is scholarly beyond reason and cares only for learning and new things, and to that extreme encourages the independence of her 'children'.
  • She has spent her life and the lives of her subjects, collecting spells for her grimiore.
  • Phantom is the mother of Junon Evangelista, and as she claims the title of Queen, Junon is Princess of the Witches' Forest

Battle Prowess


Imitation Magic 「模倣魔法 Mohō Mahō」 is a form of magic that allows a user to copy another mages spells. This form of magic allows the user to copy another mage's spells. In order for the user to use another mage's spells, they are first required to touch the mage's Grimoire. The spells that are copied are able to match those of the original owner. The only known exception is Anti Magic.



Grimoire: Phantom possesses a three-leaf clover grimoire, which is able to copy and maintain the spells of other grimoires.