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    The enduring silence got Anna feel accomplished yet also on edge. It could be possible he had no words at the ready, she did mention the one person he held most dearly, yet she stayed on the edge for his reply. Result: a smug smile, her choice had been dirty, but so was Cecil in his actions and most important was to bring back peace in the country. Her eyes once more fixed on his hands, it wouldn’t be too surprising if he’d decide to take their strange rivalry into a duel. When Cecil laughed out loud, Anna’s eyebrows rose an inch. “Did I say something funny?” she asked questionly, slightly sarcastic, she knew it wasn’t funny. Off all, she hadn’t expect him to actually laugh it off. Or was it his way to laugh at her? Anna’s mind got restless, each option could turn out to be the case and the current truth of having no clue what could happen next bothered her, and not the slightest bit.

    Soon enough the corners of her mouth moved up, her words had hit him. Control, finally. Anna wouldn’t know how to handle him anymore if mentioning Élise didn’t get on his nerves. Ever since they’d met at Hogwarts, they were inseparable. It made Anna often feel like she was third-wheeling, not exactly a nice experience. At some point she seperated herself from the lovebirds and formed her own, large group of friends. Even back then, Anna enjoyed leading her friends, being in charge of a ‘club’ in Hogwarts. The overachiever she was. Anna couldn’t really imagine that both Cecil and Élise didn’t feel the need to have some more friends, wouldn’t they grow bored with each other by some time? The alternation and interesting challenges was what made Anna feel happy and motivated. In her eyes, they’d missed out on a lot of self-development. In the end, Cecil lost his soulmate, which saddened Anna too of course, yet it showed that Cecil had no other connections and friends to help him through the hard times, so he took the wrong path. Quite sad actually, but it was too late to show pity for the man who destroyed so many lives, literally, as well as destroying the lives of the relatives of those murdered ‘criminals’.

    Cecil’s suggestive attitude made Anna brainstorm. This was the best possible position she could have him now. But what if the returning request was one which she couldn’t or simply wouldn’t want to meet? It had to be something big, he did have power, skills and he seemed to like the way he lived his life. Whatever the case, her curiosity and longing for the possible control convinced her to ask for further explanation. The imagination of herself being known as the woman who talked into the Dark Lord, convincing him to stop without any duel, made her eyes sparkle with excitement. To be of meaning for Britain would mean everything to her. Anna talked herself down to ask Cecil the logical question in a casual, professional tone. “What do you want in return, Brown?” It felt like their meeting had only just started to get interesting, would she save the nation after all?

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    Cecil knew exactly how Anna thought. He still hadn’t made use of his legilimency of course, not did he need to. Why? Because he knew Anna. He knew what a control freak she could be and how her ambition could be her downfall. He was pretty sure that from his words just a moment ago she had ben feeling pretty comfortable, or at least accomplished. She probably thought she finally had a chance to make a compromise with him, or get him to quit leading the Death Eaters altogether. And behind all of that laid her zeal: having an impact on the history of Britain. It was quite laughable of course but to think of it, it was typical as well. Anna was a Slytherin and her house had a reputation of producing wizards that would be consumed by their ambitions. Perhaps she was about to join them in that.

    The weather got chillier and the winds started to blow. An eerie feeling spread across the Surrey Hills as the Dark Lord finally made use of his occlumency and legilimency. Though the way he used it was so passive and minor that it would surely miss the attention of anybody around him, possibly including Anna as well. Others would simply start feeling empty and doubtful, maybe a bit in pain and discomfort too. It was still nothing, however. Compared to the turmoil inside Cecil, this was just a small percentage that he was letting out. “Bring them back,” he uttered, his tone seemingly devoid of any emotion. “Élise… my mother… my father…” he continued slowly as the dark clouds started to form far above them and cover the sky. The winds started to grow stronger and the weather got colder. Cecil’s aura was now all across the Surrey Hills.

    His expression shifted into an angry one. He wanted to rage and take it all out and now he had a reason to. He had been releasing all of his anger and anguish in waves. Anna had argued that fear wasn’t an efficient tool to make sure justice was served. However, Cecil had never argued that it was fear that ensured justice. He had only said that it was the first line of defense that kept people from crossing the line. That’s why it was a shame for the blonde woman. She had gotten lost in the meaning and probably didn’t even realize that she had just crossed a line she shouldn’t have. “BRING THEM BACK TO ME. AND THEN I WILL STOP!” he yelled, and simultaneously several lightnings struck down in the distance.

    Finally, they were at the point of no return. With her casually made statement Anna had given up even the slightest chance of having an influence on Cecil and in some ways it felt quite liberating. For the time being, however, Cecil was going to make sure Anna experienced justice up close and personal. Naturally her actions couldn’t go unaddressed; she needed a proper punishment for the senseless mention of his long lost love. Even though he didn’t know how things would play out, there was one thing the Dark Lord was quite sure of: he wouldn’t stop until the blonde lady was on her knees.


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