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    Bastien continued to focus on his efforts which kept the criminals away from their captives while the latter tried escaping. If they were to make it, the innocents would easily be capable of leaving Zinc's mist, whereas anyone else would continue to wander while being led around an endless illusion designed to keep them confined to the mist's space. Zinc was entirely useless to the others outside of his mist spell, but the others seemed to be doing a good enough job by themselves. Of course, there was more to be done, and he was waiting for them to do it. Bastien had his limitations; that much was obvious. Wendy, on the other hand... could surely do more. She questioned Zinc when he spoke of her taking so long, prompting him to finally look her in the eye while placing his forefinger on his head again. "Yes, you missed an order. As your senior, I'm ordering you to hurry up and do something about this," he said while somehow looking annoyed by being required to have this discussion.

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    Bastien's efforts kept the criminals away from the civilians while, Zinc's made it so that the criminals couldn't escape the area properly. Of course given this, they were sort of left at a stalemate which she figured could likely be covered by Zinc or someone of his strength. Therefore the man's sudden annoyance didn't make any sense to the girl. Beyond this, he claimed she'd indeed missed an order and told her to do something about their current stalemate and she managed to look utterly surprised by the assertion. She'd definitely told this man no less than twice that she didn't have any offensive magic to call upon. All she could do was support others, and she didn't see the point in his current level of action. "Silva-senpai, I already told you... I don't have any offensive magic. I've made use of every spell I have except the healing spell. There is nothing else I can do, I told you I am not good for a fight," she said seemingly distraught. "Sumimasen." she apologized knowing that this was exactly why she was content originally not to have anything to do with this endeavor directly. She didn't currently have anything she could do to the criminals and she had no way of tipping the balance in their favor, if Zinc or Bastien couldn't do anything they were simply going to be locked in this moment forever.

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    Whenever the bystanders were out of the building, Bastien knew he'd be able to take care of the criminals they were here to stop. As such, he was content to wait it out, since Zinc wasn't being very useful. "Silva... senpai... She doesn't have anything, but once nobody can get hurt, I can--" Bastien looked to Zinc, and his eyes widened while his speech stopped. He'd seen the Silva male looking back at him, suddenly feeling as if none of his words were hitting home so to speak. Now, Zinc was somewhat focused on something, though not what one might believe he should be focused on. His attention was entirely for the matter being discussed between Wendy and himself, though he briefly returned to his spacey expression, as if he were shuffling through his brain for a great many things at once. "Hmm... no. Magic Knights have strong ambitions. Don't you have something to protect? If you don't have... resolve... you should quit. So, find your resolve. Now. Before you get yourself and everyone around you killed in a real challenge," he said, seeming to continue struggling with a way to voice his thoughts throughout the clause.

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    Bastien seemed to understand the girl's plight a bit better than Zinc managed to. Even so, the man's voice stopped short of whatever he planned to say upon having a look at Zinc. Wendy on the other hand had her eyes never leave Zinc over the duration of their conversation. When he finally spoke to her again, clarifying what he meant the girl's brown eyes widened to a point that it looked almost painful. Zinc explained that from his perspective Magic Knights needed resolve to carry on, and asked the girl if she had anything to protect. He also told her she should quit if she had no resolve because outside of a situation like their current one she could get herself and other people killed. 'Do I have something to protect?' she asked herself in this moment. As she pondered this she remembered why she'd wanted to become a Magic Knight in the first place. In her head she saw a moment where her parents were considering marrying her off to another noble family because they didn't think the girl would ever make anything of herself, claiming she was too scared. She'd always claimed that she wanted to be a Magic Knight but she had nothing to offer offensively, fled from one on one training and anything battle oriented. The girl had decided to become a Magic Knight anyway, and resolved to become something better than what her parents thought of her, a 'sorry weakling too scared to move...'. The always apologetic girl with absolutely no backbone, who seemed to be afraid of messing up and her own shadow exclusively. As she had these thoughts her grimoire began to glow and she solidified a thought. 'But... I'm not weak!' As she had this thought this a new spell showed itself to her, and her eyes widened upon reading it. It didn't seem to be as technically offensive as most things, but it could help in this situation given the amount of control the girl had over her mana. "Sky Dragon Slayer Roar!" the call of this magic made a tornado manifest from the girl's mouth, but with much more control than general wind usage. It blasted each enemy nearby into walls but left the civilians unscathed giving them the distance necessary to escape the building properly in the distraction.

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    Zinc sighed. He could see the blue-haired girl steeling herself, finally finding her reason to fight and press forward. It didn't take much time for her to use this, satisfying Zinc and surprising Bastien with a brand new spell. This use of wind cleared out Bastien's cherry blossoms, incapacitating the criminals in the building without even endangering the nobles. This was something Bastien wasn't even capable of managing in such an enclosed space, leaving him naturally impressed by the girl's ability. "Sugoi! That was an incredible spell," he said. Meanwhile, Zinc continued tapping his finger against his head. "Yare yare. That took too long to finish, but I guess it was alright," he said as the mist around the property began fading. "I'll leave the wrap-up to you two. And the credit."

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    The outcome of this new spell seemed to surprise Wendy herself, but the the results were favorable. Beyond this, she was soon complimented on the completion of her new spell by Bastien and she managed to look a bit embarrassed. 'Really? But his magic is so much more useful and practical. And he's much better at taking charge,' she thought to herself. Instead of harping on this it was her reflex to bow. "Arigatou gouzaimasu!" she still wasn't used to taking positive reinforcement but in this case she'd managed to not apologize so she felt like it was a step in the right direction for herself. Zinc's words though caused her a bit of panic which made her fall back into her old habits, apologizing for the amount of time this revelation took her. "Sumimasen." she bowed to him as well. Of course when he mentioned that he'd be leaving both clean up and credit to this pair her eyes widened. "But but, you can't just leave, Silva-senpai. Chain of command is supposed to be important and you were the leader on this... so it's your responsibility," she seemed very avid about this, mostly because she truly was a bit more scared of confronting those she considered better than herself and she didn't know if their current win would be counted for them if there wasn't a senior member around to verify their story. She definitely didn't want Bastien being denied any of the credit he was owed even if she was denied it herself.

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    Wendy was quite obviously distraught by Zinc's decision to leave them behind. Bastien couldn't say he felt any differently about this, though his reasons were perhaps slightly different. "She's right. Junior Magic Knights were given the task of inspecting, but not engaging. We were to tell a senior and keep looking for anything else if we found something suspicious," he explained. Zinc expected this to be the case with the Junior Magic Knights, but he didn't care. Zinc was soon right back to his strange thinking pattern, and the odd way of speaking - in which he didn't seem to be speaking specifically to any person - to go with it. "Responsibility? Hmm... no. Responsibility is taken, but something everyone has always. But... I didn't take any extra responsibility. People who do things should be responsible," he said, wrapping up his tirade by addressing the other two while walking away. "It's your job," was the last thing he said to Wendy in particular. This marked his leave, and Bastien shared words with the blue-haired girl in Zinc's wake. "I still have a hard time believing that was Zinc Silva, but I guess it's our job to clean this mess up and report."

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    Bastien went on to back up Wendy's claims that this man should stay and at least give his report properly to take responsibility for clearing the two Junior Magic Knights to engage people. But just as quickly as Zinc's strange methods had made a little sense, they made no sense at all to the girl once again. In fact, the man's words about responsibility seemed to directly contradict what the girl had already said. Instead the white haired male had implied that he hadn't done anything extra so he wouldn't be taking responsibility for what had happened here. But they wouldn't have even come to this place, and she herself wouldn't have even acted without his insistence. 'Ugh, this guy is so confusing...' she thought to herself, but knowing there was still actual work to be done she gathered her wits about her as Bastien spoke. She looked to the other lad and nodded. "Hai. Silva-senpai is strange. Kind of motivational though..." she said aloud. There was still the division of labor and report to handle but she was sure they could wrap this up rather quickly. She rather quickly found herself helping civilians and moving the criminals into a separate space out in front of the building for their eventual pickup.

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    "I suppose you did benefit from him refusing to do anything to help," Bastien said to agree with the girl. He wasn't sure how he should feel about the man named Zinc, but things happened to work out for the best this time. Bastien figured future events with this team setup were unlikely since they were each from a different squad, so there was little chance of having to repeat the strangeness that was dealing with the Silva male. Wendy, though, was one he could be content to work alongside in future. "Good work. Arigatou gozaimasu," he said as he joined the effort of rounding up the criminals and helping the innocent. Eventually, they would have the culprits hauled off and taken to the capital, where they would answer to their transgressions and likely have something done about the organization they belonged to.

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