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Thread: Familiar's Forest

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    Familiar's Forest

    A special hidden forest only accessible via magic circle, it is a place were different mythical and normal creatures dwell. With the guidance of a Familiar Master, a group of Devils come out on the night of the full moon and bind to themselves a familiar as partner or servant.

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    A red magic circle appeared within the Familiar's Forest as the full moon rose into the night sky. Within said circle were four members of Eira Gremory's peerage, including Eira herself. Of this group, Sairevil burst out of the circle first while spinning around to get a panoramic view of the forest around them. As an Incubus, he had a literal feel for everything around them, vague though it may have been. The forest was like nothing he'd ever seen or felt before, and it was easily considered amazing. He seemed to be enjoying this trip already. Takumi, on the other hand, stepped forward without much apparent care for the forest itself. He slipped his hands into his pockets and awaited guidance, though his eyes wandered around as if he was already searching for his familiar. After all, obtaining one was part of his order.

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    Eira appeared within the magic circle she'd created as well, and at her side, the skittish Miyuki who'd just witnessed something very strange occurring between her Master and Takumi. She didn't know exactly what was going on between them, but decided that since Eira never led anyone astray that it would likely work itself out in the end. As such she was able to look out upon the forest with the same amount of enthusiasm as Sairevil. "Sugoi! This place is really big!" she said but that wasn't all, this place was bathed in the light of the full moon, and random creatures could be seen literally everywhere. Hiding behind trees, climbing in them moving along the grounds. This forest was teeming with life and it was something Eira hadn't experienced in quite a while. "Hai hai, the forest is full of all kinds of life to potentially bond with, but that really isn't my area of expertise. But if that feeling is right... then our guide will be here momentarily," said Eira who was overall very calm about this situation considering a few moments prior to this she'd handed out the first order she'd ever actually given someone using those exact words.

    Eira's words were followed by the feeling of vibration. Better than that, the feeling of stamping hoof beats. A tall tan man with hair the color of an orange flame rode in to the group on the back of a giant steer like creature with an afro of hair about it's head and two long horns. "I AM HERE!" the man said which made Eira chuckle, as she looked over him in the garb of a traditional native wild man. She remembered coming here as a child and finding this man to be the most entertaining she'd come across in a long time, he came to a stop and looked down at the group taking note of Eira and bowing his head to her. "Gremory-shojou, you are late!" he said to her knowing that she was supposed to arrive the month prior to this one. "Gomennasai, Alder-san... it got away from me," she said apologetically before making a proper introduction. "This is Ryuume Miyuki, Gremory Sairevil, and Yasukawa Takumi..." she said pointing to each of them in turn. "They are the last of my peerage and they need familiars. Everyone this is Alder-san he's familiar master. He knows every make and manner of creature to be found here... and how to tame them. So if you find it and you like it, he's the guy to consult," she mentioned praising this old man for his area of expertise.

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    Eira noted the approach of another individual who was to be their guide through this forest of familiars. Surely enough, the guide arrived with much bravado about him, much to the excitement of Sairevil. "This guy's intense! Sugoi, sugoi!" he chanted as if he'd been returned to proper childhood. On the other hand, Takumi didn't care for this guide or his apparent importance. He was commanded to locate his familiar, and since his mind was - despite this version of Takumi's separate problems - clear enough that it was all he cared to do regardless. And so, he separated himself from the others by running off into the forest by himself.

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    Sairevil's reaction to the guide showing up caused a bit of a chuckle from Eira as she remembered being much the same way. Surprisingly there was a similar reaction from Miyuki who looked at the man with wide eyes. "Hai, he's cool!" she said also seemingly trapped in true childhood. All of the joy of such a scene was somewhat broken if only for a moment by the running off of Takumi who seemed to be quite done with the entirety of this situation beyond the orders he'd been given. "Yasukawa-shounen! Don't just..." started the guide of this place, but Eira held up a hand. "Iie, Alder-san. He'll be fine on his own. I gave him an order and he's following it," said the crimson haired heiress of the Gremory. Alder took one look at Eira and simply nodded his understanding.

    He'd known this girl in her proper childhood and understood that if she was saying such a thing then this wasn't something to be meddled in. Miyuki on the other hand, was a bit worried for Takumi and as such she voiced this to Eira. "Eira-nee is it really okay though? He's been really different lately and..." she said not really knowing what she meant. Eira looked at the girl and opened her arms, and when Miyuki walked into them she gave her a hug which allowed for Eira to absorb her anxiety and quiet it in the girl. "Hai hai, I know he's in a bad place right now, but everyone has their struggles, yes? Right now, we focus on getting you a familiar too. He'll get his own and return," she said Miyuki looked to Eira and nodded her understanding. She was no longer confused or worried but instead was content. Alder watched all of this and a single stamp of the hoof of the creature he was on would mark this. "Gremory-shoujou has become an interesting leader. But now for you Gremory-shounen, Ryuume-shoujou your first steps towards reaching great heights!~" he said with arms at his sides and chest poked out. "Familiars!" he finished up. "The most important and primary tools and companions for devils. They speak to your abilities. They pick up your slack. They teach compassion and beyond that they create room for your betterment!~ Are you ready?!" he asked excited as ever. Miyuki watched this display and heard this impassioned speech her violet eyes wide. "Hai!" she said. And he waited on the response of Sairevil as well before the turning and pointing to an area within the forest and leading the way through with vigor unknown to most.

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    Watching Takumi run away, Sairevil had a different reaction to Miyuki's. He watched the boy take off. Something was very different even compared to how odd Takumi had been behaving as of the last week. He stared at the fleeing dragon boy for some time before snapping back to the reality of what the others and themselves had to deal with. Since Eira said it was nothing to be worried about, he couldn't give it a second thought. The man named Alder gave a brief lecture about familiars. Sairevil reveled in the thought that he'd never expected to reach this point. Until recently, he was the black sheep of his father's peerage, being far, far weaker than every other member, and having little to no growth opportunity because of how little was required of a Satan's peerage. Ever since he joined Eira instead, he'd felt the strong camaraderie as well as the potential for him to be of actual use in the group. Now, here he was, finally taking another step toward being a greater devil. With a wide grin, he met Alder's question with much conviction. "Yosh! I'm ready, Alder-san!"

    In the meantime, Takumi continued along a path he felt he was being guided along. As he looked around himself, he noted that the trees' branches and vines were creating an interesting web, or even labyrinth, of 'roads' to traverse. Many of these were taken as the young Red Dragon moved nearly at his top speed. There was something ahead of him in the distance. Surely he was mistaken, but he could have sworn he could see the light of day through a very thick gathering of trees. This was the place which attracted him: a dome of tree trunks, branches and vines, which seemed to exude its own natural light through the very small spaces in the collective structure. Takumi's own path along a large branch led him to a point roughly halfway up this dome, allowing him to climb around it until he found an open space large enough for him to struggle his way through. When he did so, he realized he hadn't been wrong after all. The area inside this massive dome was a wide-spread field filled with light and tall grass, as well as a few small lakes here and there. At the very center was the largest lake, and there beside it, Takumi believed he could see the image of a woman with waist-length white hair preparing to kneel for a drink. Since he was already inside here with no conventional way out, he did the one thing he could... and began walking toward this figure.

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    Eira's thoughts as she walked were all about her current situation and something she only really noticed that she'd because she'd done it so recently. 'I just fed on Miyuki. Right before that I fed on Izuna. The day before that I fed off that vampire's lust. Maybe he was right, I'm starving...' she thought. She couldn't remember a time where she felt like she needed this much energy before. As she walked she processed that her feeding on emotion had become more frequent and she couldn't quite place the timing of this necessity. Perhaps if she thought about it more, she'd remember the last time she fed and felt properly full.

    Meanwhile Miyuki and Sairevil were being enthused, entertained, and taught by Alder. "HAI! Remember Shounen, Shoujou... this is the time where you ascend. Keep your eyes on the forest and find a creature that appeals to you!" he mused. As they passed a grassy field between the trees several small creatures which looked like vine snakes at various stages of development slithered through the grasses. "Tsutarja, creatures of great dignity! They are known to pick those of equal smug nature, even so they are fiercely loyal and stand up along side those they believe in," he said of the creatures but they kept moving. As they kept moving they came across an open plain full all manner of random creature. He showed them many things waiting for one or more of them to ask questions. As they walked though a small sea otter like creature wandered nearby. The look on his face one of intense concentration as it looked for something with a fervor that could attract many to its work. "Mite! That is a Mijumaru... it leaves the water when it is ready searching for a Scalchop. It is a rock which is sharper than a sword. It goes out to find its offense that it might one day stand before any challenge. It can take it years to find what it is looking for but it always knows what that is when it finds it," these were the words of Alder about the creature but as it continued searching, Miyuki's eyes caught sight of something. She had no idea what a scalchop was, but she was as helpful as any of Eira's peerage and as such she picked it up walking over to the creature. "Here... it might help," she said before hurrying off again behind the still moving party. What she'd handed this creature was a small sea shell but it seemed to be golden in color. Beyond all of that it was sharp. The small otter took this with its brows drawn and ran off immediately. This caused a small smile on the face of Miyuki and Eira placed her hand atop this girl's head. "That was sweet of you, Miyuki~" she offered the girl who blushed a rather intense shade of blue. Miyuki didn't know if she thought it was sweet or not, but once, Youmu had offered her a bit of extra knowledge and it had helped immensely. If this creature was trying to go home and prove itself to its family, she could do nothing but respect it, given her own background.

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    Sairevil wandered around with the others. He was more than content to follow Alder and his teachings about the different creatures of this forest. Frankly, he had no idea there could be so many different species in one location, nor that they were all viable options for familiars. As they moved beyond the otter-like creature Miyuki chose to assist, Sairevil found his gaze wandering in an entirely different direction. Almost as much as the creatures themselves, he was interested in the design of the forest itself. The way the trees bent and warped themselves was astounding. In particular, there was one odd collection of trees in the distance, forming something intriguingly spherical. A somewhat familiar and powerful energy could be felt from it, but he couldn't quite place what it was. "Ano... I wonder what's over there..."

    What Sairevil couldn't know was the danger which had somewhat sealed itself in this sphere, which Takumi was now in. He was upon the white-haired woman in a matter of moments, standing behind her as she drank from the lake. "Are you stuck here?" he asked of the female. He could understand that the guide Alder was apparently important for navigating the forest without getting lost, but perhaps this woman had become stuck... the same way he was now, unless he made use of his Sacred Gear to destroy the dome of trees around them. In being addressed, the strange woman opened her deep blue eyes, and turned her head to view Takumi during her response. "Yes, I am. But because I am, so are they," she said. Just then, something stirred within the dome. Takumi was exposed to a great power, that being the collective energies of numerous dragons slowly appearing around him. Many were small, no larger than a horse. Some though, boasted their full and massive size as they converged upon Takumi and this mysterious woman. Meanwhile, the woman set her gaze upon Takumi's left arm. "Ohayou gozaimasu, Y Ddraig Goch..." she said, prompting the appearance of the green gem on Takumi's hand. "That's a name I haven't heard in a very long time. So you are her..."

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    'I've always been hungry but when was the last time I wasn't starving?' Eira asked herself she purposefully took only the energy she needed because she knew taking too much could do harm to people. But when was the last time she didn't feel like this. The gaze of Sairevil along with a stark increase in energy caught Eira's attention. It wasn't necessarily that she knew exactly the energy she was feeling it was that the thought of it made her salivate her stomach twisting up in knots even with a so recently consumed meal as Miyuki's anxiety. "Dragon..." Eira almost whispered this word, but it would be Alder who properly explained the goings on of the dome.

    "The structure of the forest changes depending on the will of the creatures who are moving about, it also depends on who is entering and exiting the forest as a Devil. Remember Shounen, not only do you choose your familiars but in most cases they also choose you. Gremory-shoujou can speak to such a phenomenon," he commented. Whatever was going on in the farther neck of the forest, it was almost certain that it had something to do with Takumi. Eira could almost trust the lad to take care of himself, aside from his inability to balance his demeanor. Still, she had faith that given the order she'd issued it would all work out in the end. As they observed, they were also being observed. The small sea otter like creature had liked the object given to it by Miyuki and moved about with it strapped to his own chest now. It would proudly aim to show this off to the lass vying for her attention but, hers like everyone else's was on the strange phenomenon, thus leaving it ignored.

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    "Dragon!?" Sairevil reacted immediately after hearing Eira's single word. Now that she mentioned it, that was quite clearly what it was. The other meaning behind this utterance was clearly lost to Sairevil, but even if it hadn't been, he was completely taken aback by how easily he could sense this power from such a distance. Turning around quickly, he looked to Alder. "Dragons can be familiars!? I want one!"

    "And it is you, indeed. They sense it too. It's going to make them all take action, just like back then," the woman said. All the dragons in this secluded space could tell the Red Dragon Emperor had appeared. The only thing keeping them all here was the fact that they could not individually break free of the dome, but as dragons, they could not trust one another long enough to work together. Now, they had a reason to work as one in an effort to overcome one such as Ddraig, who was a threat to them all. Takumi still seemed unfazed. "Uruse. I'm here for a familiar," he stated loudly enough for every dragon nearby to hear him. Many of them laughed, knowing there were few in existence who would be capable of making any of them submit. This was especially the case for devils, bar one family who happened to have dragons of their own, and were no concern of the free ones such as them. The woman who spoke with Ddraig seemed shocked by Takumi's assertion. "They will kill you. While they're at it and finally cooperating, they'll kill me as well. Then they'll all be free to roam the forest. You couldn't possibly tame enough of them to make a difference, even if it were possible for you to make a familiar out of an adult dragon."

    Hearing this, Takumi tilted his head slightly. There was something he thought about this woman since the moment she spoke to Ddraig, and he responded. Only once had the boy been conscious for this sort of interaction, and there was only one reason she could have said some of the things she did, while also being carefree enough to drink in the middle of this space while other dragons sat in hiding from one another. Just as importantly, none of the dragons were taking action while they conversed here. As he thought it through, he stepped closer to the woman. "I'm taking a familiar. If they're going to be a problem, that means I only need to start with a specific one," he said, causing the woman's blue eyes to widen to their limit.

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