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Thread: Familiar's Forest

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    Sairevil's response to Eira thinking about dragons aloud made her look at him with a raised brow. She was surprised he didn't recognize that kind of energy for what it was considering that he lived with his father's peerage for so long. She didn't know if he could technically gain a dragon this way but she figured if it was at all possible the guide would be able to say so. "Dragons are noble creatures you can gain as familiars. You are advised though to search out a baby dragon, or maybe even a dragon egg, shounen. Adult dragons are impossible to tame and require nothing short of absolute domination, if they don't choose you," he said solemnly. "People have died trying," he concluded they'd move along now, away from the collection area. With a mind for what the lad was looking for he'd lead towards the very edges of the forest. Though that dome and its light were still very visible. "Beyond that, dragons haven't roamed freely in this forest in a few centuries," he said absently. Miyuki followed perhaps a dragon would be a fun thing to tame, but she couldn't imagine trying to dominate something on purpose.

    Eira took this information a very different way. 'If a dragon doesn't choose you it requires absolute domination?' her mind asked this question and she wondered if this kind of logic was at all connected to her lack of control over Takumi. If she cared to think of him as if he was simply contracted to her, she could find that if she didn't give him orders he didn't do what she wanted. Was it simply a difference in how he treated things? Or worse yet, was it because he truly didn't wish to bend to her will in the first place? 'He didn't choose me...' her thought was heavy in her mind. She knew this to be the case, because she had reincarnated him on a whim because she'd seen it. Perhaps he never would have chosen to follow her. Perhaps that was the disconnect. But did she believe that? Eira had seen this boy's resolve before and wondered if he truly just didn't wish to follow her. In these thoughts she became exceedingly introspective about how to handle Takumi from this point forward without compromising her own principles, something which kept happening when she moved towards Takumi. Would she ever really be sure of why this was the case?

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    "Eeeehh!?" was Sairevil's response. He was rendered somewhat downtrodden because of this information about dragon familiars. "Kuso... I don't think I want to keep a dragon from infancy or younger just so I can have one. I've seen older dragons fight too, so I don't really want anything to do with that," he explained. Perhaps then, a dragon was not for him at all.

    For Takumi, however, he had a very specific adult dragon in mind to become his familiar, right here and now within the tree dome. "You can't do that! They're only keeping away now because they think one of us will kill each other. If you make me kill you here, they'll seize the moment and attack me. Then they'll free themselves," the woman explained while backing away. Takumi could read her fear, and it was the same fear these other dragons had about her until he arrived with Ddraig. "So you'll die. You had to trap them in here, so you're not strong enough to beat them all. If you fight back, I could kill you. If you win, they'll kill you." As the woman backed away, she eventually became incapable of moving farther because of the lake at her heel. This allowed Takumi to finally reach her, at which point he placed his left hand upon her cheek and grinned with an arrogance he'd not felt within himself for some time now. "You're mine."

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    "To keep a dragon in any form is a major responsibility. It takes a very specific kind of willful person to tame one, shounen." mentioned Alder as he continued to ride along. The now downtrodden Sairevil would find Eira giving him a hug by slinging her arms over his shoulders. "Don't worry about it, Revil, I'm sure you'll find something perfect for you. Or it will find you..." she mused. As if to highlight this, the small otter creature finally caught back up with the group and this time it stopped directly in front of Miyuki causing the violet eyed girl to look down at it carefully. It looked slightly different than it had when she'd noticed before and she couldn't tell why immediately. But as it strutted about in front of her it made sure to show her its belly and the gleaming little shell atop it that fit perfectly in the space. The same little shell, that Miyuki had found for it.

    "Ano, this little guy has been following us, Eira-nee... Alder-san what does it mean?" she asked of the pair which sparked nothing but a knowing chuckle from Eira while Alder explained. "Ryuume-shoujou, the Mijumaru went out looking for its offense and found what it needed. It decided it needed you! It is up to you to acknowledge that it is indeed a worthy partner!" said Alder much to Miyuki's surprise. "So, you want to come with me?" she asked of the creature which garnered a head nod of understanding complete with a point in the girl's direction with the scalchop she'd given it. The young Yuki-onna fond this exchange to be a strange one, after all, she hadn't expected something to interesting to happen so quickly. Nor had she expected any creature to seek her out. Her own insecurities led her to believe that even if she came here to find something, she'd end up leaving without it. "Sugoi! Let's work together then!" she said extended her hand to the creature she'd create a magic circle which would bind this small creature to her. Eira watched this happen with wide eyes, as did Alder. "Usually young devils need instruction with binding contracts, Ryuume-shoujou makes a fine addition to a peerage and a good partner for the young Mijumaru. It is a top class familiar or at the very least it can grow into one, be a good master and watch it develop with you!~" these were the words of congratulation and wisdom from one such as Alder. "Congratulations, Mi-yu-ki~ You did well!~" Eira said to the small girl and with this one found their journey would continue, at the very least until Takumi returned. All the while Miyuki was now carrying this small creature in her arms as it flapped its small arms and looked about with large eyes and its mouth opening and closing at random intervals as if it wanted to speak.

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    "Sou ka. Guess I'll keep looking then." Sairevil had no idea at all what sort of familiar he actually wanted. If he had to make a decision though, he'd surely pick something way lower on the maintenance scale than dragons allegedly were. It seemed Miyuki had managed to acquire her familiar via a simple act of kindness shown to the creature at an early point in their journey. Sairevil sighed when she went on to complete the pact necessary to bind it to her, but then became surprised. "Eh!? I thought you missed Kagimi-san's lesson on that?"

    The aggressive dragons began to understand what was happening. When Takumi touched her, the woman's face both softened and reddened, as if she were somehow embarrassed. "What are you even thinking!? I am-" "Mine," Takumi interrupted as a magic circle appeared beneath himself and the white-haired woman. Within moments, they were bonded by force and ready to face the opposing dragons. "Two against many. Too bad my job's done," Takumi said. He knew there was a great chance he would now begin encountering issues since his order was fulfilled, but the female figure he'd just made into a familiar was ready and willing to make a suggestion as they stood back-to-back. "If I may then, master... You could tame them easily if you managed to force me to your side."

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    Sairevil agreed to keep looking for another familiar of his own, probably something with less outright care needed than the dragons of lore. Eira smiled knowing that understanding one's own limits was also an important factor in building up to be a stronger person. As they continued to move though, it seemed Sairevil took issue with Miyuki understanding how binding contracts worked, in particular since she'd missed a lesson on them handed down by Izuna. Miyuki looked at him wide eyed and then became a bit embarrassed. "Well, I uh... I often talk magic with Hiro-senpai. I am really interested in it. So when he was explaining my eventual duties to get contracts and make pacts with humans I also had him explain how binding contracts worked," she said with a nod. A small smile came to Eira's face as she heard this, "Eh, you're that into magic now Miyuki, I'll make sure to introduce you to the magician I made a pact with..." she said to the girl which made her nod her head in an excited fashion. Alder continued to lead them around and found it strange that there was no sight or sound from the lad who'd run off into the forest alone, he thought to question this, but decided against it for fear of raising unnecessary alarm in those who walked about now.

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    A few minutes passed, and the dome of trees Takumi had been in exploded abruptly. A mix of bark, full and partial branches, and broken vines flew outward from the area in a massive gust that spread deep through the forest. An incredible pair of white wings could be seen at the epicenter before those same bright glowing wings began flying toward Eira and the others. The space between these wings was filled with light by the time it came into view, but before landing, Takumi and the white-haired woman could be seen emerging, with the former having an arm draped over the latter. Takumi seemed to have been carried here as a result, but regardless, the pair landed simultaneously upon reaching the Gremory heiress and those in her company. Takumi looked up then, having but one major thing to say to the crimson-haired devil. "It's done," he said. Afterwards, the woman with him would speak to the group as a whole. "Ohayou gozaimasu, minnasan."

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    An explosion in the forest would eventually draw the attention of all present. A giant pair of white wings would make Eira's left brow raise in curiosity as Alder seemed to find this entire thing a bit strange as well. "There isn't anyone here but your group Gremory-shoujou, even I have no idea..." he started to conclude to speak to his lack of knowledge over the events currently occurring when something rather strange would happen. Soon enough, Takumi would land draped over the shoulder of a white haired woman who seemed to be in his company. His only words to Eira spoke of 'it' being done, and she could only assume he meant that he completed her order to obtain a familiar during his time here. The crimson haired heiress' eyes widened only slightly at this sight for a confusing mix of reasons not the least of which being she was spoken to by the white haired woman. "You obtained a familiar then? Congratulations..." Eira said looking towards the white haired woman she assumed to be the familiar. She was willing not to question this so much as long as the deed was done and it seemed to be, the oddness about how he'd gone about it aside. "And it's nice to meet you..." she said. A stunned Miyuki just managed to blink while still holding on to her own familiar. "Sugoi, Taku-senpai you really went and did something like that all alone?" she was stunned he'd gone out without even a guide and managed to find something. "Yasukawa-shounen! But that is... the Blue Eyes White Dragon?!" utter surprise came from Alder as he'd never seen this dragon in the company of anyone besides other dragons it had even cordoned off an entire area of the forest so as to remain rarely if ever seen.

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    "Hai," was all Takumi had to say about the fact that he acquired a familiar. When Miyuki spoke on the matter, he set his gaze upon her with a curious expression. "Iia. We each had to do some of the work," he said regarding himself and, apparently, the Blue-Eyes White Dragon of legend. Speaking of the dragon, she was bowing to Eira at that very moment. "Hai! Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!" Sairevil had never been so aghast as when Alder spoke this name. He'd initially thought of having a dragon, and given up on the idea in no time at all. "KUSO! I don't even have one yet, and he's got a dragon!? Wait... how the hell did you both do the work? You got a dragon to agree to that!?" Sairevil asked, pleading even.

    It was at that exact moment that the meaning behind Takumi's words would be known. A full platoon of dragons - boasting varying sizes, shapes and general types - descended from the sky, flapping their wings to hover several meters above their summoner and the others near him. To answer the crimson-haired male's query, Takumi looked to him with the same amount of curiosity he'd used when answering Miyuki. "They were going to attack. I couldn't tame them all myself."

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    Eira managed not to look terribly stunned and was just generally happy that the first proper order she gave the lad hadn't gone astray. Beyond that the familiar he'd managed to tame was polite, so she could just call this a success. Strangely, Takumi's reaction to Miyuki made the girl go wide eyed at the news. Not only had he tamed his familiar but he'd also gotten a decent bit of use out of her already. "Sugoi!" she exclaimed managing to feel the proud for the lad considering this was another milestone they managed to reach together. Meanwhile, Sairevil was left to try and figure out how such a thing happened and the lad was aghast that he'd given up on dragons only to have one of his peers come back with one. Eira knew watching someone else's success could be very hard, and she knew this as a person whose brother became a Satan and Super Devil. "Revil, you can't think like that. If you spend all your time looking at the success of others you'll never find or appreciate your own..." she mentioned to the lad while allowing a hand to rest atop his head. That being said, there was one more matter which would draw the attention of all. And that would be the descent of an entire platoon of dragons. "Oh. My. GOODNESS! YASUKAWA-SHOUNEN!" these were the words of a stunned Alder who rarely saw dragons leave this forest much less in the current number that Takumi currently had. Miyuki simply blinked several times because she could hardly believe it as well. Eira had a strange reaction, there was a steep pride within her at this lad's fortitude, she was exceedingly happy for him. With the ability to tame this many familiars in a single go, she could only imagine how much more useful he would find himself being especially considering this was a task he hadn't even wanted to begin with. "Sugoi! Excellent work, Takumi," she managed to say resisting the desire she had to hug this lad in celebration of such a momentous occasion.

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    Prior to Sairevil's opportunity to retort, he was rendered absolutely speechless by the sudden descent of multiple dragons under Takumi's command. It took a few moments, but he was able to shake this off without straining his voice yet again. "Ano... it's not that I think it's that big a deal. It just sucks; I wanna be useful already! I'll still..." He paused there, seeming to have some sort of freak-out seconds after becoming perfectly still. He was spinning around and reaching for something behind him, albeit to no avail. "Something's on my back! What is it!?" he asked. One would find there was nothing on Sairevil's back. At least, nothing visible was there, but there was one particular creature that lived in the recesses of this forest, and it tended to latch onto its owner without allowing any opportunity for them to make another pact.

    Takumi's gaze had shifted to Eira for the sake of finding some confirmation to his task's completion. There was a congratulatory statement offered to him. Afterwards, a few seconds passed before he averted his gaze. "Hai," he said lackadaisically. 'Baka. I told you, it's no good.'

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