Eira heard what Sairevil had to say, and of course, she empathized with his plight. He claimed he only wanted to be useful but before his statement could come to an end, he went very still. He then went on to freak out about something being on his back. "Iia, I don't see anything there..." Eira said but it would be an interruption by Alder once again to fill in the missing blanks. "Gremory-shounen! It seems that you've had your familiar all along. A creature roams these forests as an illusionist named Zoroark. It is fox like and cunning... while being terribly territorial. Once it's marked a target as its own, it will not allow them to pursue others. Sometimes they simply distort the views of those who they are with, sometimes they will fight or scare off others, though they don't really like being seen, you can rest assured it is there!" said Alder firmly. His confirmation of this, let Eira know that all had succeeded in their tasks this day, either by their own efforts or incidentally. "Sugoi! Seems like you've found yourself one that is a bit of a trouble-maker, do your best, Revil!~" Eira chimed happy that the lad hadn't be completely outed by things this day. She'd spoken and reflexively opened her arms for Revil, but when her eyes settled she saw Takumi and felt a strange pang in her chest. As if she felt somehow dejected but she was quite sure this wasn't true. Whether that gesture was taken or not, if everyone had done everything they needed to do within the forest it was time for them to leave. "Alright... if everyone has what we came here for, let's go home," Eira said creating a magic circle large enough to encompass everyone who needed to be transported. "Arigatou gozaimasu, Alder-san!" she said offering the man atop the giant steer a bow. He smiled at her in turn bowing from his perch. "It was my honor, Gremory-shoujou. I can't wait to see what heights you all reach!" he said and with that they'd part landing in an abandoned part of Kuoh Town so that everyone could part ways and go home.