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    A town carved in on the mountain side outside of Kuoh proper. This place like Kyoto seems to live at a slower pace than the city lives of those below. They are reclusive people who govern themselves and though they are open to the public for trade, most will never leave the confines of the town itself. That being said there is an air of mysticism about them, and they believe in things older than modern technology and stronger than religious beliefs. The entire place is hard to navigate and only truly possible by foot. One false move and you could slip and fall off the mountainside to your death.

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    Early one evening, a red magic circle appeared within a very specific person's room, in a very specific building of the town called Hirakata. This circle produced a black-haired young man with red eyes and a shape that appeared lean within his primarily black getup. His left hand, being the only one of his hands clad in a motorcycle glovelet, swept through his hair as he materialized from this strangely Dragon-influenced magic circle. "Oi. You got my flyer?" he asked in rhetoric - as the answer to his query was quite obvious - of whatever person called upon him. Without wasting any time, he set his gaze upon his summoner. "What do you need a Devil for?"

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    In this room, Takumi appeared in a girl not much older than himself stood with wide grey eyes. Her hair mostly short was arranged about her head in ornate fashion, it even included golden ornaments and gold beads trailing down to chest level. She was dressed in an ornate old style kimono which was adjusted for more modern times with shorter flyaways. Underneath she wore a solid black almost catsuit also with golden trim. She quite obviously was a very high ranking person in this place, but what was important here was what she needed from him and that was something he apparently understood. His first almost rhetorical question made her scoff a scowl forming on her young face. His secondary question was more to her liking but still a question and as such didn't garner a change in her outward appearance. "I need a Devil to guarantee my succession as Clan Head. Can you do this?" she asked him, it was a very simple question but there were several complicated underlying factors which she'd only fill him in on if he answered this question properly. She had several of these fliers and she'd use another if she didn't think this one would work.

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    The expression on this extravagant girl was not lost to Takumi. This being far from the first time he'd garnered such a look in his life, he didn't acknowledge it at all. No, he looked to the girl with an impassive expression of his own, waiting only for what he could do to fulfill the contract and acquire his first signature. As her appearance dictated, she was a rather important person. It seemed she was to become head of some clan, or at least had the desire to be such. "That's it?" he asked, also rhetorically. It just so happened that Takumi taking on contracts at the time being was for a very similar reason. If he was aiming to climb in rank, it was only fitting that he get his first finished contract by helping someone else do the same. "If you're willing to sell your soul to get this, you must want it pretty badly," he said while a toothy and slightly aggressive grin stretched across his face. "I can relate. What's the first step?" This was all there was to it. He had no intention to directly answer her question. If she wanted proof of his ability, she could get it whatever way she wished. All he cared about now was getting the job done, and he'd do it at all costs.

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    This girl's grey eyes narrowed at the notion that what she wanted was a small thing. Perhaps, Devils were much stronger than humans, perhaps their grasp on magic and other such things was enough that he would consider this a small task. It was possible he was centuries old and stories like the one she had to tell were nothing new to him, but whatever the case was... his attitude was enough to let her know she could count on him for the task she had set up. "It isn't that I want it badly, it's that it is mine!" she said in a manner that was just as aggressive as this lad's toothy smile. "Our clan traditions say that leaders are chosen by a specific creature. That creature chose me..." she said and it was true, she'd had contact with that specific creature since before she could remember. "But, our clan is dominated by old males who want empty-headed male heirs. Even though I am better than anyone else, and even though I was chosen in the old way, they gave my title to someone else. But that is just my uncle, who claimed to have a male heir after it was obvious I was chosen in the old way to get everyone to go along with it... but, I discovered it isn't true," she said explaining the entirety of the situation in the swiftest form possible. "My uncle tricked everyone else, my cousin isn't male at all. My cousin is a female in enchanted armor she can't get out of... which brainwashes her and makes her spout the lies my uncle wants her to say. It also makes her believe she's male..." she said calmly. "I can't get her out of it and she doesn't appear often enough for anyone else to try," she mentioned. "So I arranged a battle of succession, when she appears, I need you to break the armor and free her. Then the battle will be void once it is revealed she isn't male and thus isn't qualified either," she said with certainty. "I should add that my point in engaging in this battle is simply to prove my uncle is lying about having a male heir. He is the true target of the aggression, but I need to free my cousin and claim my title," the complication of this moment was made clear by what she said and it was why she actually needed preternatural help.

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    It wasn't true that this girl wanted the title of clan head so badly. Instead, it was a title she rightfully possessed, but was being kept from due to an inequality of genders in this area. There was even some heirloom in the form of a creature which chose the clan's legitimate heir, and she was in possession of it. That wasn't the important thing to Takumi though. This girl... she was the superior member of her clan, being kept from her rightful place due to the prejudices of others alone. What's more, the alleged 'male heir' the clan had to take up the mantle in her place was no male at all, and was only being manipulated to act as such, just to keep Takumi's summoner from the position. Takumi believed there was even more to this, but that wasn't a topic for discussion just yet. Besides, there was every chance - and reason to believe - that the girl thought the same. "Sou ka. I figured you were more like me. You still are, but... well, that's not important. I can't let somebody have their worth questioned by someone else so close-minded. I'll crash the fight, and I'll deal with that armor for you. When do we make our move?"

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    The young woman explained the whole of the situation in the briefest version possible. She didn't know what she expected but... strangely this lad seemed to agree with her above all else. For the first time since this male had shown his face before her, her expression softened. He claimed to want to know when their move would be made, and this question made her move towards the window and look further into the mountain range where a line of torches were appearing and disappearing in a seemingly chaotic fashion. "That mountain over there..." she said while pointing. "Is where the entirety of the Stealth Force is gathering. I am their leader, but in a battle of succession I have to fight my way through them to the plateau at the top of the mountain. That I have to do alone..." she mentioned, though her leadership of such a group was strained given her status as a woman and thus they'd be out to get her the entire duration. Even so, she didn't care, she could prove over and over how much she deserved her title. She thought about this as she pulled at the things she was wearing slightly. This revealed that beneath the ornate clothes she normally wore there was a black kimono with black hakama and tiny shoes. The extra ornaments were removed from her hair so that only the beads which held the little braids remained. "Once I get to the top where my cousin will be... it will be your time to shine." she mentioned holding her arm out of the window a small fairy like creature with a giant stinger on one arm flew into her hand. In so doing it became a short wakizashi which she attached to her lower back. "I'm Shaoling by the way. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu," she confirmed as she perched in this window getting ready to head for that mountain she'd so recently pointed out.

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    This exchange would occur sooner rather than later, so it seemed. In response to being asked when they would act, the girl brought Takumi's attention to a window which gave view of a mountain with a lit path along its incline. She had to make the journey to the actual succession battle on her own, but that wasn't important. Takumi had been given a single task, and until that task was done, he had nothing else to be concerned about. Taking the girl's information, as well as her following introduction, he nodded. "Yasukawa Takumi," he said, offering what was very much a Japanese name despite claiming to be a Devil. "Yoroshiku." With no further words to say, he left Shaoling to her devices. To keep himself out of the path up the mountain, he sprouted a Devil's wing on his right side, and a wing with a reptilian appearance on his left side. This odd pair of wings carried him through the window and high into the air. Whenever Shaoling reached the top of the mountain, he would be waiting very high above her and her cousin, awaiting the moment the challenge was properly issued.

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    "Yasukawa?" this lad introduced himself with a name that didn't much make sense to the girl considering he claimed to be a devil. "You have a Japanese name?" she questioned this but knew she didn't have much time to do anything but what she was supposed to do. The small young woman jumped out of the window and landed on the ground below taking off at full speed. She moved silently not bothering to unsheathe her weapon even as she made it to the first part of the mountain pass. She started going up the incline with random other masked individuals in black attacking her in large groups. The first of such people aimed to surround her about ten members deep. They would be dispatched with swift movements. The first one to jump was kicked in the face while the second one to move had his throat quickly chopped. The next two had their heads slammed together as they aimed to attack her from opposite angles and so on. Each time someone moved she seemed to be quickly dispatched them, without ever aiming to grip the weapon at her lower back. And only once this entire group was laid down defeated did she continue running up the hill apparently without breaking a sweat.

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    From his place in the sky, Takumi patiently awaited the start of the impending fight below. He figured he would interrupt rather early to avoid wasting any time, but he at least wanted the two combatants to be confronted by one another first. As he floated with occasionally flapping wings that belonged to two different types of creatures, he had enough time to survey the landscape and realize how close to home he actually was. In fact, he could even see his new place of residency very clearly, considering how high in the sky it was. 'I've never been on this side of these mountains before. This is what's over here?' he wondered, letting his mind wander thereafter. 'Yare yare. I think it's going to be a long road to my goal. Either way... it's happening. Just wait for me.'

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