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    Gremory Enterprise Estate

    The Gremory Enterprise's hold on Kuoh Town in the human world is represented by a single estate. It functions as a multi-platform office, as well as a large-scale hotel complex. The size of the building itself is so massive that a full mansion sits atop the skyscraper in the middle of Kuoh, as well as a guest house, zen garden and multiple pools both inside and outside the mansion. The top ten floors all count as basements for the mansion above, and contain various training facilities and other such additions. While most of the building has existed for years, the upper half was added only by the Szavelneas Beelzebub by his and Sirtreize Lucifer's wish to push Eira Gremory and Yasukawa Takumi together by sealing them in a building until they managed to produce the desired results.

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    Eira was soon teleported against her will and all but silenced by her brother and his rather pushy messing about in her private life. Beyond the fact that he did things like this way too often, she was already not in the best possible mood. These things combined together in a maelstrom of fury which had the girl staring at the man even as they landed in a rather lavish place. She couldn't speak as she stood here, her fingers were trembling with unknown tension as she opened and closed her fist. It was taking every ounce of self-control not to lash out in a way which could be considered a tantrum which her brother more than likely expected from her at this point in her life. Her eyes soon closed as she waited for the real explanation of this, because she'd already not had her questions answered. 'Why... why... why? I live in a different dimension to avoid this kind of shit exactly, and yet when everything is said and done... Here. You. Are.' this thought wasn't necessarily malicious. Eira loved her brother, and was quite fond of him when he wasn't interfering in her life. As she stood in this new place, she could only wonder what it was that he had planned this time and why he'd felt the need to bother her at this point. By the time her thoughts cleared she opened her eyes once more, it was like a blink that had lasted an eternity only for a slow exhale to follow, the look on her face became one of silent burning ire.

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    Takumi, still as confused as ever, also appeared in what seemed to be another location at ground level, given its natural ground and buildings, yet obvious walling around the property. The sky was certainly that of the familiar realm, but something felt odd about this. "Wait, no. I don't understand... What's going on here? Why would you get me evicted, and where even are we now?" Takumi asked, seeking for any form of clarity for the situation he'd been thrown into.

    Sirtreize took a moment to be surprised by the amount of restraint Eira showed before reacting to the young Dragon. She was indeed on her way, even if she wasn't quite there yet. Taking a few steps forward, he chose to finally explain this pair's situation, as well as the location they now were. "Welcome to the headquarters of the Gremory Enterprise. For all intents and purposes, this is your place, Eir. For now though... you two live here. Just you. There is also a barrier between here and - I believe - five floors down, so don't bother trying to leave. Apparently you'll have a bad time if you do make any attempts to break it." As his explanation continued, Sirtreize found his path leading him back around to Eira's fore. He paused there to look at the younger devil while wearing an expression far from his normal joyous one. He was serious; quite so. The next words from his mouth would be ones of utmost importance, spoken low enough that distance from Takumi would not allow the boy to hear. "Your job isn't done. The underworld isn't happy with such a rising star also being an empty vessel; they want something more solid. As your brother, I just want you to be happy and safe. But... as a Satan, there's no way I can argue against the benefits this could have. Szavel's numbers have only lied twice before."

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    Takumi's state of confusion was one which Eira could understand, after all his morning had started out rather normal but had rather suddenly transformed into something very different than he likely set out for it to be. Strangely there was no comment from the Crimson Satan about the girl's forced state of calm as he went on to explain exactly what this place was, which was technically Eira's real base of operations the business she owned as heiress of the Gremory Clan. He went on to explain that this pair of individuals would be living in this space alone for a waiting for a predetermined outcome. Eira's gaze turned to her brother as if she intended to stare daggers through him, this would continue as he approached her more directly his own demeanor shifting to one of a much more serious nature. His words were ones which cemented the malice of this girl's look, it was if the entirety of the world burned behind her eyes. Her tone was quiet and measured as if any increase in volume would make her anger bubble over into something explosive.

    "No matter what way you slice it, you all are just being nosy," she muttered carefully. "We're not science experiments, and he doesn't owe the underworld anything... they don't deserve him," there was outrage in her tone but it was kept at the sort of whisper which would keep the conversation between herself and her brother. In these words though was the selfishness bred from her investment in Takumi. "And my job isn't done? Haven't I done enough?" she finished her eyes closing again, this entire situation was almost laughable considering what she now knew. She could respect her brother wanting her to be happy and safe, and even Eira herself realized the amount of potential danger associated with the Red Dragon Emperor being unsure of himself. Granted she'd only realized a bit of why that was the case, and as she realized that she'd been involved with this lad's younger life, she realized she was at fault. That was enough for her, she didn't care about anyone else, it was only for him... her eyes cut in Takumi's direction and her heart thumped at the sight of him, this was exactly the sort of thing she'd been trying to avoid when she'd initially left him behind as a child. And yet here he was now by her own doing anyway.

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    "And you're just being selfish," Sirtreize replied as a matter of fact. "Nobody wants anyone to be turned into some sort of experiment, but even I agree that it's a far better alternative to losing the rest of our kind. Would you rather have reincarnated dozens of humans and other creatures for no reason other than to kill them again? No," he continued. Perhaps Eira thought too much about her own opinion in this matter, or perhaps Sirtreize himself was too loosely considering his own standpoint. Either way, there was more to what he had in mind, and he did not think ill of sharing this information. "The consensus is clear. The Red Dragon Emperor is a devil, and the Power of Destruction is the greatest weapon our world has. You might think this is too much, and I might agree to an extent... but the war could return in full force at any moment. I won't always be here, so... well... Szavel is calling for the creation of something he's naming DxD based on your Heavenly Dragon and the Gremory family. From my perspective, I don't think it's something you would actually mind."

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    "You have no idea..." she commented at the mention of her being selfish about this lad. He'd probably have no idea why she felt that way, but the rest of his explanation was the PR version of the lesser of all evils. It was indeed true, that Eira wouldn't have reincarnated humans or other creatures just to have them die, her Peerage was testament to this. It was truly laughable as an idea that no one wanted this done, mostly because her standing in this place by force was proof of the exact opposite. But the more her brother shared the wider her view of this thing became, her face shifted just a bit as the light of realization came to her eyes. "DxD? You're fucking kidding me right?" she whispered incredulously, snapping harder than she'd done in days. "This is just another arranged marriage and by definition a science experiment..." she said her tone fading as she exhaled, how she'd managed to hold this much of herself to not simply rampage at the idea was speaking to her current level of control. That and her own thoughts and misgivings about this entire situation, most of them stemming from what she now understood and the sting of rejection she'd felt so recently. "He already turned me down. Besides that... we have history and he has no idea who I am... there is no saying he'll even like me if he does remember," she said. What she wanted now more than anything was a hug and the support system she'd built around herself but as it stood, perhaps guilt had taken over for her anger. Whether she liked the lad or not wasn't the point. She didn't even know how to make this entire thing work, nor did she understand why this lad didn't remember her, nor why he was even alive to need to be reincarnated by her.

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